Tired of Feeling Like a Criminal for taking Pain Meds!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibrodan, Jun 4, 2003.

  1. fibrodan

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    Is anyone else tired of feeling like a criminal for taking pain meds? I know that there are a lot of people out there in the world who abuse pain meds and that's why the rest of us end up paying the price for it. My docotr recently put me on Oxycontin, and my God, you'd think I was dealing crack! Everything has to be put in triplicate, and it never comes with refills. I have to go back to my Doctor each month. Oh, and the looks on the faces of the Pharmacisit's. That one's priceless. You can just see them looking at you, and wondering if you're really just going to sell them out on the street.

    Also, if I try to pick up any medicine stronger than aspirin, a day before the prescription is due, these people freak out. All of a sudden lights start flashing, and a iron cage drops over you right before SWAT decends upon you. Okay, a little over the top,but not far from the truth. My job takes me out of town a few times a month, and I can't always wait until the day my RX is due. I know that I can work it out ahead of time with the DR and Ins. Co, but I don't always know when my boss is going to send me out of town.

    Oh well, tirade over. Just had to vent.


    Fibrodan . . . or you can just call me Danielle
  2. BabsFl

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    I know what you mean!!!!!
    I hate that I am treated as some kind of druggy that only wants her "fix" for today.

    Abusers have given us a bad way to go!
    Besides they don't need to even have a thought that I would sell the only things that keeps me from being bedridden!!!

    This is very mean and shouldn't be said butttt I they could wear our shoes for one day they would understand, and sometimes that hateful part in me comes out and that is what I wish would happen sometimes!! Told you bad thought!!

    Oh well needed to vent.....I quit using th big chain drug stores I now use our "small town" drug store because they know me and I do not get treated like that.

    Something to laught at....
    I wouldn't do this at any other drug store either because then I would really get looks but my husband is on pain meds of a different kind and so is my mom and dad who suffer with lung cancer but sometimes they have me pick there's up for them...can u imagine what they would think if they didn't know me???lol
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    I am changing drugstores. My friend's husband took pain medicine for quite awhile and she was never treated that way. Next month I go to a new pharamacy .
  4. kmelodyg

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    I definalty know how you feel. My doc has been freaking on me for months about my pain meds. Asking for them is like I'm asking for his first born son or something!! Yesterday I asked for my refill of my meds 2 days early, and he alsmost cut me off completly. He said that I was abusing them. Even though I call his office every other day to ask for something stronger becasue they do not work well enough. So, sometimes I have to take a couple more per day! Well, he dosen't listen to me!! If I was on something that worked, i wouldn't have to do that! I've been in the ER twice in the past few weeks becasue of the pain being out of control, for God's sake!! HELLO????!!!! Time to get a new doc. It's not easy. I know....

  5. fibrodan

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    Once, when I went to pick up a refill of Ambien, I got turned away because they said the doctor gave me too many refills. I was so pissed! It was after 5:00pm on a friday evening, and I was under the impression that I still had one refill left. They said that it was a controlled substance, and the doctor had given me too many refills. I had to go two days without sleeps meds. In other words, I went two days without sleep. Sometimes I wish I had the power to give this DD to other people. Not forever, but just for a few days. Let all these naysayers live just one day like this, and then see how they feel. Not very well I'm sure.

  6. AC77

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    I found Walgreens to be the worst pharmacy in this regard and Stop & Shop, so far the best. I don't use Walgreens anymore, unless I have to. And actually complained to thier district office for the treatment I recieved (long Story). I later found out from an employee the pharmist was suspended for a week without pay due to this. I think only because I was a dr complaining and I told them I would never send my pt to thier pharmacy again, or me use it or recommend it personally.

    Where I live we dont use triplicates. But I hear NYC they have to use them now for benzos even. Or they now have to pay for a scrip pad of 5 Rx's 3.00 each and they are sent and tracked by the state gestappo. When is it gonna end?
  7. Tibbiecow

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    There are pharmacies which will treat you with respect just as there are doctors who will do the same. Fortunately it doesn't cost as much to find a good pharmacy, as a new doc. If your doc is a good one, ask the nurse, usually they know. Also a good resource might be hospice. My Costco treats me with respect, doesn't ever give me a funny look when I show up with a script for 100 percocet.
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    do you know how dangerous this med is. It can kill you. I found the greatest small drug store, no more problems and we get everything there. They appreciate our money and even deliver.

