Time turn on Porchlight # 650 !!!

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    If it isn't one thing, it's your mother!

    Love it, Rock! Hope you are up to doing the watering...

    I have been working outside this afternoon. Started mowing, then came to the apple trees, so decided to go ahead and clean up under them. I usually rake all rotten ones that have fallen early, then mow very short directly under the tree. That way when new apples fall, we can get them picked up right away, and not have to sort through the yucky ones. Lindsey and Lorraine already picked the apples that they could reach from the bed of David's pickup, but there are still lots of good ones up there.

    That tree is a Red Delicious that we planted over 30 years ago. Then I moved to a Yellow Transparent tree that we brought from my grandpa's house about 29 years ago...my grandparents sold their house and moved to be closer to my parents, so we brought some of their walnut trees, grape vines and this apple tree to our farm.

    Just taking a break to get a drink and hang up a load of clothes, then back on the mower. I feel so "washed out" today...the littlest exertion seems like "hard labor". But the weather is not going to stay nice for much longer, so I am trying to get some outside things done.

    Sorry I can't stay to visit...feel guilty just popping in, lol! Hope Granni is having a good time!

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    Julie, good for you. You are a champion sleeper!

    Sorry to be so confusiating. Best way I can think about declination is that there is an axis about which the earth rotates. Even though the Earth is tilted on this axis, where it comes out at the top is true North. Magnetic North isn't the same. It's the magnetic pole. I guess if the poles were to switch magnetism, one's compass would point to South but I'm not sure about this. I've always been fascinated about magnetism and electromagnetics but am not well versed in them. So, this brings up the question of where Santa lives--at the True North Pole or the Magnetic North Pole? I have no gift for science; maybe I should ask Santa for such a gift. Perhaps had I been present in my classes in school.

    I'm too tired to think about it any more. I cleaned out the outside litterbox and installed the new one. That, alone, just about did me in. Barb informed me I just need to "push through it." Oh, ye of so little understanding of what we go through and so little ability not to judge others. I haven't been going out on the Balcony lately. First, it's too hot and humid and I feel like crap warmed over. Second, who needs that when feeling lousy.

    OK, I've whined enough. Hope y'all are well.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie, put a sock in it.

    Just continuing your Santa theme. I made a little pun some years ago. Even though
    I announced it was a pun and not an insult, I think it annoyed one of our porchers.
    Anyhoo, nice exposition. Take a bow. And here's an old kid's joke from decades ago.
    What does Santa use to take a picture? Why, his Pole-aroid camera, of course.

    Einstein was trying to find some sort of formula that would explain how gravity and
    magnetism and light interact. I read a few years ago he couldn't do it, because science
    had not progressed to that point. Which sort of implied that maybe it could be done now,
    but I haven't seen anything more on that issue. Personally I'd rather be a song and
    dance man in the movies than a great scientist.

    Sorry you feel washed out, Julie. HaHa. I guess the expression, "feel like I've been put through
    the wringer" is now outta date. Young people probably don't know what a wringer or
    a washboard is. We had a washboard hanging in the back porch for decades. Every few
    years mom used it for some reason.

    Oh, yeah. The expression about "one thing or mother" I first heard on the porch from one
    of our many wonderful porchers who hasn't been around for some years. Mighta been a
    gal who used the name "Cromwell". Not sure. I remember a lot of people but in a
    mixed up way. One gal came back briefly. I thought she was the one who lived someplace
    cold (MN or AK) in a trailer and owned a horse. I was wrong on all counts.

    Never heard of a transparent apple tree. Or did you mean "transplanted"?

    Just woke up from my nap. Gonna feed Zipper and water.

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    Sorry I haven't posted much. Very under the weather with my neck and back, miserable and want to either cry or scream.

