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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by alourab, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. alourab

    alourab New Member

    I was recently diagnosed after being in pain for over 7yrs. and not feeling rested. My doctor is as i call it exparimenting on me. is there anyting to help get a good night sleep????????????????????????????????????????
  2. Kryssie

    Kryssie New Member

    Im sorry to hear you arent sleeping. I do sleep now, but only because I take Ambien CR. I would go for days, literally without rest and that makes pain much worse. Good luck! If you have meds for sleep, take them by all means!
  3. fmkitty

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    Hi alourab,I know how you feel,my meds are not working I still dont sleep and I am tired all the time too,I feel as though my doc is exprementing on me to.
  4. Onajourney

    Onajourney New Member

    Has your doctor referred you for a sleep test? A majority of CFS & FM sufferers have sleep apnea and don't know it. Even if you get a good night's rest - say 8-10 hours - if you're not sleeping deep enough it won't do any good. You need REM sleep. You need the sleep to heal and to stop the pain.

    Also, check your medication's side effects. A good many drugs today cause sleepiness.

    Peace & Hugs