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    Hope everyone gets onto this PORCH now and that we don't have to many porch posts floating around. It can get confusing of who did or is doing what. :)! LOL Hope everyone is having a nice weekend so far. Glad JULIE is feeling better. Hope all are feeling as well as can be expected.

    My feet are killing me from all the laundry folding, cooking dinner, etc. and time for a shower and try and get ready for bed. Then more packing tomorrow. A big deal for a few days - geez and I always pack to much :)!! Did get to do many exercises, just lying on that not too soft Denneroll. Almost up to 15 minutes now.

    Big hugs to everyone including those MIA's and peeps I (we've) haven't seen in some time.

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    Hi Folks

    Thanks for performing the opening ceremonies, Granni. Sorry your feet hurt from all that
    folding. Next time use your hands. Ha Ha! A little juvenile humor now and then helps
    keep us young. Well, young in spirit. Yes, women always pack too much. It's genetic.
    Most men, on the other hand, would take their shaving kit and just the clothes they were
    wearing. Ponce De Leon is still searching for the happy medium.

    Remember the puzzle Diane posted? The weather house. Got an ad in the mail today
    for it's cousin. And only $200 plus $24 shipping. (It's the computer doing these

    goofy things to the font. Not I. And why is it double spacing?)

    Anyhoo it's a cuckoo clock sans cuckoo. Instead of a cuckoo it's has train cars. One circles
    the clock on the hour. This is to commemorate the completion of the transcontinental
    railroad that linked the nation and pretty much put an end to wagon trains. But that
    event took place 144 years ago. A strange number to celebrate as an anniversary.

    The ad carefully avoids telling us what the clock is made of although it does claim it was
    sculpted. I doubt one can sculpt plastic.

    Gordon and I went to the bank today. Did you know that if you have an IRA account, the
    government forces you to withdraw a certain amount each year? I didn't. They certainly
    didn't say that when the plan was created.

    The young fellow who helped sees us every year. He is young and good looking and obviously
    doing well. He must have been wearing at least a thousand dollars worth of clothes. A
    beautifully cut suit; everything in shades of blue. Nice to see a young person who has
    some ambition and is doing more than silly pranks and dangerous stunts and attending concerts of trashy celebrities. Of course he has a great advantage over many of our young people. He has a job. I feel so sorry for the kids who want to work and can't get a decent job.

    Granni, where is the Hot Springs you are visiting? Florida? Is there one in Texas? Is it
    the kind of place where you lie in a warm mud bath? Anyhoo, hope you have a fun trip.

    SG, my mother used to grow mums. Strawflowers too. She dried those and used them in
    fall flower arrangements along with Indian corn which she grew. We also went for a drive
    in the woods every year to pick up sumac and any dry wild plants that looked interesting.

    Well, I will have to come back and post more later. Here's a news item from an unspecified
    location. The police received a call from a Subway shop. A counterfeit $40 bill was reported.
    The police investigated. The bill was actually a genuine $50 bill.

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    aaaargh! brain fog alert. pls dont mind folks, i posted on 649. and dont know how to move it here. sorry sorry sorry.
    granni - tks for opening. this.
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    hello all

    sunflower - i live in nepal. we are starting to get migrating birds, from south. where winter hits hard.
    parrots are first to arrive.

    rock - the animal which skirmished with zippy probably got as much of a fright as zippy himself.
    my doggies try and get in at night time..but i try keep them on the landing outside. only grande
    dame Poopsie gets to stay in our room.

    julie - den is really a sweetheart of a husband, i love the way he plays hands on doting
    granpa too...you lucked out there, really. most men ....eeeeehhh. where housework n
    kiddies are concerned. theyd rather do other jobs.

    granni - hv a good trip. i envy you, hot springs sounds sublime...esp right now.
    the bones in my shoulder area are creaking and cracking...i could do with a
    good soak!

    mikie - good to hear the kitties behaved themselves well. also pray your UTI
    problems get resolved soon. and completely.

    i had to nip out in rain yesterday and go buy a lock. one of dhs friends wives
    had written lyrics for an album and they were hosting a release party.
    dh had a golf tournament, couldnt go...my son had a poetry thing where
    he was sceduled to recite, so couldnt stay home, so i decided i would
    lock the main house from outside, let the dishonest help stay outside
    in their own quarter inside the compound and i would attend the function
    for a bit.

    it was stressful but i did it. it didnt start at two as scheduled so i came
    back before actual event, but at least the hosts knew i made the effort.

    its been raining, so that was nice..weather cooled off so much.

    take care, all.

    god bless​
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    Granni...Along with Rock's question, I'm adding Hot Springs, Arkansas. Is that where you're headed?