    I did want to post about the wringer washing machine. My mom always had one, even bought a new one around l960. That's what I had to wash my clothes on in HS. Some friends had come over one day and were amazed at this contraption, wanting to know how it worked and of course the two tubs of water for rinsing. My mom always swore clothes just didn't get clean in an automatic washer. And it was a huge job when wash day came.
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    Some heartwarming news...have been keeping up on facebook with our niece who just drove from Kansas to New York. Her hubby is getting home from Afghanistan; has been gone almost a year. I assume he will get some leave time and they will drive back to Kansas, where their two little girls are anxiously awaiting their daddy :)

    They had just brought their dream home in Kansas a couple years ago, when he got transferred to New York...so they sort of live apart, until he retires in a few years. Somehow they make it work...

    Mikie, it is so hard when friends don't understand. There is just no "pushing through"...well, maybe a little bit, on some days...but as a general rule, that only makes things worse. Speaking as an authority in the "not very smart" book of life. ;)

    Rock, you are such a sweet guy...hard to see how anyone could be offended by your puns, jokes or comments. But, some days, when I feel like crap, I can get pretty grouchy and my family thinks I over-react or take things the wrong way. Maybe the person who got offended was having a very "off" day?

    Sun, I was wondering about you...I haven't taken time to "visit" like I should...sorry about your neck and back. My headaches seem to have let up...I think they were symptoms of the flu bug, before I actually got sick.

    I did get a couple mums planted this afternoon...hope to plant some flower bulbs tomorrow. I have a flower bed in front of my parents' mobile home; sort of a memorial to them. Planted Virginia Creeper and Silver Mound like they had before, and some annuals. Put the mums there and will plant tulips this year...they moved from (and I grew up in) Pella, Iowa...known for their annual tulip festival.

    They did get to enjoy the flowers the first spring after they moved here...and now it just makes me feel closer to them, to have flowers there again.

    When Den got home, we reversed roles and I was the one up on the roof. Den had to stand on the scaffolding below and shoot nails up through the sheeting into 2 X 4's. I had to make sure he didn't "miss." If I couldn't see a nail come through, that was a good thing ;)

    It's about 20' above ground...Red Mittens joined me for awhile. I think once we get this first "section" up and sealed/foamed, we will feel like we've really accomplished something. Even though we have to stop for the winter, I believe we will be ready to make better time in the spring. It helps to see how it is actually going to go together...doing it different than a "normal" construction job.

    Gotta get off here and get ready to crash...oh, how I wish sometimes that I had enough energy to go and go and go...will check in tomorrow.
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    Rock, Land sakes; I can't remember the name of the guy who invented the Polaroid camera. I can't imagine anyone's getting upset about one of your puns or jokes. I look forward to your posts every day. A day without your wit is an empty day. When Quantum Mechanics came into vogue, Einstein was upset. He was a Newtonian physicist and believed in absolutes, like the speed of light. The debate continues on whether anything can be faster than the speed of light. Quantum physics is very hard to wrap one's mind around. I keep trying because I think it is connected to spirituality. At least, it opens a very small peep hole into God's mind.

    Julie, thanks for the kind and supportive, understanding words. Yes, "pushing through" can put us in bed for a week. My symptoms may be gone since I got the injections but I'm still very vulnerable to extreme fatigue from anything else which comes along. I considered cleaning out the litter box pushing through. At least, it wasn't a waste of time :) My ex and I put a good sized addition on our house and we did most of the work. I feel for what you guys are going through. It is very satisfying. You guys can be proud of yourselves. Mums always make me think of high school. At our Homecoming Dance, our corsages were gold mums. Our colors were gold and purple. We were the Panthers.

