Tired of all the drugs

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Betsy2, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. Betsy2

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    I am sooooo tired of all the medications I take. I just want to toss them all. However, I know that would be detrimental to my health. I tried to wean myself from the Wellbutrin once and had a very hard time. I take medications for things other than the Fibro also. I sure would like to discontinue some of them but I can't justify dumping most of them. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  2. Lana56

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    I know how you feel,because i go through it all the time.I am on medication for blood pressure,thyroid,muscle relaxer,stomach trouble,and three antidepressants.Sometimes i want to throw them all out.I guess we have to accept that some are needed.Every time my doctor agrees to change mine,we find that i do need them.Hope you have a doctor that can be supportive in that way.They need to know we don't like being on so much and get sick of it.Hang in there and let your doctor help you do what is right for you.
  3. Mar19

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    ...just thinking the same thing this morning when I took my meds. I keep them all in those pill containers marked with the days of the week, one for AM and one for PM. If I don't actually LOOK at what I pour in my hand each morning and evening, I don't have to think about it quite as much. When I do think about it and try to figure out which meds I could quit, I realize there really isn't one to fit in that category. It really stinks to take so many pills, but I know I'd be in terrible shape without them.

  4. Betsy2

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    Additionally, I take several supplements. I sometimes wonder how much good the supplements do. I wonder if the prescribed meds deplete the good things the supplements are suppose to do. Ohhhh, I have a pill box with pills after I get out of bed, then one for after I eat something, another for my supplements and one more for the middle of the afternoon. Not to mention the Klonopin I take at night and a sleep medication as needed. Ok, my pity party is over. Today, WILL be a better day.
  5. shellbell625

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    I was in the process of changing docs and I was on so much "junk" that I didn't even know what half of it was for, so I just sort of stopped most of it and said I want to start over! Now I take the bare minimum and I am so much happier. I only take the stuff that I NEED since I too HATE to take all these meds. Lord knows we get confused enough without having to remember what pills to take when! It was a bold move, but I'm glad now that I did it since all that other stuff wasn't doing anything anyway. And now I have a wonderful doc that really listens and cares. He's such a sweetie-pie!!!
    So I know what you mean...but I guess as long as we're taking stuff that's really helping, then we just have to grin and swallow it!!! Ha, ha!!! Hang in there. I'm rootin' for ya!
  6. Betsy2

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    How did you just quit your meds cold turkey like that? Were taking any anti-depressants? I tried to go off Wellbutrin once and went into a rage.
  7. hope-floats

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    but, I know I need them all at this point in time. Without the Wellbutrin and Celexa, I'd be depressed AND fatigued. Not a great combination!

    It's that supplements that I have a harder time with. Some of them are large, and I am taking things throughout the day. Capsules, pills, tinctures mixed with juice, chewy calcium (oh, but I love that one) YUK! to the rest!

    I am trying to have confidence that they are helping me on my way to healing and feeling better.

    Hang in there...you are not alone!