    Our script plan has a mail order so we can opt to get 3 months at a time and pay for only 2 months because it is their pharmacy and it saves them money and us. Also we send in the order a month early so you get your meds a week or two in advance and with all these terror alerts etc, we think it wise to have reserve just incase.

    Good luck, Kim and Gary
  9. debkmpf

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    Fibrodan,I know exactly what you mean. My doctor gave me such a hard time that I changed doctors.Our pharmacies here are pretty good,it's more the doctors.I had been with the same Dr.for 20 years abd he knows I have degenerative disc along with working at an Alzheimer center for 10 years.He started trying to put me back on the drugs we have already tried,but didn't work,so I changed Dr.sIt helped!!Good luck and be free of pain.Deb
  10. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member

    I think it is terrible the way pharmacy workers act
    at times. Stop and Shop for me is the worst.
    When I went there once, the woman gave me my
    pills - which contained about five scripts.
    She said she remembered me because she always
    remembers the ones with lots of prescriptions. I
    was quite annoyed. I thought it was unprofessional
    and uncalled for.

    The pharmacist is no better. She had my mother
    in tears when she refused to believe that oral
    chemo medication (certain ones) are covered
    by Medicare. I knew this for a fact because I did
    all the research. She was very snotty to my mother.
    Imagine - to someone with cancer!

    We found a wonderful gilr who works at our Rite Aid.
    She cares about us and she doesn't act like a request
    is asking for a trip to the moon. Stop and Shop
    couldn't care less and will leave you in a lurch
    about anything. THey are convenient because that
    is where my mother does her shopping. But,
    in this particular store, the workers are uncaring,
    rude and act like everything is a major chore. The
    girl at Rite Aid couldn't believe the treatment she
    received. She is now promoted and won't be at
    the store anymore. We are so upset. She
    was a true godsend and my mother has gotten
    many discounts because this girl went out of her
    way and made my mother fill out forms for certain
    drugs. We need more people like her in this world.

  11. reva727

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    I've been taking Oxycotin for over a year and a half! I take it three times a day. The pharmacist questioned it at first, but since then, they haven't said a word. My neurologist prescribed it for me. He said that only if you take more than prescribed are you an addict. He says addicts are those who go from doctor to doctor to get prescriptions. My primary care doctor doesn't agree with it though. He won't prescribe it. I feel that it's allowing me to live a better, more pain free life (although nothing gets rid of the pain completely). I haven't seen any downside of taking it other than occasional sleepiness.
  12. Lynda B.

    Lynda B. New Member

    I have always been treated with care and compassion at every pharmacy I have used. I have had comments before about he strength of the medicine but always in a professional and caring tone.

    As for anyone else (family and friends) if I find anyone who is judgemental or anything like that, I just don't share with them anymore and keep my business to myself. Those minds wo't change without alot of education. In fact, I have education many friends and family who have been receptive. Those not--again, I just don't discuss my health with them anymore.

    I am so sorry to hear what horrid experiences people have had. All of you are right to report any unprofessionalism and have no responsibility to explain to any pharmicist. Again, sorry to hear of this. Just wanted you to know there are some good experiences out there.

    Take care and hope things are looking up.

    Lynda B.
  13. AC77

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    I am sorry to hear about your experience at that pharmacy. It will make me think twice about it as a consumer. I agree, Rite Aid is a great pharmacy. I used to go there all the time, until I moved. I wish I was closer. I liked thier fast customer service and drive thru. Luckily we can switch pharmacys but doctors arent so easy.

    My advice is to write a letter of complaint every time you drop a pharmacy. Our rights and intrests as consumers and people should be heard...and only will be heard only when sufficent complaints are received. When I complained to the Walgreens District Office, they sent me a free Merchandise certificate for 20.00! Not much, but nice to know you are being heard. A letter of apology from the pharmacist would have been a nice addition--not for my ego, but for the sake of customer service satisfaction.

    I noticed too that Stop & Shop service depends on location. Walgreens universally seem horrible, to me and Rite-Aids and Brooks decent. Just my opinion.
  14. 2girls

    2girls New Member

    I practically had to beg my doc for a script of Ativan 1mg. Even though I told him I am quite responsible and take them sparingly (1 every other day) and do not get any sleep without them, he said I should not depend on them for sleep and gave me 3 months rx. This is the only med he will give me (reluctantly). I am currently on triple dose antibiotics for parasites (which he finally decided to treat) and spent a night from hell trying to sleep through the pain without an Ativan.

    Oh, the pharmacy is yet another story. My pharmacist is also very much like the FBI - I gave in an rx for the antibiotic, which also included the rx for Ativan. She would not fill the Ativan because she said I still have 7 pills left.

