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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SherylS, Apr 24, 2012.

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    I am sorry, but some days I just get so fed up and p****d off!!! Here we are, trying to do every possible thing we can think of to have some kind of a life---eliminating foods, eating healthy, taking supplements, spending all our time researching and trying to find doctors that actually know something. And no matter what we do, we still seem to be in the same place---can't work,can't go out and have a good time doing the things we love, house-bound or maybe even bed bound. And everywhere I look, I see people who should be unhealthy---many pounds overweight, eating a diet of fast food and sodas. And yet, there they are, doing all the things I can't!!!
    Ok, everyone knows life isn't fair, but COME ON!!!
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    You're absolutely right, it ain't fair! But c'est la vie -

    The only good thing is that if/when we regain our health we are going to be the healthiest people around! Eating right, taking supplements etc. for years is bound to pay off. I recently had some heart tests and my heart and arteries are in very good shape, no plaque or anything, despite no exercise for almost 14 years due to CFS crashing, and I know this is because my diet is so *&% good, mainly to maintain my weight since I can't exercise.

    And those people eating crap etc. will pay a price down the road.

    Now if only I could do something with this healthy heart of mine! :) something I used to love, hiking, swimming - I'd almost kill to be able to swim again ....

    Take care -

  3. rosemarie

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    Our daily struggle with fibro is hard on each of us in our own ways. I to rant and rave because no one gets it or understands why I take my pain meds.
    I also see how blessed we are to live in this day and age. Less than 20 yrs ago even 10 yrs ago we were blown off as your depressed, overweight, it's this or that or it is all in your mind.

    Then I read what GB66 wrote and my heart breaks for her and her sister and family. How hard that must have been for you to go thru. I know so many other people who are in far worse shape than I am and yet it is human nature to want our own lives to be better with out pain , sadness's, illness's. We have no control over our lives health wise , we have the genes that our parents gave us and some of those genes are not good ones. I am one who has not only early heart disease, breast cancer, other types of cancer. And I sit and whine about how rotten I feel, when my life could be much worse.

    I have gone thru my share of trails and pains in life. I lost my dad just 9 days before I turned 13 yrs old. My grandma passed away a year later, my FIL had an dx'ed condition that made his life hell, my BIL died of the same thing his father did. I was so blessed to have such a wonderful FIL who loved me and I still think of him as my Dad. Now I have lost all my grandparents, both MIL and FIL, Grandparents in law and BIL. I am watching my mom get weaker daily. I see her struggle each day just to eat swollow any thing, those muscles don't work any more, Her vision is bad and her hearing is bad, she can't remember so many things I thought she would never forget but she has. It really upsets her that she can't remember what she wanted to say in the middle of a converstion.

    Sorry I don't mean to go on about all the illness's in my family it is not a pity party for me please don't take it that way. I wrote this because I have to stop and remind my self that my life could be so much worse. I have my issues and fight with them daily. I get told alot . "Mom did you hear that Disability will be gone by 2015? But that still gives you time to get off ALL YOUR PAIN meds". What do I say to that? I hope that it does not happen as I will be up a creek with out a paddle, But as I have heard so often "Don't worry about the things you can't change" Accpet and deal with the ones you can change.

    So as I look forward I have to try daily to have a postive attitude about this DD and it's efects on me. I remember when I was a child my best friends mother had to have her ankle fused due to having had polio as a child. How sad was that? We still need to keep up on all immuneizations {sorry about the spelling} so that we don't pass these nasty diease's on to a future generation.

    I do have a question for everyone , does any one know if medicare will pay for any immunaztions such as whooping cough I need to have a booster. We have had an out break of it in a town that is less than 5 miles away from where I live. Also we have had some signs of TB in Utah. So all the disease's we once thought were long gone are not.

    Sorry about all the preaching, I don't mean to do that. I want you all to know how blessed I am to live at this point in time where I have been blessed with three beautiful daughters and 7 grandkids and still have my mom with me and a great hubby. This DD gets to all of us at one time or another so take it minute by minute at a time. I do that daily.
    Thanks for all of you who read my posts and don'ttell me to stop whining.

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