Time for a carer check-in, don't you think!!?!!

Discussion in 'Caregivers' started by annee, Feb 27, 2002.

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    Okay fellow carers, I know we are busy, tired,otherwise consumed etc. etc. etc.
    Can we all please make a little time for a few lines each week to keep in touch and keep each other informed.

    Heres mine.
    Well, GB and myself have just come through a 'blue phase' where neither of us were coping too well.
    My own pad (panic & anxiety) crept up and bit me on the bum, so I watched all my coping strategies fly out the window.
    We have managed to regroup.
    GB has been relapsing since January, with brief respite from a 'healer'. It is quite amazing what has been happening to him. Previously GB was such a sceptic. These dd's change us in many many ways.
    Our regrouping consistes of prioritising ourselves.....and each other. Lots more TLC is flowing.
    Amidst the relentless we are coping.
    I read your messages amidst my rush. I empathize with you all, and again feel helpless.
    Please let's get this weekly check in going so we can support each other more readily.
    I have the utmost respect for you all as we share a common bond of understanding.
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    I post often, trying to keep this board going not too many responses, so I felt my post were not too interesting, but thanks annee for trying as I come here often to read and see how others are coping with their daily careing, hope all have a wonderful day.
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    I am no longer my mother's primary caregiver, she is in a skilled nursing facility, but they still consider me a caregiver..Well I've had one H--- of a week..Mom got worse over the last 10days or so..She was always sleeping, couldn't feed herself, nor could anyone else because of the way she was hanging her head..The nursing home got very worried what was happening..They did all kinds of tests to see what was going on, but so far everything is coming back negative..She has been on Zyprexia for months to help with her behavior and hallucinations, seemed to be working to a degree..She would not get wild and uncontrollable..When I was in on Mon, I, along with the staff really thought we were loosing her..Then they decided to lower her dosage, thinking maybe she needed a "drug vacation"..No one is sure, but when I walked in on Tues morning she was sitting up in bed, had ate better than she has in a long time, and could once again talk..She used to get like this before at times..Was it the reduction in the med or just something that can't be explained???She got spells like this about a yr. ago, they did all kinds of tests of her brain and came up empty handed, what would cause this..So for now, she is doing better than she was..Still very confused, and seeing things as she has been since being diagnosed with Alzheimer's..My heart goes out to all of you, that are caring for someone at home..I have already done that & the nursing home was the only solution this time..But I know how I feel when I come home from the nursing home, totally exhausted mentally and so depressed to see my mother having to suffer like this..Want everyone to know that you are terrific people and you are in my thoughts and prayers..
    Take Care...Donna
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    A weekly check-in sounds like a good way to keep in touch. Things are a bit rough for Sara and I now. We'd had our hopes up about some new potential treatments and none of them turned out to be viable. I know the question of recovery is touchy on the CFS board, but we know several people who have had complete recoveries from CFS; one for as long as 10 years and we've remained optimistic. I think at this point we're starting to come to grips with the idea that a complete recovery may not be in our future. We've always known that the odds aren't great, but we've both just refused to accept any other ultimate possiblity.

    At this point though, many of Sara's more infectious seeming symptoms (fever, swolen glands, brain fog, wierd allergies) have decreased significantly in recent months with only minimal increases in energy level. This doesn't seem to It's very depressing. We're both taking it hard. We've been bickering a bit, but we've gotten pretty good at staying out of each other's way when one of us is in a fighting mood. So it's a rough patch right now as we adjust to a new phase of the DD and perhaps to a new phase in our thinking about it. I'll try to check in with the board often, but I've been quite busy lately.