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    I go to an awesome massage therapist. She is certified in all sorts of things. I posted this in Doxy's thread, but thought I would make a separate post, so someone searching could find it, and this info might help them find a good therapist.

    1) make sure when looking for a therapist you find one who has taken the special training in fibro therapy. She said therapists can take continuing education classes just like most skills. She takes classes on new techniques all the time. She said that a good portion of all the people going to therapists have fibro, and there are a lot of classes given for therapists on ways to treat this DD.

    2) make sure you go to a therapist trained in cranial sacral therapy. She said this because of all the trigger points we have in the shoulders/neck/head area - she said that cranial sacral therapy is very helpful to fibro people.

    3) make sure your therapists knows you have fibro, and tell them where your special problem areas are. She said you should be given a sheet to fill out when you go that asks many questions. There should be a place to fill in that you have fibro, or even have fibro spelled out with a check box to check. She said the only time she had a complaint was when someone did not put it on their sheet, so she did not know they had fibro, and they did not speak up to say she was hurting them.......

    4) do not be afraid to tell the therapist if the pressure is to much!! She said the therapist should start out very soft, and increase pressure until it is painful, then back off till it is not. You want the massage pressure to be less than what is painful. When working on trigger points, though, it may be painful.

    5) to get the most out of a theraputic massage, take a long relaxing warm bath before going, so that you go into the massage already as warm and relaxed as you can.. Then, lay down after you return home and rest for a while, and try to drink a LOT of water. If the massage therapist uses oils, it is good to not shower them off right away.

    She said at least 90% of the women she sees have been diagnosed with Fibro.

    She said normally, her massages on a fibro person would be relaxing, and not painful. She said there might be some soreness, but there should not be real pain after. If there is, be sure to tell the therapist the next time, so they can use less pressure.

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    Great post. Thanks for the helpful information!!