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    I figured with all the compliments that I get for being positive I thought I would share a few and others can share theirs....this way when we are having a bad day we can read them. One thing is I think that people put to much focus n money and forget the little blessings all around us...

    1.) It is a good day if I wake up breathing

    2.) God gave me four beautiful children and the strength to handle the fact that I have limitations - so I should not feel guilty when I can not do alot of things with them

    3.) I have a roof over my head

    4.) I have food on my table every day

    5.) I have a man that loves me just the way I am

    6.) I have family and friends that care about me and never push me to do things I do not feel like doing (that one is just plain luck - there are a few bad ducks though)

    7.) I do not dwell on negative things I vent and wash it out of my system

    8.) My mom always said for every downhill there is always an uphill - sometimes you just have to be patient

    The above things make me smile and be greatful everyday....
    What are some of your tricks - (#8 has gotten me through some really tough times)

    Thank you for taking the time to read/respond
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    to the top for those that missed it
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    When I'm out and someone asks me how I am feeling, I always remember what my late father told me when HE was sick--and he was in really bad shape the last 18 months that he was alive and in kidney dialysis (he had a leg amputated, etc.) .....

    He told me that people asked him the same question all of the time. He said that if he told them how he REALLY felt, they would just tune him out.

    He said "Nobody wants to hear a complainer. If somebody asks you how you are, you can ALWAYS think of SOMETHING positive to reply with--regardless of how badly you feel."

    He was absolutely 100% correct! If you complain all of the time, people will start to avoid you because they are just not interested in hearing it.

    Even if I feel like crap, I will come back with something like "I'm really enjoying being out today--the sunshine is so beautiful!"

    Maybe to my family, I might answer "You know some days are better than others", and let it go at that--not elaborating on every ache and pain.

    That's just my way on keeping positive!
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    that when I think of them, I stay positive. God is watching over us all! Love, Terri
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    I have been doing a lot of reading lately about mind/body connection, and a positive attitude is so important. A good suggestion is to keep a gratitude journal. Each day,(or whenever you feel like it), jot down a few things for which you are grateful today. It can be the big things and/or the small, but it gets you thinking on a positive note.
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    I try to stay positive by checking in on where I'm at. While reading, I came across this list of stages that one experiences during a chronic illness:

    Creative Choices

    Just like having a name for the illness helps, knowing which stage/level I'm circling through helps. I call it a good day if I can make it to "Creative Choices", even if I'm in pain.

    Creative Choice this morning - Almond flavoring in my morning coffee! Hope you enjoy your coffee, too.

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    Everybody has bad days, it's a part of life. Being sad or upset is human, and it's ok.

    But, when I am having a blue day I only have to think of one thing.

    The people living on the Gulf coast...Louisiana, Mississippi, etc. It'll make you thankful real quick.

    warm fuzzies from an Ivan survivor,
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    responses. I knew I could obtain more ideas. As time goes on and the doctors can not figure out what is wrong with me, it sometimes gets a little more trying!!
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    That was very sweet of you to post for everyone to read. It got my attention, as I tend to pick and choose what I can or cannot read at the current time.

    So many posts have become off-subject and yours was just what the "doctor" ordered. I hope many people will read it and come away from it feeling a little bit better/happier/grateful.

    Another post response to yours was about their father saying he never told anyone how he really felt or they wouldn't listen...something like that. True, so very true. A simple "I'm good", works every time. If they know you, then they know better when the day isn't going well, if they don't know you...they really don't need to hear it.

    Maybe if you change the title to something different, it would attract additional readers. Just a thought... Sensationalize it a bit. ;-)))

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    I am going to try keeping this bumped for we never can predict what we will fill like
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    just for kicks....
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    the ocean view is awesome. I am lucky to live is such a beautiful state with many beauties.....the mountians, the sunsets, the inlet...........and many more. Many Alaskans forget to enjoy natures gifts.

    Thanks for reminding me of it. I always enjoy them. I love to go outside just to enjoy the scenery, as winter is the only time I can enjoy the stars.
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    I listen to refreshing music. Maybe dance a round a little if I am not too exhausted.
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    just trying to get some attention ;-)
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    Thanks guys - I really needed to hear this today. At least I can get out of bed. For me it's my family and my pets (even though my pets are less work) I am feeling very emotional today - but I'm going to get creative to make things easier

    Creative thoughts:

    Invest in the following to enable me to focus on my kids when I'm home instead of burning energy doing other things:

    1. Self feeding water and food dish for cat & dog
    2. Seperate laundry baskets for each family member - that way if stuff doesn't get put away at least it's handy in everybodys rooms.

    Tips for staying positive
    1. My kids - they are a real pick me up and mental state lifter
    2. God's grace to me for allowing me to get out of bed! Wow - there are so many who have it much much worse. Like my husband said last night - would you rather the dr tell you - you have AIDs - it's treatable, but you're going to die. He's right - it could be much much worse.

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    I think many FMers get stuck there...

    Hard when you hurt so much...

    Take care TIM