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    I have seen many people complaining of tinnitus/ringing in the ears here, so thought I'd pass this on...

    The doctor who developed this technique is now the Director of Atlanta's Emory University Medical Center's new 'Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Center'. I believe it is available elsewhere as well. At the technique's home website (at end of article) I think there is a section to find out where practitioners are.

    from Emory Medical Center site:


    And up until now there wasn't much anyone could do about it. In fact, tinnitus causes significant suffering, including depression and severe sleep deprivation, for up to 5% of the general population (12 million people), says Pawel Jastreboff, director of Emory's new Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Center. Usually, there's no explanation for the incessant noise.

    Thanks to Jastreboff, the world authority in the field, a treatment known as tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT) provides relief for about 80% of patients. TRT retrains their brains so that they react to tinnitus the same way they block out other noises, such as the sound of a kitchen refrigerator.

    During TRT, many patients use two inconspicuous, small sound generators either in or behind the ear. The devices do not compete with hearing, and patients can talk or use the phone without any interference. The result is not a cure, but relief for tinnitus in the majority of cases. Retraining takes about a year and a half; relapse is rare.

    Jastreboff (also) uses modified TRT to treat hyperacusis, a hypersensitivity or even painful response to sound that accompanies tinnitus 40% of the time. In severe cases, hyperacusis can prevent people from caring for their children or even holding jobs. For more information, call the Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Center at 404-778-3109 or visit www.tinnitus-pjj.com.


    Hope this is of use to some here!

    all the best,

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    Thank you for the good info. My Husband has tinnitus and must use the sound of white noise (a fan, etc..) at night to fall asleep. His was induced by a medication he took for his restless leg syndrome, and the tinnitus became a permanent problem. Thanks again. Susi-di
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    my ears where damaged 3 years ago and if you google hyperacusis network you find a $15.00 cd that you pop in and listen to 2 hours a day it is just static of pink noises it has seem to help i have been using it for about 4 months they say it can take as long as 18 months to see results.hyperacusis is hearing too loud but this is also for tinnitus. i looked into the ones behind the ears they were too exspensive. hope this help someone. charlene
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    I don't know if you have read on the the Marshall Protocol board where Dr. Marshall's tinnitus cleared up after being on the protocol for a period.

    If the Marshall Protocol clears my tinniitus up in the later stages I will be saying...Thank you Trevor..you da man!

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    I hadn't read that Jay, but not surprised at all.

    I'd originally stumbled across this info and was interested in it as we have a family friend who doesn't have the problems we all do, but does suffer from tinnitus which appears to be hereditary.

    Now whether or not he has "something else" that's passed on and may only look hereditary, no way to know... if he does, he's one of the lucky ones who is pretty much asymptomatic overall.

    And, well, considering he survived childhood during WWII having been born in Sicily, he probably does have a pretty good genetic background?! As he's 67, still working and very active.

    CHARLENE - Thanks for that info, I've passed it on to our friend as well.

    All the best,

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