tired after shower/bath?

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  1. simonedb

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    I know it can be related to the hypotension, low b/p, volume etc
    but it has gotten worse this year and I am trying to figure out if getting soft water could have made it worse or if its just me.
    I also wonder if should get my water tested to see if there could be something in it making me feel bad. I moved into a dif place a little over a year ago but didnt notice about the showers right away. I like to let as many days as possible go by before I shower cus I dread that it makes me feel gross, and I never do it in the morning as it can sap my day.

    Any other experiences opinions on this?
  2. dragon06

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    I feel horrible after every shower and I am also so unstable in the shower that I also put as many days between me and my showers as I can. I am not sure what it is that causes it. I only use lukewarm water so I can't blame it on heat though I have tried hot showers and got the same result, so I just don't know.
  3. AuntTammie

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    I definitely have a hard time taking showers, too, esp if they are hot...but obviously if they are too cold, they are miserable. My arms get really tired and I have to rest when washing my hair, and I get dizzy and weak, too.
  4. PainPainGoAway

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    I was told years ago by my rheumy that not just the heat, but the very act of raising my hands up, like to wash hair, caused a drop in BP. I had trouble with carpel tunnel and that was an issue as well. I did pass out in the shower twice years ago before I ever knew what was wrong with me.
    I have to keep the water warm, and shower in the evening or later in the day.

    Even with taking tepid showers and being "quick", I was having a lot of trouble the last year or so and discovered a few months ago my bathroom was full of MOLD! It has since been gutted and replaced (flooring, pipes, fixtures, etc). I had no mold in the walls, or behind the tub/shower but under the flooring. It has seemed to have made a difference getting it fixed.

    Maybe your bathroom has some sort of mold or mildew problem. Mine was a slow leak that caused a ton of damage.
  5. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    thx for responses
    I don't think its mold as just had a new floor put in year ago when moved in and no leaking going on.
    but i did some research and realisd it could be metals like lead or copper, its an older house which is a risk factor, i am going to test my water. and it sounds like soft water can potentiate the metals, leech them out of the pipes so that could be the soft water connection.
    man i am getting sick of this maze of b.s. of trying to defend myself against all the hazards.
    guess its alwys something, used to be lions and tigers and bears, now its your utilities and food and healthcare, huh, which was worse.
  6. nerdieduckie

    nerdieduckie New Member

    While I still lived at home, I used to take extremely hot showers. I'm a germaphobe, so I didn't mind nearly scalding myself, haha. However, I would get EXTREMELY fatigued afterwards, not to mention I'd have to just lie in my room and cool down for 15-20 minutes because my body overheats extremely easily.

    Once I moved into my dorm, I started taking showers that were less hot because I didn't want to have to take the 15-20 minutes to cool down, especially on days that I had class. I now have a lot less problems from post-shower fatigue, although I do still have to cool down for about 10 minutes. I'm not sure why I'm so easily prone to overheating. Makes walking to class in the winter a real pain in the...well, whatever.

    The mold thing is interesting though. I know for a fact that my parents' house has mold. We lived with seeing it for 5 years before we could afford to get our bathroom repaired, but I'm pretty sure it just got repaired over, not removed. However, I haven't really had any post-shower fatigue here either since college since I'm in the habit of taking cooler showers.

    Who knows!
  7. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    I often dread taking a shower or a bath. I had never thought of the shower filter, good idea. I can smell the chlorine sometimes too.

    I shower in our downstairs bathrm mostly cuz it has a handheld shower and I can sit down on a stool if I'm too weak. It's also warmer in there.

    Also have been taking more baths and rinsing off afterwards. I can't figure out what it is that makes me dread showers, but it does require energy and also depletes what little I might have on some days.

