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    Hi to all,

    I'm new to the site and relatively new to FM. I was diagnosed just this past April officially and have only been
    dealing with this crap since last June. I've also been very fortunate, I feel, in locating a MD that was able to
    figure out what was happening to me and he was only the second MD I went to. The first was a nightmare. When I felt like I had come down with the worse flu I had every had and started having these screaming
    migrane headaches when I had never had a migrane before in my life all she had to say was " oh well, all your
    test have come back within normal ranges and I think you may just need to go out and have some fun." In other words it's all in your head. Boy was I angry. So the next day I made an appointment with my current
    MD and he's great. Thank goodness! Anyway, most of my pain is in my upper back and neck area. I also
    have headaches alot along with periods of extreme fatigue. You know your so tired you can hardly find the
    floor and when you do find it you can't remember why you were looking for it. I'll kind of go through some
    tolerable days and then wham! I'm in misery again. Sorry to have rambled but I did want to ask if anyone
    else suffers with tinnitus (ringing in the ears)? On my tolerable days it's not so bad but when I'm going through
    a flare it's so loud it's horrible. I've also discovered something else I would like to ask you all. Does anyone else
    have a hard time dealing with noise. What I mean is is that I can't stand to listen to the TV or even listen to
    the radio anymore especially when my husband and I are having a conversation at the same time. I just can't
    comprehend what he's trying to say and the TV or radio comes across as just a annoying racket in the back
    ground. It can get very nerve racking at times. Like when you go somewhere there are crowds of people all
    talking at one time like in a busy store or shopping mall it's awful. I can't think! Oh well, if anyone has any suggestions or similar problems let me know.

    Thanks so much for all of you and this site,

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    Welcome to the board,

    I understand completely what you mean about noise being distraction and not being able to think in crowds. I have tinninitus too and it drives me crazy. I can't even drive with the radio on in the car very loud any more because I feel like I can't see to drive. haha I know that sounds crazy but, it's just another quirk of this dd. Sorry I don't have any solution for you but, hopefully someone will.

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    If you've been taking lots of aspirin for pain, that can cause tinnitis. When they thought I had RA, I went on high dose aspirin, and it about drove me nuts. Check out any other drugs you are taking for this possible side effect too!