    Sunflower Girl, praying for your neck pain to go away. I'm so sorry. When I was little, almost everyone used the old wringer type machines. I remember what an ordeal it was. My Mom was one of the first to get an electric washer and dryer. She worked and didn't have the time to devote the day to laundry. In the wintertime when it was really cold, Mom would put my undies and jammies into the dryer just long enough to warm them up for me. Hmmmm, down here in the jungle, perhaps I should put my undies in the fridge :)

    Fever was down a bit more today. Oh, could it be that it's going to drop to normal? From my keypad to God's ear. Kitties slept til 5:00 this morning. Only problem may come when the Daylight Time ends. It'll be 4:00. I saw Sylvester sleeping on the highest shelf of the kitty condo. I never thought he would be so daring. He has a lame front paw and it can be hard for him to maneuver. Vet said he has some webbed toes and claws missing on several of them. He often holds the paw up. On the other hand, I've seen him climb a tree. Yesterday, he snuggled up to me on the sofa. Progress!

    My love, hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Slept for a couple couple hours. Might be raining. When I gave Zipper his snack a few
    hours ago there was a very light rain. Checked the weather report on the computer. It
    said some rain tomorrow. Oh well.

    Thank you for your kind words, Julie. Sound like you and Den reversed positions just like
    the N. and S. Poles. I am afrerd of those nail guns. Had several claims over the years. One
    guy shot himself in the hand. All the rest got wounded in the thigh-knee area. Maybe the
    manufacturers should put out the equivalent of a steel toed boot. The armour padded
    work pants.

    I guess I'll have to, No, maybe I won't. I'm having trouble typing here. The bulb burned
    out in the desk lamp, and we haven't a curly cue replacement. Gordon bought one just
    last week. I was gonna say as he went out the door, get a couple extras. Then I thought,
    oh, no need to tell him that. Shows what I know.

    Well, anyhoo I replaced the bulb with an old fashioned incandescent bulb. Once the latest marvel
    of the ages, and now outta date. You know why cartoon figures have a light bulb overhead
    to symbolize a thought? I thought it was because they had a bright idea. James Burke said
    the bulb symbolized illumination. Same thing I guess.

    And do you know why light bulb output is measured in Watts? It's because Thomas Alva
    Edison's first message over the light bulb was, "Watson, quit foolin' around and get over here." Watson was always quick to accommodate and light footed it over to the boss poste haste.

    So, it's not raining, and I'd better go take care of our K9 friend.

  8. rockgor

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    Okee Dokee

    Fed Zipper and put him outside and had a bowl of singed cauliflower for myself. Gordon
    was cooking too many things at the same time and kinda forgot about the stuff in the
    steamer. I think I'll throw the rest away when he's not home.

    Mikie, we were posting at the same time. You know what they say about great minds. Probably true of small minds too Land O Goshen, that was a good one. What was his first name? Edwin? So you and your ex constructed an addition. An X addition looks like multiplication was involved. I'm glad to hear Sylvester feels up to snuggling. Zippy is not really a demonstrative dog.

    I wonder if Granni and DH are en route. I looked up the mileage from Waco to Hot Springs.
    Wrote it down somewhere too. Oh well. I do remember the estimated driving time was 6-7 hours.

    Sunflower, I liked your pun. You weren't cut out for making a dress. Remember when Lucy
    made a dress? Cut it out on the carpet. Cut the carpet too. I remember when the gals in
    High School took Home Eck. Short for Home Economics. They learned how to cook and sew. Every Spring they put on a Fashion Show. The whole town came. (The town came to everything at the school. Everyone was a relative or a neighbor.) I still remember one line of patter from the gal who was the announcer. "Sandy Daniels wears a cool sun dress suitable for patio wear. (We didn't have a patio in the entire village. Not even sure we knew what one was.) Notice the rick rack trim around the collar."

    Dar, glad you found your dresser. I guess I can throw away that milk carton now. The one
    that says :Have you seen this dresser? Missing for past year.

    Ever see the play/movie "The Dresser"? It was written by a guy who actually was a dresser
    for a British stage actor. The lead actor in the film was a favorite of mine, but for some
    reason I never can remember his name. He was in "Dr. Zhivago" too. Tom something.
    OH! Maybe I just thought of it. Tom Courtney. Can't check because I already have two
    windows open.

