Tiny pin prick red dots

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    I am new here. I was recently diagnosed with CFIDS. I somehow managed to delete my last posting..thanks to those that responded. I find some comfort in the fact that others are experiencing some of the same things I am... it makes me feel not so alone. About a month ago I found that I had these really tiny red pin prick dots all over my torso, legs, and arms. I know we get spots as we age but these came on all at once. They are really tiny,hard to even notice, and the Dr. says he doesn't know what they are and not to worry. I was just wondering if anyone else has this. Thanks.
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    Welcome to the Fibro place! I feel the same way, it brings me a bit of comfort if people are experiencing the same things I am. And best of all THEY BELIEVE ME! Right? ;-)

    It's funny you posted this today as I was just examining them this morning (for the 100th time) wondering what they were. I have them all over as you do.

    I always wondered if they were tiny blood vessel bursts?

    I'll try to remember to ask my doctor on Thursday evening. I hope someone else can give us some input...I am so curious! (I've had them for years).

    Thanks for bringing it up!
    Take care

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    Little red dots sounds like petechie which can be caused by thrombocytopenia (low blood platelets). Thrombocytopenia can be idiopathic (meaning the idiot doctors don't know what caused it) or it can be caused by medications, both natural and prescription. A CBC blood test with platelets can be run. Platelets are normally between 150,000 and 450,000. Under 150,000 you might have problems. Chronic idiopathic thrombocytopenia (ITP) is also an autoimmune disorder. Platelets are being destroyed by either your spleen or your liver. I get the little red dots when my platelets drop to around 50,000. Platelets are the stuff in your blood that helps it to clot. I have ITP and FMS and hope this is not your case - but you might want to have your doctor check.
    Lots of luck.
  4. Achy-shaky

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    I have these too but never thought much about it until they starting multiplying and were more around areas that were also getting bruised for no apparent reason. I did some research on it and found the following:

    "The smallest bruises, known as a petechias, are round, red spots the size of pinpoints. The next largest bruise (half an inch or less) is known as purpura. Larger bruises are called eccymoses. A large accumulation of blood within tissue is known as a hematoma.

    Sometimes blood vessels become weakened and will break with little or no outside force. Frequent or severe bruising can occur when the vessels become too fragile.

    Older people are more susceptible to bruising because their skin offers less protection and their vessels are more fragile. Presumably due to hormonal differences, women tend to bruise more easily than men, especially on the thighs, buttocks and upper arms.

    More severe or frequent bruising can also occur when something interferes with blood clotting, which is controlled by small cells in the bloodstream, called platelets, and by a host of chemicals.

    When a blood vessel leaks, the platelets interact with certain proteins in the blood, called blood-clotting factors. They become sticky and clump together, clogging the break."

    So no wonder we get them a lot...another thing from out sticky blood!

    Also my doc says these can be caused by anti-inflammatories. Mine stopped multiplying when I stopped the Naproxen which was also doing a number on my stomach and wasn't really helping pain that much anyway.

    If you are not taking meds that could cause it and they continue to increase, I'd ask doctor.

    Hope this solves the mystery.
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    This is what I suspect my aunt had, she was diagnosed instead though with Osler-Weber-Rendu syndrome (rare blood disorder with some of the same traits I'm told), but she showed no symptoms until the age of 50 almost two years ago, and was a long-time user of the drug phenobarbital for seizures since childhood (one that I've heard can contribute to thrombocytopenia?).

    I'll chime in a third time...I would see a Dr. on this one also, a hematologist if possible. Just to get it checked.

    Take Care
  6. little

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    I saw a derm. last year and she said that they were no big deal. She didn't say what they were. Gail
  7. lease79

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    petachie (sp?) too & my doctor seemed to think that it was no big deal.
    They really scared me though, as they came up everywhere literally overnight.
    I was surprised to learn that they can be caused by panic attacks (hyperventilating) & this could deffinately be the reason I came up with them suddenly, as I was suffering terribly from panic attacks not long ago ;)

  8. JQP

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    Mine started when I was pregnant - Richard is now 25 - and have scared a few doctors with them over the years and they thought they might have been sign of menengitis! But no one has ever looked hard at them, or given me an explanation.

    As I have got older, some have grown by presumably joining together, some have gone large and purple (mainly on my stomach area), some are fleshy but flat. I also have a lot of skin tags - anyone else - which were never there before.

    They look hideous now, especially as I am double the size I was when I was first ill, and I never go around without my arm covered because of it.

    Funnily enough, when I was in the ER last year the (young)doctor remarked on them, looked closely at them and then declared, 'never seen anything like it before'. Isn't it nice to be unique??

    Hope yours fade, and don't gather speed too much.
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    I also get them all over me when my blood pressure goes up and spikes.

    to Lynda - I think the word you're looking for telangactasias, which are often part of Rosacea, or can be caused by alcoholism, or by the more serious pheochromocytoma (a type of adrenal tumor). I have Rosacea, and I have a couple of telies on my face. They are like little red squiggles, and I always wonder if people think I am an alcoholic, even though I don't drink!

