Tingling in face, neck and shoulder

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  1. Line

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    I had two mri's done which showed arthritis in my neck and thorastic spine, narrowing and spurring. For about 4 weeks I am getting this tingling, seems to start at the base of my neck, left side spreads across my shoulder up the side of my neck into my face.

    My DR. says it is nerve compression and put me in therapy, even when they put a hot pack on my shoulder the tingling starts. I do not have it all the time it is comes and go but now feels like my neck muscles want to tighten up with the tingling.

    I have FM, MPS and TMJ. Anyone have this problem, I would appreciate feedback.My sil just told me she has the neck and facial tingling and the DR. told her it is coming from her carotid blockage, this has me worried because I do have minimal blockage both sides.

    I should add that my sinuses, rather allergies are bad, a lot of pnd and cheekbone presure.

    I did post about this issue under cervical nerve compression, only got one reply, but thought maybe the symtons would be a better way of getting answers.

    Thanks, Line

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  2. SherylD

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    I have a lot of tingling too...I have a terrible time with my neck..I too have athritis in my neck..TMJ and MPS...In fact I just had a MRI done last week and I go see the neurosurgeon next Tue...

    I don't have any answers for you...but I would think something is pinched...I hope to have more answers next week...Not to sure if I really want to here what he has to say...

    Good luck to you...

  3. mjwarchol

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    Hi Line:

    I get that too. Mostly after working on the computer or things like that. Mine is relieved a bit when I stretch my neck slowly, use moist heat, and or muscle relaxers. It does sound more like the nerve is compressed .

    With the carotid blockage, if you feel it might be, always check it out. Remember if you get slurred speach, vision problems, walking or talking difficulties, get to the ER.

    Hope you're better soon.

    M J
  4. roseylisa

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    I get tingling in both arms and hands along with aching. I have fibro and was told osteoarthritis but yet I have no swelling showing I have arthritis I was told this due to a high sedimentation rate.
  5. Line

    Line New Member

    I have this dd for 22 years and still get new symtoms, I had this tingling on and off before but never all three places at once.

    I am getting myofascal release, ultra sound. heat and massage. The release and the massage are light for now, the therapist said I am too sore for her to be doing too much, she will get more agressive later. She released two trigger points in the front of my and when she did the left side I got the tingling as soon as she pressed lightly on it.

    Now I am geting a burning feeling after the quick tingling stops. Whoever invented this dd should be shot.lol

    Thanks again for the replies, Linda
  6. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Novocaine wore off. Sometimes a bit numby too, then the tingling. I got that for months along wiht the vertigo and it all lifted recently. I still get that bit where the shoulder meets the neck like an area about as large as a page of an exercise book.

    Strangely, the compressed nerve pain went along with the facial numbness tingling and vertigo when I took CIPRO for the bladder(which gave me th e runs but that is clearing now) The runs were worth having to get rid of the vertigo and tingling. Mine was on the left(still is but just occasional) and I always was scared. My arteries are fine, it is the neck compression. But get an MRA(not MRI) or special ultrasound for the arteries.

    Love Anne C
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  7. findmind

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    Gosh yes, this is new for me, too! I call it my non-niacin flush LOL Feels just like I took 50 mg of niacin...from ears and lower face, down shoulders and into both arms. Wondered what it was. After 18 years, its new to me, too.

    I too have severe spine problems, but will not have any surgery, too scared. Spinal narrowing, bone spurs, DDD in neck, osteoarthr., etc. I read a lot of that on this board, right? Very interesting.

    My arteries are clear too, but I think the neck causes my dizziness and much of the sleepiness problem, like you, Cromwell (Anne?).

    I agree, if have symptoms like TIAs, we have to get checked quickly. I have that notice on my frig: my partner has to make me smile, raise both arms up straight, and say a complete sentence. If lopsided smile, one arm lower, or can't speak right, off to ER!

    The strangest things happen to us, right?

  8. kellyann

    kellyann New Member

    I get tingling and numbness quite a bit. I have lyme disease and it is due to that. Numbness in the face could be Bells Palsey, which is associated with lyme.
    Take Care!
  9. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    I experience similar problems with tingling...and have a hand massager w/heat that I use on my neck and shoulders. A heated rice sock around my neck also helps.

    I put a lot of this to my FM and TMJ. I'm a big believer in magnesium and malic acid. When I'm religious about taking it, a lot of the tingling goes away and pain is tolerable.

    Also, don't sleep on more than one pillow...lay as flat as possible at night.
  10. ephemera

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    I've had similar probelms for years along with localized hot spots in the face that rotate around the face. Ears, jaw & cheeks get hot & cold & this moves about sometimes for hours. Very odd for others to see this & fortunately some doctors have actually witnessed it too. It's similar to Harlequin's but I don't have the other symptoms.

    My recent & ongoing numbness in lips & jaw & chin were looked at last year as symptoms of high cholesterol, too. I feel like my face has been stabbed with dozens of novacaine needles.

    Recently I saw a dermatologist who listened to my list of symptoms & he thought I had Gulf War Syndrome. Thankfully, I haven't been in the military, but that's the direction he was going in. He also asked if I'd be tested for MS.

    Afterwards, one of my blood tests came up positive for Lyme, which apparently can cause facial numbness. Interestingly, no one had guessed that.

    My rheumie, on the other hand, doesn't think trembling & tremors are related to FM/CFS. But they're there nearly every day. Go figure...
  11. Line

    Line New Member

    My therapist told me yesterday that I have thorastic outlet syndroome, oh gee, what great news.Just what I need to go along with the arthrits, bulging disc's, fm, mps and costo.This is what is causing the tingling.