    I usually time my showers about 36 hrs apart, one morning, then next one the next night and so on. Just laying around I don't really get that dirty, but it feels so much better to be freshly clean!
  8. moonieray

    moonieray New Member

    I have to take a shower or bath daily, as it has always been a morning ritual. I find that if I take a shower, I get dizzy and it is hard to close my eyes while washing my hair, I get all weak and my balance is off. Even though it is harder to get in and out of the tub I find that taking a bath, at least I am sitting and don't have to deal with the dizziness. Everything was so much easier.....before the FM. Sometimes it is even hard to stand and brush my teeth. Today I tried to do some shopping, but couldn't get out of the store soon enough....thank god for shopping carts!
  9. kellyann

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    Me too, it wears me out, it is another chore to do. I have found it easier to shampoo my hair in the kitchen sink, then take a bath to clean the rest of me. I am lucky in the water department since we have a well that is fed by a underground spring. It is the best water, tastes wonderful and haas no chemicals in it. The water is so good I ought to bottle it and sell it, haha! The water is soft too.....soap comes up to such rich lather, people who visit and take shower at my home are just amazed by the amount of lather, my mom said she felt as if she'd gone to a spa. The water here is the best thing about our property. We had to run the pipes up a very long hill to our house, so our wate pressure is not that good, but is doesn't matter if you take a bath anyway. I just don't like to wash my hair in the bath water, some people might think it gross to wash hair in the kitchen sink, but the sink is washable. Shoot, I used to give my babies baths in the kitchen sink, haha! And that is a lot of babies!

    Jesus loves you!
  10. charming

    charming New Member

    Merry Christmas: ) The reason why I ask do you stand is because with hypotension your blood pressure can drop while your standing and can cause fatigue and weakness. and if you are sitting and you are feeling that way then maybe the same thing happens when your sitting and if this been going on with medication or change of medication then you will need to get orthostatic vital signs . to see when your blood pressure changes when standing , or sitting or lying down. since my sacrum and low back degeneration I have hypotension from the compression of the nerve when it flares, just to give you a example of how I understand what your going thru.
  11. richvank

    richvank New Member

    Hi, all.

    If anyone is interested in exploring possible reasons for this phenomenon in CFS and what might be done to correct it, here are some thoughts:

    Normally, when a person takes a warm or hot shower, it adds heat to the body. The body has a natural temperature control system, which has ways of adjusting the generation of heat in the body and the loss of heat to the environment, in order to keep the body temperature at the normal set point. When the temperature "thermostat" in the hypothalamus in the brain senses that the body is getting warmer than its set point, one of the things it does is to order that more blood be directed to the skin. That's what makes the skin red in a warm or hot shower. This process normally heats the skin and causes more heat to be lost to the environment by conduction and convection in the air and thermal radiation, which tends to lower the body's temperature back to the set point.

    In CFS, the problem with this is that the body does not have as much total blood as normal. The reason for this (in my hypothesis) is that the hypothalamus is low in glutathione, and one result of this is that it does not produce as much antidiuretic hormone (vasopressin) as it should. As a result, the kidneys dump too much water from the blood into the urine, and the total blood volume decreases. This is called diabetes insipidus (not the same as diabetes mellitus, which involves high blood sugar levels, and also causes excessive loss of water into the urine). Even though a person with CFS may be thirsty all the time and may drink fluids to compensate, they don't actually raise their total blood volume back up to normal.

    Because of the low total blood volume, when a person with this condition takes a warm or hot shower and blood moves to the skin to provide cooling, there is now insufficient blood available to supply the brain, and that causes the person to feel faint, and may actually cause them to pass out. This can be aggravated by the fact that some PWCs experience pooling of blood in the veins of their legs, and this is another draw on the blood flow when standing.

    By sitting in the shower, the person decreases the gravitational effect on the overall blood flow in the body, and more flow is therefore available for the brain, preventing feeling faint.

    A more longterm solution to this problem is to correct the glutathione depletion, and that appears to be tied to correcting a partial block in the methylation cycle. If you are interested in that, I encourage you to read my post of July 18, 2007, which discussed the hypothesis behind this as well as the treatment. The treatment appears to be helping about two-thirds of those who are trying it.

