tingles and numbish feelings in the hands and feet

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  1. MsBrandywine

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    Does anyone get this.. it is really annoying..
    plus sometimes its like a muscle weakness.. then of course I think maybe I am having a stroke..
    Last week after getting blood work done.. I had to go to the store and as I stood in line.. its like it was in my hand by my thumb and index finger and middle fingers.. felt weird.. going up like in my arm in the muscle and too my neck was really tense.. the guy that took my blood also.. I think he maybe hit a nerve or something. cuz it kind of felt along the same lines in my arm.. felt really strange.. but the neck and upper shoulder areas are so tight.. too and up around under the skull.. so I know there is muscle tension..
    Im not sure if it has anything to do with it or not but.. The nurse did tell me after the results are back that my folate.. seemed high.. she said it was a greater than level.. which was 20.. so then that gives me anxiety thinking the worse.. lol Gosh.. I try to be so positive but sometimes it is hard..
    so then I looked up on high folate levels.. that isnt a good thing to do either. then we think the worst after reading that stuff.. but.. Im not sure if that greater then means I am low or what..
    I am basically a vegetarian.. I rarely eat meat.. don't take any multi vitamins only my D3 and my synthroid.. so anyone have any suggestions on either topic.. guess I had two in this one.. lol Sorry..
    Plus.. I think the fibro is flaring.. so that doesn't help either..
    Thanks in advance.....
    Healing Hugs to all..
  2. gb66

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    I get numbness and tingling, sometimes pain, in my hands and feet quite often. I was told that it is pheriphal neuropathy. I am a recently diagnosed diabetic, and that goes along with diabetes sometimes, but I have had these numb and tingly feeling for a long time. I think they can also be related to the FM and maybe to CFS as well. GB66

  3. MsBrandywine

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    I was wondering if it is from the Fibro.. My Mom has the fibro too and she has all kinds of symptoms and when if I mention it.. She laughs and says.. I have had all of it.. but in the meantime I know she is in pain.. and hurts..

    They tested my sugar.. after fasting and it was 83.. she said it was good...so I am Grateful for that..
    I wondered about trigger points too.. ?
    Thank You both for getting back with me on this.. I appreciate it.. and appreciate You..
    God Bless .. Sending healing hugs.
  4. mbofov

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    A b12 deficiency can cause numbness, tingling, etc. - peripheral neuropathy (google B12 deficiency peripheral neuropathy)

    Your folate may be high because you are a vegetarian and vegetables are high in folate. However, the fact that you're basically a vegetarian makes you a prime candidate for B12 deficiency - the chief sources of B12 are meat, fish and dairy. Thus vegetarians are notorious for being deficient in B12. My vegetarian sister had symptoms of numbness and tingling on various parts of her body which disappeared in about a week after she started taking a high dose of B12.

    Also, low B12 will cause weakness among many other symptoms.

    I know you're not taking folate, but just for your info, if someone has a B12 deficiency and starts taking folate, the folate can mask the B12 deficiency symptoms, which is unfortunate because damage from the B12 deficiency will continue.

    Definitely get your B12 checked! Or you can just start taking it on your own, it won't hurt. That's what my sister did. She has crap insurance and instead of paying out of pocket for a lot of tests, just started taking a high dose B12 (Now Foods Ultra B12).

  5. spacee

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    My Twin is a medical technologist (retire) who has b-12 deficiencies for about
    20 years. She keeps track of it on her CBC (Complete Blood Count) and
    when the MCV is low, she knows she need B-12.

    Recently, not even knowing that her B-12 was low, I mailed her a package
    and since I had an extra bottle of the Hydroxocobalamin Extreme, I sent it.
    It was a real help to her. She has tried other sublingual B-12 but for her
    the ProHealth's version worked the best.

    That said, I know we are all different and I don't try to push my "wares" off
    on anyone :)

    Also, the Germans treat diabetic and other kinds of tinging and numbness
    with 300mg of AlphaLipoicAcid. ALA as it is called. Some CFS researchers
    highly recommend this product. I have taken different kinds for years and
    really like it. But I do not think it is an immediate cure. Kinda of thing
    you take and expect results from continued use.

    So, my 2 cents. And I hope you do find something that really,really helps you.
    All the other advice was excellent, IMHO.


  6. MsBrandywine

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    I do go to see her Thursday morning.. so I am hoping to get to the bottem of it.. Too I am getting what two of the nurses are telling me..
    The only thing I take is my Synthroid.. and Yes I am basically a vegetarian.. I can't say full time tho.. lol.. because.. there are times , maybe once or twice a wk.. I just have to have some meat.. I am thinking my body is telling me.. I need it or something..
    Yesterday I did have a scrambled egg made in my microwave ( my stove wont be fixed till thursday morning) so thought I could at least get it in there..
    Now today I didn't have any meat.. but.. I will tomorrow.. and see if I feel better.. I thought maybe try a tuna fish sandwich and some veggies..

    I did read about the Vitamin B6 is needed when people don't eat meat..
    I know I just feel crappy.. I've lost 32 pounds since December so .. I am glad that I have lost.. but I want to feel good too.. not with no energy and then my hands feeling weird and my feet.. I did look it up and that is how I am feeling , actually.. So will see what she has to say thursday.. plus., as I mentioned about my thyroid.. I made a comment to the Nurses about why they aren't testing the T4 and the T3 and T3 reverse for that..

    I have been seriously thinking about changing Drs.. the one I see isn't really a Dr.. shes a GNP but I like her better then the Regular Dr there at that office..
    and she seems to know more then the Dr.. So I am not sure.. but thank You all so much for the replies.. it sure helps.. when in doubt and getting anxious..
    Healing hugs to you all for your pain and health issues..
  7. Spacey

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    I get this all the time, I think it's fibro. Thanks
  8. jc16551

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    Hi there,

    If you have numbness/tingling radiating bilaterally from your lower C-spine to your arms, and it's bilateral (on both sides) and is a sharp nerve pain you should most definitely go in and have an evaluation ASAP.

    If you're experiencing parasthesia (numbness and tingling) and a sense of cold in your hands and feet, that is normal with CFS. It is caused by impaired cardiac output and peripheral circulation.

    Dr. Dan