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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by weakntired, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. weakntired

    weakntired New Member

    I just read a lot of your post in regards to having Tingling.

    I wanted to share my recent experiance-mostly because it is new to my illness.

    Last Friday afternoon i statred having tingling in differant parts of my body. I have never had this happen before.

    It is in my arms,Shoulder/trap region, legs ,feet, and occasionally the abdomen.
    I did go to the Dr.-she thought it is coming from some impingment in my Spine ( i have a bad neck)-to which i also suspected being that i am also a Chiropractic patient and had seen him the same day the symptoms started.

    I went through the whole weekend being tortured by this-it is very uncomfortable. On Tuesday i decided to go back to the Chiro. and see if adjusting would "release" the problem.

    It did not.

    One of the other thingss i have been doing is using a device called a "Posture Pump" some of you may know this from your own visits with the Chiropractor. This device cost me $150...(it's going back!)
    At first i was pleased with the way it was helping me to sleep better at night (this is when i used it). Then is started feeling much more thick in that area-like maybe it was building muscle up.

    Not the goal.

    I think my new symptoms may be caused by the Posture Pump.

    Of course the Chiropractor is neutral in opinion-saying "anything is possible" and suggested i lay off using the device.

    Well-no duh!!!

    Today is Thursday-almost a week now that i have been feeling this way.
    Neither the Dr. nor the Chiropractor did anything to really help.

    I am just babying myself with the thought that i have an aggravated nerve and am trying hard to give my body a rest.
    Taking 800mg Ibuprofen and some Zanax at night to help cool it down (helps some-not all).
    Hopefully time and patience will send this stuff running but for now it's very irritating.

    After reviewing some of my FM books- i am heading out to buy some B vitamins.

    Thanks for listening!

  2. amberbee

    amberbee New Member

    amberbee here!! I live in Northern Ireland and I too have a tingling sensation, but it is in my legs and feet. I have been told that it is neuropathy ( nerve damage ) due to my brittle diabetes. I take amytriptiline which is supposed to help with the problem. maybe it could be this, i dunno......every little helps. hope you find something to ease the problem. XX
  3. weakntired

    weakntired New Member

    Hi Amberlee;

    I am pre-diabetic.

    Im very familiar with Diabetic issues-my husband is insulin dependant.

    Thanks for the info.

    Im almost positive it is a irritated nerve.


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