Time to get a new doctor!!!

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    Hi guys. I am up to me ears with this whole thing. I am in the beginning of my diagnosis, and currently have NO insurance. I am waiting to be well enough to go down and sign up for Medicaid, but it's just not happening. I saw my doctor a week ago or so, and he said that we really cannot go forward until I can get an MRI. But they will not allow me to have it unless I put down a $500 deposit!! Which is quite a crock if you ask me! So, last week, he FINALLY gave me a med that would actually take the pain away!! Percocet is now my dear, dear friend!! LOL But when he gave me the script. it was for 40 10mg tablets, that he wanted me to take twice a day only!! And I ran out of my Ultram so that was all I had to help me relieve the pain. So I was taking about 4 per day. Yesterday, I spoke with him, through his nurse on the phone, and he said that he did not want me to take that many! What else am I going to do???? I finally found something that ACTUALLY WORKS!!!!!! So he gave me a refill of 50 Ultram and 15 percocets!!!!! Now, I am supposed to go and see him again on Monday, but i am wondering why I should have to go. He dosen't do anything but tell me that I have to hurry up and get my Medicaid so that I can get my MRI. NO DDUUUUHHHH!!!! I probably will end up cancelling. I am not going to waste $70 for him to do nothing for me. I can very easily just talk to him on the phone. And that's free. Anyways, I am getting tired of him. He is so much more worried about me becoming addicted to the meds, instead of just treating my pain!! And the 10mg. of percocet is not cutting it for 6 hours! It's so frustating!! He has seen my on my "flare up" days. He knows that the pain is very real. Just when I think that I am getting somewhere with him, he pulls the rug from out under me. But I did have some good news. I found this great discount program for my drugs. It saved me almost 50%!! I know that I cannot tell you what plan it was. But it still is exciting!! Thanks for letting me vent. I just need to do that every once and awhile. I think that it's time to look for someone that actually will listen to me.

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    When I was not well enough to make it to the medicaid office, I phoned and told them I was too ill, and homebound, and asked if they would send me all the paperwork I needed to fill out, to apply. They mailed it and I received it within 3 days.

    I filled the papers in, called back, and told them I was bedridden still, and requested a phone interview. I made copies of the completed forms (so I could have them during the interview), mailed the originals to them, and they phoned with a date and time for the phone interview. After the phone interview, I was accepted for coverage.

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    sOUND LIKE YOU DO NEED A NEW dR. i WOULD START SEARCHING IF I WAS YOU. i STARTED ON A MED called Arthrotech 75mg and it has put my flare ups in halt i still have trouble with my wrist but that is carpel tunnel any ways, but ask for it if you havent tried it, couldnt hurt, might help ,gives me energy to , GOD BLESS YOU!