tiny blisters in between fingers..

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  1. monicaz49

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    I was recently talking with another CFSer who mentioned they got occasional tiny blisters on the insides of their fingers .
    I remember getting these years before my CFS became severe and not knowing what they were.
    I assumed they were bug bites of some sort since they itched.
    There were only a couple at a time but they were really like very tiny blisters that i could easy pop.

    Curious if anyone else remembers experiencing these?
  2. Susan07

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    I had this often as a child due to outdoor allergies. Every spring I'd miss school for several days - I'd be covered with them and the worst were between the fingers. I would also wake up with my eyes swollen shut...

    I still get them if I touch a flower arrangement or brush up against something "weedy" in the yard.
  3. hi all,

    i am reminded that i used to get tiny blisters in between my fingers,many years ago,when id been gardening for my mum.

    and just three weeks ago,id been playing with my dog on our own lawn.

    id bent down to pick up his ball,ready to throw it to him (it was on the grass).and after a hour of play,i went indoors.

    my hand was itching all the rest of that week.

    i looked at the hand,and i had a blister type thing on my finger knuckle.

    it was very itchy,and it was the hand that had picked the dogs ball up.

    the finger knuckle had come into contact with the actual grass.

    so i figure its grass allergy.or a garden bug bit me.

    im on allergy tablets,and wasnt made to feel ill,like i used to do, while coming into contact with things that my body is allergic too.

    so its some sort of allergy related.

    love fran
  4. poets

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    But not as bad as I used to. With me, it seemed they cropped up when I had been riding my bike. I always attributed it to the plastic on the handlebars. I got them on the palms of my hands too. They were just under the skin, and if they popped, that's when they itched the most. Nasty little things!


    BILLCAMO New Member

    be a lot of things including an allergic reaction to the sun.

    Blessings ,

  6. msbsgblue

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    It can be to many things, then I couldn't wear white gold, now I can and also mine was caused by dish detergent too. So you may have to wear gloves as I did.

    Now I have "outgrown them" and neither bother me.