Time to Hit the Deck with prayer needs

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by dash, Jan 31, 2004.

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    ....well, at least figuratively. My knees wouldn't take the kneeling, but it's time for me to bring my needs before God and my brothers and sisters in the Lord.

    My brother-in-law who had the drastic surgery for oral cancer had to be taken to the hospital. He's in a great deal of pain in his stomach area; my sister believes something has gone wrong with his feeding tube.

    My husband has a nasty upper respiratory infection. He is prone to pneumonia and I am concerned. He has no doctor, as our insurance recently changed and he has not been to anyone yet. With it being the weekend, his best option would be urgent care at the local hospital. (If I can convince.) On top of this, he has to go into work for a couple of hours, because of an emergency. (Its genuine and I understand.)

    Which brings me to my third need. Right now the heater is broken in the car. Its 19 degrees and the wind chill is bring it even further down. This is not good for his lungs. We have an '87 Caravan on its last legs. God has miraculously provided all but one of our vehicles since we have been married for little or no money. (Ironically, the one vehicle we ever purchased at a used car dealer was totaled in accident.)So, we really need for God to meet this need once again.

    Thank you all in advance and God bless,


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    You sure have a lot to deal with Della, will be happy to pray for you and loved ones.

    Dear Heavenly Father;
    It seems that so many things hit us all at once and can be so overwhelming to us. But we know you are aware of everything...I ask for Della's brother-in-law, that You will touch him and impart to him your healing. I pray also for his wife who is so concerned that you will give her comfort and peace.

    Lord, Please help Della's husband over this upper respiritory infection. Lord, we know that You could do this with a spoken Word from You..I do pray for that for him, but if You choose that he get medicine for this, then please do not let him wait, but go and get the care he needs. That care from the medical profession also comes from You.

    Lord, transportation is badly needed for this family, and I also ask that in Your great abundance that You will provide that for them. Lord, it may be something simple as a fuse,i ask for wisdom in this matter for them. I thank You Lord, that You have given us the priviledge to come to You and ask, and that You want us to. Praise to Your Holy Name!
    In the precious Name of Jesus, I pray, Amen
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    My brother-in-law had acute appendicitis. He's had it removed tonight.