  10. sunnilar

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    I have been told that it was caused from the swelling. It made sense to me because I mostly have them in the swelled up places. I was told this by a doctor (Rheumy) that say's you don't swell with FM so go figure.
  11. kredca4

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    a year ago, and nobody knew, so I had to do some research on it. I was very afarid of what it might be, as I saw some very large ones on my Mother's Trunk, and leg's, same place's that I have them. Only mine are smaller, but I think that might have to do with the fact that she weighed a lot, and I don't. She was in the Hospital at the time, she Passed away, a year ago, dosen't seem that long ago.
    I thought maybe it had something to do with her being so sick, it wasn't. She had a Bacterial Infection that couldn't be Treated and Defeated.

    I asked my favorite Nurse, and showed her one of mine, she said to look up Petechiae, and I did, Sure enough that's what it is, at least for me.

    Petechiae; "Pinpoint discrete deposit of blood less than 1 to 2 mm in the extravascular tissues and visible through the skin or mucous Membrane"., that's from a Nurse's Text Book, It's a 1992 edition, that I found at a Yard Sale, very interesting and I have found a lot of ways to treat things too.

    You might use the Google search engine and type in Petechiae and also check out Thrombocytopenia.

    This is caused by Inflamation, among other thing's, but the Inflammation is what I'm really wondering about. I wrote a post a week ago asking if other's had any Inflammation Illness, or problem's.

    It's not anything to worry about, really, I was afarid at first, but after a year and nothing major has happened with the Petechiae, I quit worrying. I do look for any new ones.


    Wow, I didn't hit delete that time, I have lost 2 post's lately, I wish they would change them around, so that edit is the closest, because, I usually try to corret my spelling, or add a word that I skipped. But now I just let it ride, most of the time. lol[This Message was Edited on 07/09/2003]
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    I appreciate all of your info. I wasn't too worried..just the fact that they appeared all at once. I am going to go see a dermotologist to get my skin checked out and I will ask him/her about it. THANKS again!
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    Hi Everybody,
    I also have these lovely red dots mostly on legs and tummy and some on arms. My Mom has them and my Grandfather had them. If they are like mine they are called cherry angiomas. They are harmless but they still bug me cause of course with age some have gotten larger. Hope this helps some, just my theory. Have a great night.
    Soft Hugs,
    Sandy (Cass)
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    when she was diagnosed with AML (Acute Leukemia). It's one of the first things the Oncologist asked about. I can't imagine a doctor not knowing what the tiny red dots are. I am sure they can be caused by and mean a lot of different things. But, if I all of sudden had them all over I would definitely go to a Hematologist.

  15. TaniaF

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    I have them on my trunk and for many years. Went to a hemotologist (because I have neutropenia) and dermatologist. Neither doctor was concerned--just me. They did run a PT and PTT blood test that determines clotting time. I wonder if fibro people get them more often than others? I somewhat forgot about them until this post. It's good to compare observations!
  16. ohmyaching

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    Purpura and petechia are signs of estrogen dominence. Estrogen opposes vitamin E. Petechia and purpura are signs of a vitamin E deficieny brought about by estrogen dominanace.
    Here's what I wrote in another post.

    When I look back at some of the symptoms I had
    during my periods I do see evidence of estrogen
    excess. I had what I thought were small black and
    blue marks which always developed at a certain time
    of my cycle. I now believe them to be purpura
    because they were purplish in color. Their
    appearance was so regular, coming at that time of
    the month when my estrogen levels would have been
    at their highest. In Rhodale Press’s "The Complete
    Book of Vitamins" page 721 it says;
    Some physicians believe that because of the
    increasing use of estrogens, both for birthcontrol
    and as a menopausal crutch, more and more women
    are becoming prone to a condition known as
    purpura, the disease of the purple spots, a
    hemorrhagic disorder characterized by spontaneous
    bruising or bleeding, petechiae (tiny bumps) in the
    skin and mucous membranes, and sometimes a
    marked decrease in circulating platelets. It has
    already been determined that estrogen is a known
    vitamin E antagonist. It can cause a deficiency of
    this important nutrient which among other
    well-documented benefits to your body, can actually
    help to preserve the integrity of the capillary walls
    and prevent such spots. Purpura, according to a
    study published in the Journal of Vitaminology
    (18,125-130, 1972) could very well be just such a
    colorful manifestation of a vitamin E deficiency."
    and, I might add, an indication of estrogen
    To hear more about estrogen dominance and how it has effected me check out my profile.
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    I switched birth control pills and once on the new pill that is when they appeared. I went from a high dose pill (ortho novum 777- 14 years) to a lower dose pill (Loestrin)- 2 months..could this hormone change have caused them maybe? The gynocologist didn't have anything to say on the subject. I also read that the Epstein Barr virus can cause them.... I don't know.
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    I also have these and my doc did not know what they were but just gave me cream.They were a little raised but not itchy.
    They were also on my torso, arms and legs.They seem to come and go but i dont worry any more just think its another fibro thing!
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    Don't know if this works or not, but I read on another site (Ask Walt Stoll, MD) where a couple of people had these red dots on their skin and they rubbed apple cider vinegar on them for a couple of weeks and they went away. They didn't give a name to the dots, so don't know if they're all the same.

    Sounds too easy, but who knows?