tips for getting more replies to your post - please add yours too

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    Here are some tips to get your posts going and thriving!
    ((( )))

    Pick a title that is eye-catching: weird, original, describes the content of the message, has exclaimation marks, has an icon (especially the mooning one!), is in the form of a question, asks for help...

    Topic is: something that we are all concerned about or interested in, a current event, an article, venting, a joke (we all LOVE to read these!), about a new picture in your profile, inspiring, cute, controversial, has recipes, helpful practical advice, describes a problem we all have, seeks advice, asks for personal experiences, is a poll...

    Even with the greatest posts, there are reasons why you may get few replies. Remember, we love you and are interested in what you say and what's going on in your life, so don't be discouraged. Here are some reasons that some posts peter out too soon, and what you can do to keep them rolling!

    Not many people know about the subject you have written on. They might not have an experience with it, or advice to give. If this is the case with your post, try adding an article onto your thread about the subject. This may make lightbulbs go off in the minds of your readers and help them to recognise your subject in their lives. If they don't, you will have helped them to learn about something they didn't know before.

    Maybe the board is moving too fast. By the time you go to check your post, it might have slid to page three, where not as mant people will get a chance to see it. The answer? Bump, bump, bump to the top of the line! Please remember to delete your 'bumps' after you post them, as a courtesy to your readers. Your post will stay at the top even when the 'bump' is deleted.

    Sometimes if the situation is serrious, people don't know what to say. We can all be at a loss for the right words, especially at times that others need them most. You may then choose to tell us more about your problem, situation, or question. Someone here will be able to help. And keep up with the bumping so that as many people as possible will be able to see your post and reply.

    If your post is addressed to a person, they may be away from the computer for longer than usual. Bump every day or so, and be sure to put their name in capital letters so they will spot it when they log on.

    If you post a joke and you don't get many replies, don't worry. Most people, I think, laugh and move on. Whether they stick around to thank you or not, you can be sure that you've added a bit of sunshine to someone's day.

    The title may need some tweaking. If the title does not tell what the post is about, interested people may miss your very important topic.

    If your thread is flagging, sometimes a personal reply from you, the starter of the thread, will reinvigorate it. Folks will want to know how its going with you in this part of your life you have written about. Adding responses to your own post now and then is good to all of us, who want to know how you are.

    And finally, like all good things in life, great posts will come and go. You will never know how many people your response has touched, and you won't get to see all the good it has done in their lives. But be assured that even when your post has long passed into the archives here, it's still going on in people's hearts. (( ))
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    And you have expressed a lot of really good ideas.

    As it is suggested on another thread, sometimes it helps to have your bio filled out so that people know what the person is dealing with. Often the illnesses or age of the poster will influence the kinds of answers given.

    Just an idea.
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    Thanks for the very informative info!!!

    I agree that a good, specific title is very important to the reader!

    and .... people completing their bios!

    and .... AMEN to the person reminding everyone to put plenty of spaces in their text (make many paragraphs), and NOT to type in all caps unless you mean to emphasis just a word or two!!

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    Brookiemom, you are totally right about the paragraphs thing. If someone's post isn't in paragraphs, I just can't read it. Just looks like a brick to me. Short paragraphs that are to the point are just the thing.

    The bio part is good advice too. And all the other tips you all have given. I'll read it again when my brain is sharper lol ;) Yes, if a post is really long, I have trouble reading it too. Nothing personal - I can hardly read a book these days. Only so much info can fit into this little brain of mine at one time. :)

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Thanks for sharing these great tips. ((( ))) Shannon
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    Fast boards these days! :D
    ((( ))) Shannon