time to use me.cfids drop cfs altogether

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  1. simpsons

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    we realised that the wessley brigade had changed me to cfs to move away from the who icd listing and move us into mental health

    so we grouped the two together as a company taking over another would combine the two names now the hated cfs should i think be dropped replaced with cfids

    people associate cfs chronic fatigue syd as being tired all the time and if you say chronic fatigue immune disorder syndrome it give the knowledge that it is an immune disorder and no longer just tired

    if we just all start using this abb then it will spread

    maybe just maybe in time we can just say xmrv but there will prob be still subgroups who have chemical cause who will still perhaps be in cfids group

    what do you think is this t he time

    at least the title shows you re tired because you are ill nad immune disfunction

    can.t gt on board often but will check back to see what everyone thinks

    perhaps you could discuss it also where ever else you may visit also spread the question see wht people think

  2. u&iraok

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    I like that idea to add the ME in the beginning, too. It references the brain and sounds more serious. Also, maybe we won't get the response from people: "I'm tired, too" "Everyone's tired" when we just say CFS like we do now. Oooo, I hate that.
  3. farrellkitty

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    Dear fellow sufferer, i to get so tired of feeling compelled to describe my illness to people as well as tell them that awful name! it makes us sound so very whiny! it's bad enough no one believes you're physically ill.
  4. gapsych

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    or possibly whenever, please, please, please, take out the word fatigue.

    Everyone gets fatigue. Fatigue resolves with rest.