    Windy, did you have to travel with oxygen in case of an emergency or because you needed to
    use it everyday? My neighbor was hooked up to an oxygen tank for about 3 years. Had that
    pulmonary cardiac condition. Still kept right on smoking though. He assured us there
    was no danger of blowing up. Is your condition unchanged?

    SG, How is the bridal costume coming? Do you need a pattern? How old is your granddaughter? My younger brother and I won 3rd prize in a parade 60 some years ago. I was a bride (with lots of pillows) and he was the groom and about half my size. Our parades were like school events. The entire town was either in the parade or watching it.

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    Good Wednesday morning...lol, I had to stop and think what day it is. Den's birthday is on Friday and Keira's is Saturday...59 and 6. Yesterday, I told Lorraine that someone was going to have a birthday soon and she said, "Yea, my cousin Keira!" And I said someone else before that.

    She got a puzzled look and I told her that Gpa's Happy Birthday was two days before Keira. She yelled, "No, Gpa can't have a birthday...it's my cousin Keira's birthday!" Well, I guess, for a three year old, it might be hard to imagine two people having birthdays close together? Poor Gpa Den....no birthday this year ;)

    Mikie, how sweet of your mom to warm up your clothes for you. I've done that with towels for the girls, for after a bath or shower. The fridge comment made me think of a lady at church who always threatened to put her boob in the freezer when she got too hot. I didn't realize at first that she had had breast cancer and a mastectomy, and really COULD put her boob in the freezer!

    Glad things are continuing to improve with the kitties. Mama Kitty's two white kittens come running towards me, but are still too wild to pet. Red Mittens has adopted them (I guess when Mama had the other kitten) it's so funny to see them romping around with Red Mittens and her babies...they are already bigger than Red Mittens (she is tiny, tiny for an adult.)

    Rock, Den is having a guy from work come out and help tonight. It is time to do the spray foam insulation on the first section of roof and he needs someone a little more competent than I am. Once you start spraying that stuff, you can't quit...and he needs someone strong enough to follow along with the cannister of foam (it is bigger than a five-gallon bucket and very heavy) while he sprays.

    All I have to do is provide supper...I can handle that :)

    Den wants to get one more rafter up, but we don't have money for the foam, so will just have to tack it in place for the winter, then continue in the spring. Maybe by then, I can figure out how to get a picture on here, so anyone can get some sort of idea.

    Hello to everyone...I need to get outside, it promises to be another nice day. I feel rested because I slept over eight hours again (well, night before last was more like twelve, lol.) NyQuil does the trick for me, and I only take it because I still have the cold/flu symptoms that it takes care of....and it lets me rest. I believe most of the pain, etc. that I was experiencing was "pre-symptoms" of the crud that was to come. And, of course, I THOUGHT it was "just" a sinus infection and didn't take it easy like I should have.

    Here's to a wonderful day, or at least a "good enough" one!
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    Julie: all that work you do amazes me!!!! Yep, don't go lifting things like that. Down the road you will regret having to be "super woman" because that's how I ruined my back. Are you saying Red Mittens was up 20' also? CATS!!!!! But then I have seen cats up on house roofs. Pleeeeeze be careful doing all that you do.

    And happy BD to Keira and Den.

    Mikie: I'm sorry your friend doesn't "get it". I think that's the bane of all that we go thru. Not feeling validation from those around us. We think we're used to it, but then someone says something to hurt us. Just know that WE understand everything you're suffering.

    I finished the wedding dress. My granddaughter is 5 l/2 (that l/2 year is important) I bought her a little crown at a yard sale awhile back. I need to do some glueing repair on it and then attach a veil. She also said she wanted to carry a fan. Go figure. I bought this used dress at a thrift store awhile back. I wanted to remove all those bejeweled items for further use. Used a pattern to cut the top part, then took those gorgeous long sleeves and cut off the bottom part to use for her sleeves.