    We've had RV's for several years, but sold the last one not long ago since I don't want to travel anymore...but my DH always kidded me about what I'd pack to take (tons of stuff it seemed). He was grateful the RV already had a kitchen sink or I'd be packing that, too.:) My poor DH...I had to travel with oxygen equipment plus special foods, etc., along with all my necessaries. I wasn't able to help load and the poor guy would be exhausted by the time we were ready to hit the road.

    I really enjoyed Springwater's post. I didn't realize (too new here) you lived in Nepal. Isn't the internet wonderful? Here we all are from all over the globe chatting...this is fun! It's sad you have to put a lock on your home when you leave...but, we have to lock up here, too. We don't live in a big city where invasions can happen often, but we can't be too careful. How was your son's recital? Those events can be precious memories...

    Oh, yes...if you have an IRA (or something similar), you "have to" withdraw once you reach (I think) 70.5. And, you end up paying taxes on that withdrawal as "income". What's hard is figuring out the amount you "have to" take out. If it's not right, you can be penalized. Usually the investment counselor (like the guy in the very nice suit) can figure out this amount for you.

    We had rain yesterday and were told the temp would be dropping after the storm...NOT! It's the middle of the night and it's still 70 outside (40's were predicted). Here I was...all geared up for a nice cool night's sleep. But, woke up a midnight hotter than a firecracker. This past week has been difficult sleepwise. If I don't sleep properly, then it sets me up for an FM flare. I've cooled off now and hope I can go back to sleep...

  6. Mikie

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    Granni, maybe your dinner roll is too hard. Get a softer one. Aaaw! Just couldn't resist. I try to pack in a carryon, especially now with charges for checking a bag. I usually pack all black because I'm usually going when it's colder out at my destination. I can roll up those knit yoga style pants and they look nice if worn with a nice top. Have a nice black knit cardigan. All I have to do is add some tops, colored ones if I want, and I'm set. A couple pair of jammie bottoms and a thin robe rounds it out. Of course, I never stay long so don't need much. I join the inquiring minds in wondering what spgs. you are visiting. In any case (suitcase :) have a good time. Oh, the puns just make themselves today.

    Yes, Rock, I think it's at age 72 1/2 that one must draw a minimum amt. from any IRA. According to my now retired financial guru, it isn't that much which one must withdraw. My IRA's are annuities and all I have to pay is the tax on the interest accrued. Well, there hasn't been a lot of interest accrued the last couple of years. Mine is one which guarantees 7 percent return if you leave it in 12 years. That doubles the initial investment. You must annuitize it when the initial amt. triples or you hit 80, whichever comes first. I had to annuitize my other one when I got Sjogren's and could no longer work. I feel so bad for those whose nest egg has been destroyed during the economic downturn or from Ponzi schemes. When I was a kid, if one had $10K in savings and the mortgage paid off, one could feel set for life. I think you should get the choo-choo train clock. Sounds like a nice kitchy thing for the home. Unless, of course, you feel railroaded into buying it. Oh, I've been visited by the pun fairy in my sleep.

    Springwater, thank you for your prayers. I really appreciate them. Today is the 3rd day on the new ABX and I'm Herxing mightily so guess it is working. Nepal sounds so exotic. Does it seem that way living there? Do you live at high altitude? Can you tell us more about what it is like living there? I think everyone would love to hear about it.

    Windy, the nights here are still in the 70's and humid. We don't usually get our nice winter weather til after Halloween. So far, this year, we've dodged the hurricane bullet but the late ones can be the worse ones. I think conditions west of Africa have kept big storms from forming. We've had the tropical depressions in the Caribbean and Gulf but all they have brought us is lots of rain.

