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    Hi. I am a newcomer to this board, and I sure do like it , It has helped me alot and it is good to know that im not the only one with this same problem, My friends and family, none of them understand how i feel and what i go threw but one of them and she has it to, my oldest sister, and I am the youngest of 7 children im 45 now and my sister is63, I dont know how she nmade it this long with all this, but I was hit with it when I was 24, I finally got disability when I was 32,glad of that no way i could still work,We have FMS/RA/carpel tunnel? and all that comes with it , Im sorry that any of you have this If I could cure you I would but theres oonly one cure and that is God.so GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU, MAY YOUR PRAYERS BE ANSWERED, Sincerly, LONELY AND DEPRESSED!
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    hang in there, I know what your going through. your not alone. when I'm real sick and can't make it to church to be in Gods house he comes to me. I'm 42 and had my first car accident when I was tweny nine. had 4 all together. that is what I think triggered the fibro.
    God Bless you too
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    about family not knowing what you're going through. I thank God for my husband - he's been wonderful through all of this & worries too much about me. I also have a sister - younger - who has FM. I knew she hurt all the time, had days she couldn't get out of bed, etc. but never REALY UNDERSTOOD what she has been going through until I started with it. Isn't it nice to have at least one person in the family who understands? Although I wish she didn't have it either - I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

    Welcome & best of luck to you.

    Good health........Kathi