tiny bit of blood in urine test, now have to do a 24hr urine

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    collection! My ferritin levels are low, and the doc thinks maybe this could be why. Have to have some more blood tests too, something to do with the liver, I think. So, I get to pee all day Sunday and collect it in a big bottle and bring it to the hospital Monday morning! Any one have this? I have to pee ALOT at night time, 2-4 times/night. Not too big of a problem during the day. No pain or burning when I go. Wonder what could be going on now?
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    I had to do the 24 hour urine collection and I asked for 2 bottles from the lab. I also drank a gallon of water and used that bottle too because I produce a lot of urine because I drink so very much.

    I'm a constant drinker and I have to get up about 4 times a night to pee too. I'm lucky I have a small refrigerator up here to store the urine in. They told me to keep it refrigerated.

    I had to pour some into the gallon container. I peed so much I had to use two of those huge Solo cups. My hand actually got sore from rubbing on the toilet seat. I can't pee standing up. This was a nightmare for me.

    I had this done because I have had diabetes for 29 years. I am only spilling a tiny bit of albumin. I think the endo wants to put me on an Ace Inhibitor when I see him in January. :( Just what I need more pills. :(

    Hope you will be okay.

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    anymore input?