Time's run out

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Tigger57, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. Tigger57

    Tigger57 New Member

    I had someone show up this morning to take pictures at my house and left a copy of the mortgage I have with them.

    I would love nothing more that to be able to just pay him and every other pain in the a$$.

    All I can see right now is me on the road with two dogs and two cats.

    I just wish they would give me some slack on this one. I also wish I could just start working on my new life. I know that it's going to be hard, but some of the pressure off must make some of it earlier better.
  2. jackrorabbit

    jackrorabbit New Member

    My wife and I just put our "dream built home" on the market, because of my fibro and waiting for the SSDI to come in. I started my first file 8 months ago, and just filed for the judge hearing. We could maybe make it with credit cards, but are opting to sell and downsize. Its sad, but sometimes you have to do the hard stuff to avoid the worst. Do you have family that will take you and your refugees in? At least until you can get the government to speed up. Just know that you aren't in it alone chronic illness is a real pain in the neck. And if nothing else tell them to kiss your foot three joints up, round back.
  3. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I'm sorry that you must go through this. I pray that you have something positive happen soon.

    I would love to be able to help you if I only could.

    Love and prayers being sent your way,

    Big hugs, too
  4. springlakeorphan

    springlakeorphan New Member

    CONTACT YOUR CONGRESSMAN'S OFFICE! Also, you may try your local television station. Best wishes! Mary
  5. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    I'm so very sorry that you are having house troubles. It can be very scary. Please know that I'm praying for you. I wish I could do more.
    Big hugs,
  6. suzette1954

    suzette1954 New Member

    You will be in my prayers!! I would have been in your position if not for the fact that I married a man who does not believe in debt and my house had been paid for many yrs ago. It is still hard. Both of my boys have to completly pay for college alone. They both work fulltime and are on the national deans list. We all drive used cars and use coupons and anything else I can think of to help.

    God bless you. You are in my prayers Suzette

  7. sturg1

    sturg1 New Member

    I will say a prayer for you and your furkids right now.
  8. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    I'm sorry your life has taken such a turn due to this miserable fibromyalgia and everything it entails.

    I waited three years for my pension to come through so I know a bit about the stress and desperation you must be feeling. I truly hit bottom but, as soon as my finances were resolved, my life began to improve in leaps and bounds.

    It's tough to think about building a new life for yourself while everything seems to be crumbling around you. For now, it may be best to focus on getting through one day at a time. Be gentle with yourself and trust you'll be okay.

    You won't end up on the streets (your brother won't let you fall that far). With regard to your present circumstances, 'this too shall pass'

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  9. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    All will work out for you. Things always seem to have a way of being better.

    I am so glad you have a positive attitude. I am rooting for you.

  10. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Bump for Tigger to read.
  11. bigmama2

    bigmama2 New Member

    i am thinking of you and rooting for you too!!! and your fur babies!


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