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    seem to be what i need this weekend. i ahve not posted in a while as things are just hectic as heck. i went to see my doc this week, i still have those darn ear infections 7 weeks now. they are not as bad, but still there. they are talking about putting tubs in my ears with a stint so my body can not reject then again. if they go through with it this will be my 14th set of tubes.

    on to fibro, my doc cleared up something for me i think some of you may find this interestig. i take hydrocodone 10/650 2 pills 3 times a day. well i still have pain at times that is terable. doc says that our bodys get use to these meds and then they creat more pain to need more medication. he says it is like using eye drops after so much time your tear ducts will stop making eye lubracant. i did not know this. he said it IS NOT IN OUR HEAD THE PAIN IS REAL. we have been saying that all along, the part about the pain being real.

    i need some advice about something so please help me. today someone who i live with hit me in my right upper arm. it was a axident, but it has cause a major flair up of fibro in that arm specificly. to the point that my fingers are numb fealing. has anyone ever had that happen and if so how did you deal with it. i ahve taken my meds and used heat and it is not easing up. thaks