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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by FMsolider, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. FMsolider

    FMsolider New Member

    How does everyone find energy? Is there anything I can take to stay awake? I am always exhausted!!!! I haven't flared in almost 3 weeks but still am always tired. I have a one year old baby so, I can not just sleep when I feel I have to.
  2. TDLonly1

    TDLonly1 New Member

    hi, how are you today... it's a hell of a question, since we all suffer from the same thing and know how it feels everyday...now, anything i say is my individual opinion, so here goes... i've had cfs for 11 years( diagnosed)and i tried to live a little life, but it got to me, being alone in bed for weeks at a time... i eventually got to the point where i found myself sitting on my bed with a loaded gun to my head...my dog came in and sat in front of me, and i saw the love in her eyes, and i couldn't pull the trigger... i realised that there was too much beauty on this earth to go then... i promised myself that i'd do whatever was necessary to stay alive... i eventually went places where i shouldn't have, but i'm still alive and happy... what i've found that works for me is dexedrine( a powerfull stimulant prescribed by my doctor), but which i fought for for 6 years( i had it previously with another doctor)... it works miracles for me...before, if i went outside to work in my flower beds, i could do 2-3 minutes of weeding, and then 3-5 days in bed... with the dex, i can do 2-3 minutes work, rest for 15-20 minutes, and do it again, for a good part of the day, with no after effects( as long as i don't push myself... i've also started smoking marijuana for pain, appetite and feeling so lousy... only certain strains work well for cfs... a lot of strains make you sleepy when you come down, and we don't need anything that makes us tireder than we already are... but, certain strains don't do that, and you want something that's not too powerfull, you don't need couchlock grass... but, a good strain works wonders for me... i can eat, play computer and feel half decent... it may be illegal, but if it makes my day liveable, it's worth it... i know that a lot of people frown on marijuana, but those people don't know how we feel 24/365, and it's sure better than eating a gun barrel... i hope you have a great day, and, remember, you're not alone, so don't give up...

  3. pemaw54

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    stay tired and with us, I dont know how you do it. All I can think of is what I tell every new mother. Never stand when you can sit. Never sit when you can lay, and take a nap everytime that baby goes to sleep. Let the house go. Believe me, that house and dirt will still be there whether you clean or not. Read lots of books to your baby. Good for both of you and think how smart that child will be. That way you get to sit or lay down while reading. I will keep you in my prayers

  4. tngirl

    tngirl New Member

    Actually, I don't have as much as I would like but....some days and even weeks are better than others.

    I don't have CFS (at least never diagnosed anyway) but am diagnosed with Fibro.

    Sleep is a big issue, I difinitely feel better when I get more sleep. Lunesta is working well for me. I don't think I got decent sleep for years and years.

    Pain control, if my pain is better, I'm not so zapped. That's a hard balancing act for me because I hate taking meds, but can't stand the pain! I've had to accept my limitations and learn to take the medication before the pain gets out of control.

    yes, I absolutely do get very depressed when the pain is awful and stays that way for a while. a feeling of desperation can set in.

    I am trying to learn to listen to my body and stop when I need to.

    I haven't tried marijauna, I haven't ever even smoked a regular cigarette! Yes, I've led a sheltered life. I don't look down on those that do use it for pain control. We all do what we have to. I wouldn't even know how to buy it, much less what strain to buy. With my luck, I'd end up busted and on the front page of the newspaper. I work in local govt. full time. That would make quite a stir.

    I can just see it! oh well, the thought makes me grin. I guess I have a warped sense of humor sometimes:)

    I do know someone who takes ADHD meds that help her with energy. She has Fibro too. I have a friend with MS who has taken provigil. I tried provigil but it made my mood and depression worse so it was not an option for me, but may be worth exploring for others.
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  5. Zzzsharn

    Zzzsharn New Member

    TD -question for you--Dexadrine was prescribed to my daughter for her ADD- I did take one - I figured if I was going to give it to my daughter, I'd better be willing to take it myself.. I was amazed at the results- I did laundry and mopped and had so much energy.. I NEVER thought to ask my doctor if I could use for FM pain and fatigue.. How did you approach your doctor with this idea?

    Also, I'm totally with you on the mj thing- I find great relief also..

    FMsolder- I remember when my youngest was 1 and I just wanted to lay my head down and sleep.. I napped when she did and said to heck with everything else..

    I'm working full time now and have the same problem with wanting to nod off at any given moment, I keep a few red bull in the frige here at work, and I can usually chug one and it give me a quick lift..

    Good luck!!!

  6. MtnDews

    MtnDews New Member

    So, like most of us, you are wired but tired...making sleep very elusive. So until you can get to your doctor with this issue AND get him/her to understand that you have more going on than just having a one year old, just rest when you can. If you aren't sleeping, at least your body is resting. Try calming music and a warm bath to relax.
    But definately get to the doctor and get some help. There are drugs out there that can help. Meanwhile, remember that Martha Stewart has a huge staff. Let go of all that you can and rest when you can. And all of us on the boards are here for you!
    (And so glad the dog showed up at the right moment for the other poster...can't remember the name...)
  7. FMsolider

    FMsolider New Member

    Thanks, guys for the suggestions. I knew there had to be a drug/s out there to give us some energy. I find it so ironic that most of the pain meds. that are prescribed for fibro and cfs are sedating to say the least.
  8. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member

    I use sublingual B-12 when I need a boost of energy. I do not use it on a regular basis, but if I need it: I take it.
    For me it is terrific. It does not work a longtime and I may need one more, but it gets me through when I need that extra energy.
  9. FMsolider

    FMsolider New Member

    What is sublingal B12? I never heard of it. Do you take it in pill form?

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