Tired and not sleeping good.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibromite02, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. fibromite02

    fibromite02 New Member

    Hey all,I am so tired and i aint sleeping good.And my nerves have been really really bad lately I have been having anxitey attacks.I just wish I could get a good night sleep.But I cant.And it is waring me down.I am so tired I have been getting haedaches for the past 4 days.All I want to do is cry.Everything hyrts.And I just dont know what to do anymore.I have tired different sleep meds but NOTHING helps.IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!
  2. fibromite02

    fibromite02 New Member

    Thanks Leah thats what i try to do is just lay down and rest.
  3. Saoirse3

    Saoirse3 Member

    When I am super stressed out, my ambien just fails to function and I pace our tiny apartment. Then my birds get annoyed because they hear me up and think it must be time to eat.

    What I found that helps me is a cup of warm (not hot) tea about an hour before bed. Teavana has these wonderful bedtime teas that smell and taste SO good and have herbals to relax. I have to be careful with any herbals like St. Johns Wort, when taking Ambien, and these teas don't affect the Ambien.

    Make sure you have a good pillow! I discovered mine was actually keeping me awake and I was snoring (according to the hubby, who "never EVER snores! Okay, so why is there a lovesick moose under our window? LOL!) I sprung for a Tempurpedic neck pillow and couldn't believe the difference! I also use a knee pillow because my poor old knees hurt like crazy at times.

    My doctor has suggested gall bladder surgery, double knee replacement, and back surgery. I told him "Tell you what. Put me in a drug induced coma, take out what I DON'T need, replace what I DO need and wake me up when I'm a size 5!"

    The final thing I do is to get a copy of the most boring book you can think of. Like the breeding cycle of tree frogs, or the instruction manual for a car you don't own. And it really IS true about making your bedroom a haven for sleep!

    Hope some of this helps! Soft hugs,
  4. fibromite02

    fibromite02 New Member

    Thanks I will listen to music and it helps me to relax.
    I have tried reading but that is hard when you want to throw the book across the room lol.It is hard for me to drink some of these teas because I cant have caffine.
  5. FaithHopeCure

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    I am so sorry to hear about those awful sleepless nights that turn into panic and anxiety. Luckily I have not had those scary nights in a very long time. What makes them scary is that none of the Ambian, benzos or quick fixes work! Then you are left with knowing that another night of no sleep will cause another day of physical pain and the cycle just repeats its self the next night.

    All of the advice mentioned is very good. I just pray that you can completely remove any unnecessary stress and responsibilities out of your life right now so that you can completely focus on yourself and rest when you can. Keep trying different things and/or a combination of things that work for you.

    I get my best sleep when no one is home. I go into decompress mode and turn on a boring documentay on the TV. I don't stay asleep but at least it is something. Something about the monotone voice and the boring subject puts me to sleep. The interesting thing about television and brain function is that for the most part, our brains seem to turn off during (boring...nothing that is over stimulating to your senses) television programs. When we view television, our brains mostly exhibit slow Alpha waves and waves bordering on Delta waves. Also, just getting your mind focused on something else helps to get in relaxation mode.

    I have learned that when sleep gets really bad, I will go to an inexpensive hotel to decompress. I tell my husband and son I need mommy time! Be good to yourself....
  6. fibromite02

    fibromite02 New Member

    Thanks for all the ideas.Sometimes doing the boring stuff with tv helps and then sometimes I just turn it off and the light so I can be along and it be quiet.

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