    I woke at 4:00 to pee and heard Tweety crying to be let in. These guys get sooooo excited. They eat more now that they are sleeping outside. Last night, I put their water and food out on the lanai with them. I think it comforts them. I'm worried they will become fat cats from not running around outside. They do run around and wrestle after I let them in for about half an hour but then sleep the rest of the day. I've decided they can do without the expensive pheromones now that they are calmer and not wanting to go out all the time.

    Was hoping to get out on the Balcony for coffee yesterday but wasn't up to it. Barb has a houseguest I know and I want to see her and see how her puppy grew over the summer. He's adorable. Did talk with my friend, neighbor, and fellow board member yesterday for an hour and a half. I think that's a record but we haven't spoken in a while. She and DH are in the Boston area. They've had crazy weather this summer. I'm ready for fall but haven't even felt up to cleaning let alone doing a little fall decorating. My huge fall wreath is on my door and that gives me a warm fall feeling.

    The cats love the little fleece mats I made them. I may get a fleece blankie for them at Bed Bath & Beyond with my 20 percent off coupon. That would keep their hair off the loveseat and give them something snuggle to sleep on when the nights get colder. One winter, we had some really cold weather and my neighbor saw Tweety curled up with the possum on the steps. Sylvester has a long, silky coat and Tweety has a thick short coat. Both are looking so much better since living inside.

    Well, Kids, I had better read the Sunday paper. I send it over to Barb when I'm done with it. I send the main paper in one roll and all the ads and comics in another. When the neighbors are down in the wintertime, she sends it on down to them. In my estimation, it is worth the price of subscription just for the coupons, especially now that I've cut the subscription down to only Sat. and Sun. I can still read the weekday papers online. I'm thinking of dumping HBO as about the only shows I now watch are "Bill Maher" and "Game of Thrones." I may also complain to Comcast about having such a high bill. They usually offer a deal of some kind for six months or a year. TV is my only extravagance as I no longer shop for much. I have pretty much everything I need.

    Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. I want to thank everyone for all y'all's good wishes and prayers. My prayers go with everyone for health, wealth and happiness.

    Love, Mikie
  7. Granniluvsu

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    Hi to everydobby,

    Not much time to really post. However, I did want to pop it.

    Rock - Hot Springs is in Arkansas. It is supposed to be very nice and have mineral baths and all. They are supposed to help your aches and pains, we'll see. Somehow I doubt it. Maybe a little bit for a short time but not long term. We have a room that has the mineral waters in the bathtub. That will be very interesting. The weather is supposed to be beautiful. It is even cool here today. The cool front came in last night.

    Mikie - Hope those kitties are behaving for you not that they are sleeping sort of outside. I guess that is where the Lanai is.

    Have lots to do today. So will leave with a quick wave and big HUG to AWL !!!!!

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - Not leaving till Tuesday. So sorry to hear about losing one of the kitties. That is curious though if it didn't look like it was attacked or anything. Wonder if it was just ill with something. I know the kiddos will be especially said if they find out about it.

    That was nice that Grandpa was worried about you and why you hadn't visited. I know he appreciates you so much. How nice you can go to Grandparents day at Keira's school. I went to a couple for one of the grandkids years ago. It was fun . Wish I got to do more but to far away and I'm not driving there. Most are to old anyway or just to far away, if they have the Grandparents festivities.

    Glad you also got to eat at the church so you didn't have to go home and fix something :)!! Need to go and take a shower and do a few things before bed but wanted to check in,

    Have been missing Spring Water , Joan, Georgia and a few that haven't been popping in lately. Also missing Elaine, Teacher and others who haven't been by in some time. Hope they are all well.

    Windy - Yes it is great to be able to meet up with people from all over on these boards. I think Spring Water is the one farthest away though and I miss her when she is gone. Her posts are often newsy and makes me happy that we have pretty good electricity as there's seem to be on and off. I love to hear of her customs and live there. A lovely gal with a great family too.

    Bug HUGS to Rock, Mikie, Windy, Sun, and awl,

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just woke up from my nap. I was dreaming that some woman was speaking to
    me in a foreign language about feeding her dog. My interpretation of same is that
    1) it was time to feed Zipper, and 2) I had been posting back and forth with Soul
    about foreign languages earlier. She studied 5 languages (!) and has varying degrees of
    fluency in them. Wow!

