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    I have not been diagnoised yet. My New Rheumatologist is talking about Fibra or an Autoimmune problem. I have alot of tingling in my face it occurs every day. It feels the same as the tingling that takes place in my limbs. I have also started to have some blurred vision. Has anyone else had these problems?
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    Welcome! I have not had the blurred vision (although my close vision has gotten blurry, but I'm in my 40s & know that's just due to the standard presbyopia that comes with age---haven't broken down & tried bifocals yet!) but I know the tingling well! I have it every day in my feet & sometimes hands, and yes, my face, too, though not as often there; the facial sensations seem to come in waves; I'll have it for a week or so, then it will disappear. But my feet never stop tingling; some days are worse than others, especially if I have walked or stood a lot that day. In fact, the tingling in my extremities was my first symptom of fibro, before I ever had any other symptoms---shortly thereafter, I started getting twitching muscles, and the pain & fatigue didn't come til later, and in fact, has never been as bad for me as for many others with fibro. But there is a large subset of us that struggles with these mainly neurological symptoms (tingling, numbness, twitchy muscles, vague feeling of "vibration" in our bodies, etc). I started having every neurological test in the book (like several MRIs, spinal tap, EMGs, etc) but in the end, nothing else was found but fibro. And I have since learned these feelings are pretty common. So, I'm sorry you are experiencing this, but you are in good company. This is a wonderful site to learn how to cope with these & other fibro symptoms----I've gotten much better at taking it all in stride.

    Glad you are here & I know myself & others can relate to what you are experiencing.

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    I myself am 43, and last year the Eye Dr advised me that I will need bifocals this year. My insurance changed so I am playing the finding a new Dr game. My Dr was fantastic and I hate to lose him, he found this spot in my eye that is being wtched now I have to start again. But I am not talking about 40's need reading glasses problem. I am talking about vision out of focus for a period of time. It started suddenly at church Sunday and I ahve had episodes daily since then. There also appears to be a little haziness. Very bad business I work on a Computer all day.
    I Have had swelling my fingers, wrists have changed shapr and I to get the weird vibrations in my body. I have not had much testing done. Just found a good Rheumatologist.
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    Me too. I get it often - hands, face, especially feet. My neuro ordered brain MRI to make sure MS in not the case, though he does not think I have it, but just to make sure (I am going for the results on friday). As well as vibration in my arms and legs. It is not visible but I feel it inside and it drives me nuts. If it is possible, get brain MRI to eliminate many other possibiities if haven't done that yet.
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    Hi Dianes:

    I've experienced tingling in my hands and occasionally my feet, How much of a workup has your Rheumy done? The blurred vision for me is also just part of being 40, Make sure your doctor does a thourough evaluation to rule out other disorders. Do you have any tender points on your body. There is a description of these points you can access from the home page and other websires as well. There are a total of 18 in all from neck to ankles, the criteria for FM is that you have to have 11 of these sites however, because the pain "floats" around you may not have them all on the day you visit your doctor. Keep track of your symptoms from most frequent and severe on a daily basis for your next appt. Let us know how you are doing! LOL

    Suzanne "Suz"
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    Hey everyone,
    I have just had one visit to this Rheumy I had to change becasue I hated the other one I went to. I had initial screenings done. They wer not conclusive, I only had a couple of the pressure points tender. I am going back to the Rheumy on the 16th meanwhile he gave me Flexerial so I could get some sleep, it has only worked half the time. HE told me to be very aware of my body and to note any changes. My arms are pretty bad, swollen and mis shappen. I have a hard lump inside my elbow and On one of my fingers, the back of my neck is swollen and I have been to an Ear, nose and throat and he told me my voice box was swollen although he did not know the cause. I am suppose to start swimming 3-4 times a week for 10 or 15 minutes. I cannot ride my bike and I was suppose to go on a float trip with my church but the doctor said no too hard on my body.

    I am going to NY in a couple of weeks to give a presentation and do some training..and I don't feel like it at all.