tired all the time shaking please help

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by brneyedgrl, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. brneyedgrl

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    Hi I am new to this board and wondering if I could get to information.I get tired alot,shaking,dizziness,and rashes.I am being checked for latex allergies and my allergist is also considering multiple chemical sensitivies.I now this sounds strange but it is like I can feel pain in my body when using a microwave,cell phone,cordlessphone,and around appliances.Does anyone have MCS with CFS and is this a reaction to Radiomagnetic fields?I am so tired of hurting like this and going to Dr. after Dr. and them telling me it is all in my head.I know what my body feels.Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, brneyedgrl
  2. Lana56

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    I don't know that i can answer your question,but I understand you expressing that you are tired of it all.It is hard going from doctor to doctor.All I can say is keep fighting-you know what your body feels and you deserve to get some answers.I hope the board can give you the support you need-I know it will! Take care and be good to yourself.
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    You should check your blood sugar level to see if your blood sugar is dropping too quickly 2 hours after a meal

    This was happening to me and I would sweat, start shaking and feel like I was going to pass out

    Turns out I have reactive hypoglycemia - need to limit pasta, breads and sugars

    You can buy a cheap Blood Glucose Meter and check your blood sugar 2 hours after a meal. I believe normal is between 60-80
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    Hey, I just wanted you to know that when I first started getting sick, I was shaking a lot in my hands and legs, too.

    In the years since then, I have been diagnosed with FM, and out of 10 or so doctors, none have ever been able to explain the shaking. MS, other neuro problems ruled out, too.

    My shaking is much better these days, but it's still there and gets the worst during times of stress.

    Also, have you had your thyroid checked by an endocrinologist (not by a regular doc)? Shaking is a symptom of hyperthyroid, I believe.

  5. brneyedgrl

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    I have had my blood sugar tested and the Dr. said it came back fine but when I was in nursing and I had this episode they done a finger stick on my blood and the sugar was 30.I was also wondering about Wilson's syndrome.Is there any blood test that tests for that? I also have fast heart rate,nightsweats,and hairloss.Thanks for all the info.
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    do you mean it feels that way to you (inside), or can you actually see your hands/legs shaking?
  7. brneyedgrl

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    I can see the shaking.I guess it's more like tremors.Ialso get jerking in my reflexes.