    For how long you go, Granni? Just looked up Hot Springs, Arkansas. It's in the Ouachita
    Mountains. Never even heard of them before. And lots of fun places to visit. Aquarium,
    alligator farm, museums (Wax and Gangster). And you and DH can take your choice.
    Ride in a go cart or a limo or either, or neither, or both. They tell you all about the elegant
    limos except how much it costs to rent one.

    Yes, it's sad about the kitten, Julie. Reminds me of an interview with some actor. I read
    years ago when some popular TV show was closing. He said, "It's always that way in show biz.
    Whatever the project, how ever much you enjoy working with the group, it will come to an
    end. In our business, sometimes they end before they even open. But I've been lucky and have stayed in touch with a lot of good people." I thought that was unusually perceptive for an actor.

    Grandparents' Day is new to me. I haven't seen my granddaughter since she was a toddler.
    She must be starting 7th grade now.

    Mikie, the pun fairy seems to be keeping you on track. Some of my favorite songs are about
    railroads. "Freight Train, freight train, goin' so fast. Please don't say what train I'm on, and
    they won't know what route I've gone."

    And "City of New Orleans"; "Texas Silver Zephyr". "Morningtown Ride." & many more.

    Your pun about the traveling bag was very suitable. Reminded me of that old country favorite
    that so many, including Elvis, recorded: "Valise me, and let me love again."

    You were right, Windy. It was Arkansas. Everything seems to suggest country western today.
    You mentioned "Precious Memories". When I still had my record collection I had several
    recordings of same. My favorites were by Elvis Presley and Kate Smith. Wonder why they
    never recorded together. They had the same record company.

    And you mentioned "hotter than a fire cracker". Made me think of Johnny Cash. "We got
    married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout. Goin' to Jackson, etc."

    Better go before I lose my post. Posting is kinda like a mountain railroad. Hazardous.

  10. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I've never been to a hot springs, although there is one about an hr. from here. What do you do there? Sit in the water and the mud or what? And is it the water that is also therapeutic to drink? It's my understanding that Kellogg (the breakfast cereal or was that another cereal company) started out as a health spa. There was a movie made about them years ago.

    Grandparents day is very special for the little ones, but then also for the grandparents. I've been to several for my grandson in 3rd and 4th grade and also several times at my granddaughter's preschool for Halloween. That was a lot of fun seeing all the little ones in their costume. My daughter tried to get me to volunteer to help with crafts once a month at his school but it's just hard to count on this body to do what I want it to do. And speaking of Halloween, my granddaughter has asked me to make her costume.......she wants to be a bride. I've got some sparkly white fabric that I've dug out so tomorrow I will be creating. The 31st will soon be here.

    I'm sorry for the little kitten that died. My daughter came home with a little 4 week old kitten when she was in HS. Apparently her friend accidently hit and killed the mama. My daughter loved this little kitten, took care of him religiously, giving him a bath every couple of days, cleaning the litter box and feeding him. He lived to almost 20 years old as did his brother.

    Springwater: I agree with others. I would love to read what your life is all about, what it looks like where you live, etc.

    Rock: It's never too late to reconnect with someone. Your granddaughter might welcome it as you might also. Look at all the adopted children who search forever for a connection. I have so many regrets in my life, mainly because of FM. We tend to put things off for now, but sometimes we just have to bite the bullet.
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Julie, it is heartbreaking to hear of one of Red Mitten's kittens dying. I'm so sorry. It's also sad when little ones have to learn that we can lose loved ones and pets so suddenly. Yes, I think farm life makes it more "natural" but it's still a loss and very sad. My prayers go out to all of you.

    Granni, the kitties are behaving just beautifully now that they sleep out on the lanai. Yes, for some reason, the Floridians picked up on the Hawaiian term for balcony or patio. It seems normal now for me to use that term but it sounded strange at first. Funny how we get used to things. A gecko made its way inside and Tweety made fast work of it. She hasn't lost her hunting skills. She ate half and offered the other half to Sylvester. He pawed at it a couple of times but left it for her to finish off. She was strutting around catterwalling to announce her victory. Sylvester lives vicariously through her bravery. Just hope she keeps the thing down. AACK!

    Sunflower Girl, I had never heard of grandparents day at school. What a great idea. You must be handy to be able to make a bride costume. I'm impressed! We usually don't get any trick or treaters here but I have to buy candy just in case. I always get something I like because I end up eating it.