    Best regards,


  12. ladybugmandy

    ladybugmandy Member

    not only am i tired after a shower, i also find that i usually sweat a lot too. this has been going on for most of my CFS.
  13. Empower

    Empower New Member

    For me, I have problems if the water is too hot

    I feel weak and tired and just aweful

    So I have to take a lukewarm shower
  14. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    Try showering or bathing in a few different homes.

    If you feel the same in all of them, consider the various explanations on this thread.

    If some feel better than others, toxic mold is a good possibility.
  15. whoachief

    whoachief New Member

    I am always tired after showering or bathing & have to lay down on the bed to rest for a bit after I shower or bathe.
  16. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    thx y'all
    my hair is stanky tonight haha cus i don't wanna feel bad but i sprayed it with my dog's coat freshener before i went to the movie with friends (excellent flick btw "doubt" with philip seymour hoffman and meryl streep, wow, blew me away, I will be thinking about that for awhile-if u grew up catholic even more intriguing, brought back the memories of the deadening boredom for an hour a week but I digress)

    could the blood pressure volume thing last a couple days though? i dont want to get all freakd out about mold on top of everything else, is this something an envmtl scientist dude out of the phone book could come in and test (like he did for asbestos and burned me with big bill)? its a clawfoot bathtub, brand new sub and tile floor and new refinished wall (year ago) repainted. i dont see any mold anywhere. i should wash the cloth curtains though but low motivation with cfs.

    merry xmas!
  17. stschn

    stschn New Member

    When I was put on the heart rate monitor that I wore for several months I found that my HR went way up when standing in the shower and even higher when washing my hair. I now have a shower chair and grab bars on either side. I think that medicare cover the cost of the chair and I don't have as much fatigue. It's simple and it works.
  18. Asatrump

    Asatrump New Member

    Each morning I try to do my most strenuos tasks, then head for the hot tub. My tub holds 350 gallons, uses chlorine and I keep the temp between 96-100 depending on the season. The tub is in my garage so I am not fighting wind, snow, bugs etc.

    Right now I have about 12 steps, lid up, robe on hook and leg over the side. I have jets on high for about 30 minutes. Most people after a minute have their skin itch. I guess I have so many myofascial knots that does not happen to me, I can't stay the entire time in the same seat, same position. Total relaxation.

    Getting out I move very carefully not to slip, but only need to spend about 25 seconds as an icicle butt..

    The massage keeps me mobile, I do not get tired after the hot water. I also have high blood pressure, so I keep the temp relative to the garage air temp. Summers the air can be 94 in the garage so I keep the water at maybe 96.

    I have been doing this 7 years now. We change the water totally every 3 months, filters are cleaned and ph carefully balanced.

    I have blue tarps on the garage walls, dim light, the only noise is the jets. I call it my cathedral for relaxation , and meditation and prayer. Absolutely no fatigue after this.
  19. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    sounds good asatrump
    i was like that in a earlier stage of my cfs/fm, its just gotten progressively worse over the years with the hot water, i still crave the hot water cus feels great at the moment in winter. but sounds like your temp. isnt too crazy high in the water. where do u live, sounds great! i have been dealing with snow and cold although today is "nice" maybe near 40 feels like aheatwave !

    i did try putting warm instead of hot water in a shallow bath, got in and quickly washed self and hair and then rinsed off quick in milder water shower and didnt get the bad effect , my problem is i love to stand under the shower til the hot water is gone and keep it as hot as i can stand it. there is no way in the midwest that i am going to shower or bathe in cold water though, i would rather stink!
  20. Beadlady

    Beadlady Member

    they are worth every cent! ***Make sure you get the kind that is made for the tub/shower***

    Unfortunately prior to getting my chair I fell out of the tub/shower and messed up my back. I missed alot of work and ended up with a big bill to the chiropractor.

    A month ago I started on high blood pressure meds so I am thinking that maybe my fall was caused by blood pressure issue at the time.

    Check with your local Area Aging Services--some have a program where they lend out various types of equipment.

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