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    I didn't even realize I was doing this by nature but have been doing it for years as I do this with saving posts.

    I know that not everyone, including myself remembers about spacing when we are trying to ask a question, provide a thought, or anything. That is the last thing that one thinks about at the time.

    Many of you are a whole new generation of individuals who are new to the online world, and many new to computing. Welcome.

    I try my best with the spacing but I don't always remember which by the way I now have the official London Fog in my head and I do not know when it plans on lifting, I can’t remember the last movie I saw which was a week ago until now, I almost forgot to write my paper and---well you get the drift.

    Anyway, my best is not your best, or I am unable to meet that need at this time or at all. I try to do my best with spacing but if I space too much I get too confused too easily. I don’t even double-space my college papers until I am done. I can’t handle all that space. I guess I need to go on a date to remember why space is good? LOL Ok joking aside.

    However I feel that if you were able to navigate yourself here or were told to come here then we can definitely help each other out by helping ourselves out a little.

    Anyway if you have a word processing program on your computer such as Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, WordPad or Notepad (WordPad or Notepad are in the accessories section for PC users, for Mac users, sorry I don't know--haven't used one in ages).

    If you don’t have word processing program and you are accessing this from a Library, you are not exempt! LOL you can do this too but you will save it to your email account, with less steps, just compose an email except you are addressing an email to yourself, put your email address into your email in the TO part, click down to SUBJECT and then follow along with the rest of my message.

    You can do this for your posts to copy then over to the site. You have the advantage of saving your along on the way. On the site you do not.

    I use that to copy from the forum and paste it to my word processing program which is Word or email address and then I can adjust the line spacing on there if I am having a problem with reading a message at a time.

    Now to for the how-to's on just how to do this, I can only doing it for Microsoft Word.

    1. You click and hold down the left button of your mouse.

    2. Let the left button go when you are finished selecting or highlighting whatever it is you are choosing to select.

    3. Then you can either choose Edit option at the top of internet web browser and copy OR you can right click on the text you selected and the text will stay highlighted and you will see option window the side of the text and choose COPY.

    4. Then from there you go to your word processing program
    and go to the EDIT option at the top of your word processing browser and choose PASTE. There you will see the text you just highlighted.

    5. To save the information to your computer. Go to FILE which is the first option at the top of your word processing program and choose SAVE AS.

    6. Then name it what you want name, and select where on your computer you would like to save it.

    7. Then select save and it will save your file.

    Viola you are done!

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