    Rock, the valise pun was one of your best. I was at the airport when someone tried to carry on a carryon suitcase and when told she couldn't cause it was too big, she carried on about not being able to carry on her carryon. Whew, serial puns. True story, though. I hate to fly. Still, there are people who act as though everything is a big surprise or they get upset. I'm a pro at getting through security fast. I also love trains and train songs. "City of New Orleans" is one of my favorite. I love the folksy songs. I've never seen the railroad crossings up near my daughter in Atlanta, but at night, you can hear the trains. I love that noise, even if it wakes me. It never wakes me completely and it just seems to comfort me. In my little college town where I grew up, we could hear the trains at night and I think hearing them takes me back to simpler, more comforting times.

    Even though I Herxed yesterday, I still feel very sick. Don't know whether it's the infection or the ABX causing me to feel this way. The ABX causes labored breathing but not enough that I would say I'm allergic to it, like with Cipro. I should be able to eat breakfast now that the kids have settled down. I wonder whether they are having gecko dreams. Tweety is in the upper berth on top of the loveseat and Sylvester is in the lower berth on the seat of the loveseat. She is a Princess and likes to always be at a greater height than other mere cats. Simon is fed so I can go back to sleep. Woke with a sinus headache and am sitting here with an ice bag on top of my head. It's probably cat hair and dust in here which is causing me problems. Too tired to clean.

    Hope I haven't missed anyone. Am in a bit of a fog this morning.

    Love, Mikie
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mikie - I sure you hope you will start to feel better soon. Stinks when you don't know if it is the medical problem or the cure that is making you feel worse. Take care of those furry children and make them behave :)!!! he he LOL

    Rock - Yes, Grandparents Day is quite new. We had no such thing when we went to school but one set (maternal)grandparents had died a long time ago from when I was small, and my dad's parents were in another state anyway and I hardly ever saw them at all which was pretty sad. People whose grandparents lived close by and were able to visit were very lucky indeed.

    Spring Water - Sorry for your brain fog, I understand and I can't posts over to other threads either :)!! See you when I get back.

    Wanted to check in but need to get off , do some more packing and then fix lunch for DH or should I say visa versa :)!!

    Gotta run. Please take care of the Porch while I am gone, and the Lounge too :)!!! oooxxxx

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Granni, have a really good time. I hope you enjoy yourselves. We had a hot springs in the mtns. in CO. HUGE hot swimming pool. I never went. It was really old, back into the 1800's, I think. Glenwood Spgs. is the name. My kids went and enjoyed it.

    I got into the shower and then cut and styled my hair. I usually cut it dry but did it wet this time and it came out really well. I went to WallyWorld to pick up some flea and tick meds for the little ones. They got horribly infected living outside last year and it was a war to get rid of the things. I don't even know whether they need it in here but since they do go out on the lanai, I figured I'd rather be safe than sorry. The meds don't seem to bother them but they can lick it off each other so I have to watch them after I apply it.

    I was impressed by WW's prices for pet supplies. They have the calming pheromones even cheaper than in the catalog but the kitties are so calm and so good now that I don't think I need them. Thank God because they aren't cheap. I bought new deeper litter boxes and I'm hoping this will cut down some of my work. Boy can those little guys throw the litter in the air. I found two lightweight fleece throws in the same animal print as their little pillows I made them. I cleaned the hair off the loveseat and covered it. This is no longer a living room; it's a catatorium.

    It's soooo hot and humid out. Even my new short hair wants to curl up. I think we are going to get more rain from that storm in the Gulf. The wind is gusting.

    My love to everyone,
  14. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi Porchies!

    Hey Granni, thanks for starting the new thread. This time I got on the right one. :)

    I've been out of the loop for a few days. But, the good news is, I found my dresser under the mound of undies and socks I'd been throwing on it. (They were clean). I just haven't been folding that stuff and putting it away. I'm feeling pretty good still. So over the weekend, I took 3 drawers out of my dresser and sorted all that stuff, threw out what I didn't need or the "stretch" had gone out of and organized it in those 3 drawers. Like most women, I have 3 sizes of everything. I go up and down the scale like a yo-yo.

