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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by froggyfog, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. froggyfog

    froggyfog New Member

    I don't know if I can take this any longer. For three days I had a migraine ending up going to the doctor cause none of my meds would work. The day after the shot I ate some french toast from sonic and ended up sick as a dog...my stomach has never hurt so bad. It is alittle better today but still very sore...and my headache is back as a dull ache. It seems if it is not one thing then its another. I never have a good day where nothing is bothering me anymore. Even my teenagers are starting to worry about me...and you know teens they don't about anything but themselves. I cried this evening because I just don't know what to do...I thought about going to the hospital and just telling them I wasn't leaving until they figured out what was going on. I know it's FM but some days (like today)I begin to wonder because only cancer can cause this much pain. By the way before the headache I had fog really bad...it is always something!

  2. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    Your post seems to have gotten shunted to the 2nd page. I'm sorry that you've had such a bad day. It does seem to go that way, where nothing goes right. I've had days where I wonder if I have something more serious and I want to keep running to the Doctor. Crying is OK and I know we have all done that at times.
    I hope you can find something that gives you comfort, a hot bath, some ginger tea or a hug from someone you love. We know that this will pass and it's just the illness talking.
    I'm hoping that today brings better things.

    Take Care
  3. MKate

    MKate New Member

    Gosh-- what can I say......I felt terrible just a last week, and today I feel great!!!!!!

    Do cry now and be nurtured by whatever you can. This will pass and you'll have better days. It really is tough when we're bombarded all the time with new symptoms and changing dynmaics. It is "tiring" in itself to mentally stand up to this DD.

    Know we are here, and care about supporting each other!

    There WILL be better days. Hope you get a little relief soon.

  4. Mini4Me

    Mini4Me New Member

    Hope you're feeling better today. I've been struggling too, but I know I will see better times soon.
    Hang in there!
  5. froggyfog

    froggyfog New Member

    I'm feeling a little better today. Still have the stomach ache but its not as bad. I have been living on toast,crackers,bananans, and roman noddle soup. I'm taking "gas x" and "alca stezler" (sp). I think I could handle the dull headache and stomach ache today if my muscles didn't hurt too. Does anyone know about getting tested for food allergies?
  6. Shalala

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    I get those "last for days or longer migraines" too hun. They are just horrid. I went to a Neuro/headache specialist and he says it is due to sleep apnea. I am going in for a sleep analysis next week. He didn't want to discuss FMS/CFS at all. He didn't order a c-scan or MRI (which totally shocked me). I have the fog problem too and my vision gets so blurry (I wear bi-focals) and I cannot concentrate/function. My son has felt that I have sleep apnea for years. He said I would be snoring away then suddenly there was total silence. He would come into my room to see if I was breathing. I mentioned it many times to my PCP and she basically brushed it off. I don't think these DRs really know how to "deal" with us. This FMS/CFS is Greek to them.

    (((((((((( Hugs )))))))))) I hope you feel better soon
  7. ravenpaige

    ravenpaige New Member


    I went through allergy testing and so did my daughter. There are several ways they can test for food allergies. First, they can do the "scratch test," which consists of poking little needles (dipped in various allergens) in your back, then waiting a few minutes to see if there is any redness or swelling to indicate a reaction. This will show some food allergies, as well as environmental allergies (such as to pollen, dust mites, etc.).

    For a suspected wheat allergy (and perhaps others, I don't know, as I was tested for wheat), they can do a blood test which looks for an allergic response. Basically, they are looking for an immune system response via various titers that will indicate your immune system has kicked in to fight off the invading substance...in the case of a wheat allergy, this would be the gluten proteins and their subsets.

    Finally, specifically for gluten allergy (celiac disease), they can do what is called a "small bowel biopsy." This consists of having a "scope" run through your small intestine, and a small sample of the "villi" (the small finger-like cells that line your intestine) removed and then visually inspected under a microscope for signs of "flattening." In celiac, the villi are flattened or distorted due to being attacked by the immune system. This flattening means they can't do their job of absorbing nutrients, which is why celiacs typically have nutritional deficiencies.

    I went through all of the above tests because I was having problems with eating both wheat and corn (I determined these were giving me problems because I did an elimination diet and those came up). Nevertheless, after all of the above testing, the doctors came back and said they could find no sign of food allergy. The doctor gave me a script for an antidepressant, and told me I should go back to eating wheat and corn. (Does this sound familiar).

    I tried the doctor's suggestions/prescription for about 2 weeks (actually, less than that on the antidepressant, since it allowed me to get no sleep at all). When I ate wheat and corn, as I had found many times before, all of my symptoms came back.

    At that point, I decided there was really one more toxic thing I needed to eliminate....doctors! :)

    But seriously, if you have a true food allergy, then the above testing should pick it up. However, it appears that many people with CFS/ME/FM have food intolerances, which is different than a food allergy. Many doctors don't even acknowledge such a thing as food intollerances, since (once again) there is no way they've found to measure them or test for them in the lab. About the only way to know that you have an intollerance is to eliminate all of that food from your diet, and see if you feel better. And since many people seem to have more than one item that they are intolerant to, then the only way to sort it out is to do an elimination diet, where you get rid of anything in your diet that is even suspected of causing problems, then gradually add them back one by one to see if that item causes a return of the symptoms.

    This is a lot of work, but many people who have finally itentified the foods that bother them report feeling *much* better once they eliminate those from their diet. I know I did. I went from being at about 30% of normal to about 60-70% on most days. This was a huge difference for me, and actually allowed me to keep working full time, when I was really pretty sure I was close to losing my job because of all of the sickness before then.

    Good luck. Hope this info helps.

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