    I always made my kids costumes, but back in the 70s there wasn't any Disney stuff to buy. Usually started a few weeks ahead of Halloween to come up with innovative ideas. One year my son in 5th grade was the creature from the black lagoon. I think I had just watched that movie on TV. He won first prize on it. And it used to be allowed for the kids to wear the costumes to school and then have a parade. No more though.

    Thanks for the good wishes for my back and neck. I have pain all the time but lately it's really cranked up. Actually I think when I lifted a 5 gallon plant in a cart last week ........I knew I should have found someone to do it......that's what's done this # on me.

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  11. rockgor

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    Hi Julie

    I went to Youtube and watched some videos of guys spraying foam insulation.
    Looks like fun. Of course if I tried it you'd get results reminiscent of the 3
    Stooges. What are you fixing for supper? Something foamy like cocoa with
    marshmallows; a souffle or mousse?

    SG, your dress looks like a family heirloom! Well, I guess it will become one.
    I hope you will be able to post a pic of your granddaughter wearing it.

  12. lydia1

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    Took a 20 minute power nap, so better get back at it. Sun...I'm not all that amazing, lol! The amazing thing is that I haven't completely lost my sanity, after 35 years of trying to get this place looking like someone other than Ma and Pa Kettle live here. It's like this every fall...I try to catch up, get frustrated, wear myself out, etc., etc. I have a husband who can't stand to throw ANYTHING away...his dad is the same. Then we added my dad's stuff (who is also the same way) to the mix three years ago...still haven't sorted all those things.

    It's the old fear of "we can't throw that away, someone might need it SOMETIME." Yes, those three guys were/are very good at "repurposing" things, but we are running out of room! Then things get all topsy-turvy and the good stuff ends up being left outside because the "inside" is full of those things we might use (or use part of) someday.

    I have an advantage this year, because I had Den dig me a "burn pit" last spring, with a fence around it...so I am being ruthless and just tossing as I see fit. He knows better than to question anything he happens to see in there, and to just burn it, lol!

    I am running on pure adrenaline right now, except for taking a week off with that crud. Our weather could go to crap any day, so I am trying to make every hour of every day count. It looks like a "mad woman" is on the rampage, lol!

    Rock, I am going to make supper very easy on myself, since I am still going to be a mess from working outside. Just going to stir up some homemade pizza with turkey sausage and turkey pepperoni, and lots of cheese. Will get them made up ahead of time, then can pop them in the oven whenever the guys decide they want to eat. It gets dark earlier and earlier, so I imagine they will want to work first, then eat when they are done.

    See ya all later...
  13. Granniluvsu

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    Good evening my dear Porchies,

    Not much time and am pooped to say the least but wanted to check in with you all. Got home this late afternoon. DH was driving on and off all day.

    Mikie - could you check to see if by accident I pushed ignore to Spring Water's posts. I certainly didn't do such a thing knowingly. SW mentioned something about it not quite sure what she said something like she wasn't seeing my messages or something. Or do I have to check with someone else?

    Spring Water - I hope you can see my messages I would never try to ignore you but have been missing you when I can't seeyour messages sometimes. I know you have been busy and pooped yourself.

    Julie - I am exhausted listening to all you have been doing and trying to do. Glad you are feeling better from your crud though.

    Our friends and us had a great time in Hot Springs, AR but it was only a few days and the Govt. shutdown closed down the main bathhouse that had all the history and stuff all about it in movies and such (Visitors Center). There were a few other thins we didn't get to see but did get the idea and I had the mineral water pumped into our bathroom. I took a few hot baths in their very long tubs. It was nice but I am afraid it did not really help my condition though.
    Hope those feeling ill like Sun and Dar are doing better.

    Dar - Glad you found your dresser under all your stuff. I understand what you are saying, believe me. You work which is especially hard.

    Hugz to everyone ! Will try and get back tomorrow. Have so much to catch up on and didn't do my exercises or much of them and the Denneroll got left in the car and it was to far to go get it so didn't do that at all either.

    LOVE to AWL,
    Granni :)