    I know it seems like not so much, but I have that "mission accomplished" glow. I've been needing to do this for months. (Okay, at least a year). LOL Next weekend, I attack my closet floor and get rid of all the shoes I cannot wear, the handbags I do not need, the mending I will never mend, throw out anything that is beyond necessary, go through my clothes and pass what I can't wear down to my daughters or granddaughters. Baby steps. But at least now I have the "Umph" to get something done besides eat and run for my bed when I get home from work.

    I just wanted to pop in and see what everybody was up to. Will likely post more tomorrow. Have a good trip Granni! Be happy Porchies!

    Love n hugz to all,
  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    hello everydobby

    dar - yr to do list mending and all was eerily similar to mine! i was laughing while
    reading it. im trying to lose my 'hoarder' habit and get the courage to just THROW
    out stuff i havent used in years...

    julie - it was sweet to hear yr dad remembered and missed you and had the nurses
    call. at the same time, you had to attend grandparents day at keiras...so many
    people look to you for love and caring. im sorry to hear about the kitty who died,
    if she were run over, she would be flattened, or show some bruises, i dont think its
    that. at least she had a happy month or two, being loved and cared for...so many
    are just drowned or put down.

    granni - by this time you will be soaking nicely in some hot bubbly springwater,
    make sure you enjoy yourself and not worry about other stuff. your time is

    oh im wondering whether you accidentally hit ignore bitton on my id because
    i post but you dont seem to see them and ask where i am....? the others do see
    my posts so i am getting the reply button to work it seems

    rock - thanks for copying my post onto this vol. sometimes when i come here
    these days, i feel like im running to catch a bus..it goes that fast! lol. and its
    fun reading all the newsy new posts and getting to know all the members.

    that guy at the bank is a lucky one, having a job n all. its difficult times
    for folks these days, here too. extremely difficult. graduates by the
    thousands and jobs in the sparse numbers...

    sunflower - i had joined a fashion designing, dress making course once years
    back, just a six month course, found out im not cut out for the practical
    parts of the vocation. i could draw all right, but patternmaking, stitching
    took the mickey out of me...just couldnt get it, besides the written exam
    where you write in the number of inches to this and that scared me...i just
    freeze when i see anything to do with numbers...i still love clothes, and
    hv a hard time refraining from buying something if it really catches my fancy
    but i havent stitched in a while now. my sewing machine like the rest of my stuff
    lying in the store room waiting for that 'perhaps one day' when i might be
    tempted to try again. anyway, i couldnt complete the course, because my then
    help left and i couldnt spare the time.

    i envy that you can sew your GD her costume.

    Mikie - you describe tweety n sylvys kitty antics so vividly, i can almost see them!
    do cats dream? i know doggies do...ive seen Poopsie twitch her lil legs and lil
    hitch pitched sounds come from her...in her sleep. and on AFV once they had this
    hilarious clip of a dog literally galloping in his dream, he actually got up and ran
    in his sleep and bumped straight into a wall, it was padded, i think, because of
    his condition of sleep 'walking'.

    the city we are in is in a hollow where all the mountain ranges encircle, so in winter
    we hv this circle of snow clad mountains around us...but we are selves are protected
    from snow by the himalayas. summers are hot 100 degrees F avg, winters cold gets
    down to minus zero celcius.

    Windy, i hope you get cooler conditions soon. and no storms. ive been watching the
    typhoon season updates and sympathizing with the pacific coasters, with their
    annual storms , the phillipines, taiwan.....

    jumpshot .. yes, we are very far away from your kentucky...lol. i do hv CFS except
    there are no formal tests here...for diagnosing. but im tired a lot...and hv the litttle
    sore spots indicative of fibro. its how i found my way here to this forum actually,
    years ago. i googled fibromyalgia.

    well, yesterday was an indoors day. cant say i achieved much but we did get in help
    to trim our garden trees, the neighbours on all three sides started complaining, of the
    leaves falling..i thought, fair enough...if i werent a tree lover, id be irritated at the
    mess too.

    my friend who is trying to start a lil business of healing soaps, (lavender, salt, etc)
    rang to ask me for feedback, except i hadnt used the one bar i bought from her the
    last time we met. few days ago, we made a trip to this new age bookstore, browsed
    around books, incense of a myriad types, frankincense, amber what not...old religious
    artifacts, and ate at a restaurant nearby...it was just a 'meeting up' trip becoz i havent
    been able to go to the healing centre these days, n neither has she.