    It is frustrating to think we need to be monitered with such nonsense.

  15. Sunshyne1027

    Sunshyne1027 New Member

    Sometimes my script for pain meds runs out before the time to get the next months refilled. The way you decribed it.. the iron cage, swat team surrounding you..LOL. Good way to decribe it.

  16. zggygirl

    zggygirl New Member

    Heh Heh, Good one! You should consider a career in writing!
    I think you are all right about the judgement people pass.
    But I was wondering if any of these are insurance paid scripts.
    My pharmacist told me that some insurance companies are so
    nit-picking and will not fill a script if it is even a day or 2 early. Maybe that's part of the problem??
    It also seems to prove once again that we really need the Pain Care Policy Act to educate everyone in the field of medicine.
  17. tulip922s

    tulip922s New Member

    Think it's about time that our health insurance companies and especially our doctors and pharmacists were educated on pain management. It's shame that in this day and age with the technology to produce adequate pain medication, that people who are suffering have to feel like they need to beg for relief and face the scrutiny of our health care professionals.

    I say it's time we banded together and fought back as a group. So far I've been lucky with my doc and rheumy (both have no problem with pain meds), but, have experienced the "looks" at the pharmacy. Next time I'd like to say "Save that rotten look, spend a day in body and see if you need that medication", with of course as much attitude as I can muster up. Probably would be more effective if I went in the store, but, pain and fatigue keeps me at the drive-up window.

    Any ideas on forming a "pain awareness" committee? Best of luck to all. Tulip
  18. 101247

    101247 New Member

    Hi Dan,
    My names Alan and i live in the UK.
    I have been on p ks for years ever since my doc gave up on me.Trouble is most of them make me constipated and having IBS as well you can imagine what a problem that is ,i have the choice of being constipated or in pain ,not much of a choice.Like you i feel guilty just popping pills all the time,taken to doing it in private, i am supposed to take 2 of these Codeine phosphate every 4 hours but i have to take a whole days qouta first thing in the morning or i would'nt be able to work.there must be another way,need to be taken seriously by the medical profession[pleeeaaase].

    It's comforting to discover that i'm not alone and there are people who understand what it's like .

    Love and peace to all out there, AL
  19. Meerkat60

    Meerkat60 New Member

    My doctor has been great about pain medication. He actually pressed me to take Vicodin. I was alternating between Darvocet and Codiene. Neither one helped a lot but they would take the edge off and that makes a big difference to me. I was definitely interested in something stronger but I was afraid to ask him because I thought he might think I was abusing them or something. I was terrified at the thought that he would cut me off completely and I would have to go back to the time when I had no pain medicine and I felt like killing myself. I don't think I could do it again. I'm sure I'd have to try and get some anyway I could. Anyway, he suggested the Vicodin and I jumped at the chance. It has helped me so much more than what I was taking before and I'm very thankful. I'm sorry other people are having bad experiences. It makes me so angry. Everyone should be able to get what they need to help relieve pain.

  20. fibrodan

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    It was about 2 years after my original diagnosis - about six years ago. I had the worst flare that I have ever had, and all I had was Soma, a muscle relaxer. Well, of course, the first one didn't take away the pain, or the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th - I think I lost track after the fifth. To make a long story short, my husband found me at 3am, unconscious on the living room floor. He took me to the ER where they proceeded to pump my stomach.

    I was so humiliated. They shoved this tube down my throat, and pumped charcol through me body - which I violently threw up after words. The worst part was that I was in horrbile pain. My husband was begging them to give me something, and the nurse just laughed and said, "Oh, I think she's had enough drugs already."

    After they wheeled me into ICU, they told me they were going to treat me like a suicide. They said they were calling the psychiatric assessment team. I was horrified, because at the time, I worked in the mental health field and knew all these people. They also stated that they were going to take all my meds away from me, and only give me them on a weekly basis so they could monitor me.

    Finally, my doctor arrived (my hero). When I told them what the hospital staff said, he got mad and chewed them out. He told me that he felt responsible because he should have given me the necessary pain pills ahead of time so that I would be ready for a flare. He made me feel so much better. His sister has CFS, so he's been very understanding and caring for the past 8 years.

    The one positive thing that came about, was it finally convinced my husband how sick I really was. He never really fully believed how serious this DD was. It only took a little overdose to convince the guy that I wasn't making all this up.

    Anyway, sorry to ramble, but I wanted to share with the only people I know who would understand.