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    Every morning I wake up with tingling and numbness in my right arm. I have fibro and carpal tunnel and a degenerated disk in my neck. I have tried wearing my carpal tunnel splint and that didn't help. This morning the tingling went from my fingers up the arm all the way to my spine.

    So is it from the fibro, carpal tunnel, or disk problem?


    Love, Lillie
  2. lillieblake

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    I have not been checked and never felt the need. I know that we have ticks around us but if I was bit wouldn't I have known it?

    I did have a year where I could do nothing but lay on the couch but that started in January - not really tick season here. But it included several infections that antibiotics did not work for, and I NEVER get infections. Is there a latency to being bit?

    I will also ask my doctor about it, too.


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    I have it and never knew. Dr Brewer thinks I was infected as a child in NJ and it just lay dormant, probably till all the rest of the fun started. my mom, had she seen the traditional bull's eye rash would have had me to the dr pdq (only child, she was a bit protective) I did not find out until Brewer had me take the Western blot lyme test and it was positive (the test my primary did was not)

    have you pulled anything in that arm? I did something, sprain? pinched nerve? a couple months ago and have tingling in my left arm ever since.

    logical question: do you sleep on that arm?

    jerking & twitching, v weird but daily. the Neurontin & Soma helps I think....but it's still there.

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    and I don't have FM but I do have disc problems in my neck and my left arm often goes numb. If I hold it up, like when you link your hands behind your neck for instance, it goes completely numb and useless for a while. So, disc problems in the neck can absolutely cause a numb arm. Of course, just because it is the case with me, this does not mean it is necessarily the case with you.