    she is also going thru a rough patch like myself, tho different issues. looking for a job, she has a son
    she brings up on her own, her aunt has adopted him, sort of, hubby n her separated
    when the kid wasnt even born n now he is a teenager.

    however, she is robust and very good at a lot of things, but as she herself says,
    her ego and attitude made her go thru a lot of jobs, the moment she had supervisor
    issues , until now, she cannot get a job because no one will give her a good reference
    in spite of being very capable.

    she has opened a restaurant, opened a paper crafts business, beadwork none of which
    were successful.

    we are both hoping our bad patches will be over soon, that my ill brother will get well,
    my health issues improve, the dishonest help leave and get replaced and for her, she
    will get a wonderful paying job, her soap business flourishes, she will maybe meet
    the right man, and her son will be do well.

    lol. tall orders, and why not. everyone deserves a good life.

    take care, all

    God bless
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Julie, as usual, you outwork everyone here with the possible exception of Granni. You two amaze me. Be really careful up on the scaffolding. I'm getting to the point that even getting up on my step stool is a challenge. I used to climb things like a monkey but age and illness have slowed my down. Stay safe and well.

    Granni, when are you guys leaving? I hope you have a good time. I'm pretty sure you will. Is there a pool there where you can soak in the hot water? Is the water mineral water? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Dar, cleaning out closets and drawers is one of my favorite things to do. There is such a sense of satisfaction from getting organized. I did my closet once and then, I decided to switch to those flat hangers for my tops. Then, I decided to iron them all as I replaced them and to discard the old ratty-looking ones. Yes, organizing afterglow is a wonderful feeling. Right now, I'm wearing a really ratty old tee shirt. It's oversized and I wear it for two occasions: When I'm sick and want to feel comfortable; and, when I'm going to be doing some kind of big, messy job. Don't we all have a ratty old tee shirt or robe hidden away?

    Springwater, your description reminds me of that famous old book, the title of which escapes me. I loved the movie. The hidden city in the Himalayas was a paradise where no one ever aged. Rock will remember the title. Was it "Paradise Lost" or "Lost Horizon?" I enjoy the kitties' antics so much that I figure y'all might enjoy reading about them. I never figured on having two cats at this stage in my life. Also, I have never had to try to turn two outdoor cats into house cats. It was stressful at first but now, they are really a pleasure. They slept until 5:00 this morning so I think they are enjoying sleeping out on the lanai. It's safe for them out there and they aren't keeping me up. The have settled down now after morning exercise and wrestling. Tweety was watching her reflection in the slider while whipping her tail around. It got her all goosed up and she streaked around the condo. This is better than TV.

    Even though I'm still running a low-grade fever, I feel slightly better so far today (6:30 a.m.). I don't think I'll go to the condo mtg. I have to redo the other new litter box on the lanai. The cats are turning up their noses at the new one inside. I'll have to "prime the pump" by putting a bit of their little Tootsie Rolls in it. These guys don't like new things. It takes them a while to try anything new.

    At the equinoxes, the sun rises right between the bldgs. across the little pond over on the next street to the East. The sun is now well into the bldg. to the South so fall must be here but that storm in the Gulf has kept things sooooo hot and humid this week. Temps are falling from the 90's into the 80's but it doesn't feel like it with the humidity.

    I am fascinated by how the ancients seem to have built ways to follow the seasons. Something no one seems to be able to explain is how early people were able to build fences true North/South and true East/West. Magnetic compasses have been around a long time but how did the old timers know true directions? My flight instructor told me if I ever needed help flying out in the boonies, I could safely count on following an old farm boundary. Doing that also told me the difference between magnetic direction and true direction (declination).

    BTW, runways are numbered by magnetic direction. Magnetic directions change and when they change enough, the runways have to be renumbered. I never knew that the magnetic poles can switch from pos. to neg. and vice-versa. I guess it hasn't happened in a long time. When one flies very close to the poles, the declination can be so bad that the compass can be off by 180 degrees. That ain't good. Thank God for GPS. These are the useless things which occupy my pea brain. Probably not that interesting to anyone else so if this leaves you bored, just skip the boring parts.

    Hope y'all have a wonderful day!

