tips for bronchitis, please?

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    After a weekend of fevers and vomiting, I went to the doctor yesterday. I have a bad cough, and my chest has been hurting due to it. He diagnosed me with viral bronchitis. He took a strep culture just to be certain that it's not strep. My throat wasn't really bothering me. However, all of a sudden I woke up this morning with a bad sore throat. Go figure! lol.

    Anyway, since it's viral I don't need antibiotics. So, that's always a plus. Any suggestions on how to make this go away quicker? I was starting to feel a little better yesterday. Now today the cough is worse and my throat is hurting again. Ahh, never a dull moment, right?

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    Thank you for your reply. The doctor said that in most young adults (I'm 24 years old) bronchitis is viral. He's not one that likes to give antibiotics. My concern is that in the past we went through this when I had a bad sinus infection. He wouldn't give me an antibiotic until I had a CT scan. Well, it turned out I had a very bad sinus infection, even my infectious disease doctor was amazed by the fact that I was still functioning, lol.

    So, I'm just taking his word for it that it's viral. If it doesn't clear up or if it gets worse, I'm going to insist on an antibiotic. But, he seems pretty sure it's viral.

    As far as the vomiting, both him and the pharmacist think it was due to the Dayquil that I took. The box says take 2 softgels, so I took 2 softgels. However, It also says non-drowsy, and it made me so tired I couldn't even lift my head off the pillow. I woke up feeling extremely nauseous and couldn't keep anything down. I knew right away it was the Dayquil, because I remembered the same thing happening a number of years back after I took it. I hadn't taken it since then until Sunday.

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