    Love, Mikie
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids No news here. I've done my usual chores. Will water this afternoon if all
    goes well. Saw some bits and pieces of movies on Turner Classic Movies. Fred Astaire
    was in all three. Two of them had lousy scripts. The third was The Ziegfeld Follies with
    about half of MGM's stars in the show. It was the third Ziegfeld movie MGM made.

    Saw part of the 1936 version yesterday. William Frawley (Fred Mertz) was in it. He was
    also the bartender in some show I saw part of a day or two ago.)

    You're right, Julie. Men generally aren't too good in the flower department. My mother
    used to drive me crazy when I was a kid. Wanted me to weed. I couldn't tell the flowers
    from the weeds. I kept telling her that, but she'd just say,"Oh, of course you can." If it
    isn't one thing, it's your mother!

    Mikie, it was "Lost Horizon". James Hilton's other famous novel was "Goodbye, Mr Chips".
    I thought the first one was boring, but loved the second. I shoulda been a college teacher.
    A life of peace and quiet with the invigorating presence of young people.

    All that magnetic stuff is very confusiatin', Mikie. I remember I first heard about the Earth
    reversing its magnetic poles a couple decades ago. I was stunned. And how in the world
    did they figure this out anyway?

    Well, I have to take a break. It's tiring to type; I make so many errors. Hugs to all.

  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Julie, good for you. You are a champion sleeper!

    Sorry to be so confusiating. Best way I can think about declination is that there is an axis about which the earth rotates. Even though the Earth is tilted on this axis, where it comes out at the top is true North. Magnetic North isn't the same. It's the magnetic pole. I guess if the poles were to switch magnetism, one's compass would point to South but I'm not sure about this. I've always been fascinated about magnetism and electromagnetics but am not well versed in them. So, this brings up the question of where Santa lives--at the True North Pole or the Magnetic North Pole? I have no gift for science; maybe I should ask Santa for such a gift. Perhaps had I been present in my classes in school.

    I'm too tired to think about it any more. I cleaned out the outside litterbox and installed the new one. That, alone, just about did me in. Barb informed me I just need to "push through it." Oh, ye of so little understanding of what we go through and so little ability not to judge others. I haven't been going out on the Balcony lately. First, it's too hot and humid and I feel like crap warmed over. Second, who needs that when feeling lousy.

    OK, I've whined enough. Hope y'all are well.

    Love, Mikie
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Mikie, put a sock in it.

    Just continuing your Santa theme. I made a little pun some years ago. Even though
    I announced it was a pun and not an insult, I think it annoyed one of our porchers.
    Anyhoo, nice exposition. Take a bow. And here's an old kid's joke from decades ago.
    What does Santa use to take a picture? Why, his Pole-aroid camera, of course.

    Einstein was trying to find some sort of formula that would explain how gravity and
    magnetism and light interact. I read a few years ago he couldn't do it, because science
    had not progressed to that point. Which sort of implied that maybe it could be done now,
    but I haven't seen anything more on that issue. Personally I'd rather be a song and
    dance man in the movies than a great scientist.

    Sorry you feel washed out, Julie. HaHa. I guess the expression, "feel like I've been put through
    the wringer" is now outta date. Young people probably don't know what a wringer or
    a washboard is. We had a washboard hanging in the back porch for decades. Every few
    years mom used it for some reason.

    Oh, yeah. The expression about "one thing or mother" I first heard on the porch from one
    of our many wonderful porchers who hasn't been around for some years. Mighta been a
    gal who used the name "Cromwell". Not sure. I remember a lot of people but in a
    mixed up way. One gal came back briefly. I thought she was the one who lived someplace
    cold (MN or AK) in a trailer and owned a horse. I was wrong on all counts.

    Never heard of a transparent apple tree. Or did you mean "transplanted"?

    Just woke up from my nap. Gonna feed Zipper and water.

  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Sorry I haven't posted much. Very under the weather with my neck and back, miserable and want to either cry or scream.

    I did want to post about the wringer washing machine. My mom always had one, even bought a new one around l960. That's what I had to wash my clothes on in HS. Some friends had come over one day and were amazed at this contraption, wanting to know how it worked and of course the two tubs of water for rinsing. My mom always swore clothes just didn't get clean in an automatic washer. And it was a huge job when wash day came.