tired of fighting for a change in my health

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    Each doctor tells me something different. I do what they suggest. I just keep getting sicker. I think that I can't keep on hoping that I will get well. I only hope now that it will be bearable.
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    I sure understand, I'm right there too....
  3. lyda

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    It is hard to deal with this everyday. I don't think that people understand just how hard it is. I try to have a positive attitude and hope that each day will be different, some days are and others are the same old same old. But it is important for us not to give up
  4. Cromwell

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    I know this is the worse thing, esp. in winter. Poor dear.

    Look, why not write down exactly what you are receiving now in form of meds, help etc. and see if you need a whole change in protocol. Often, docs will not give you this, you know how you have to get it all lined up yourself.

    Funny thing, yesterday, when I was given fentanyl along with anaesthesia(vesaid) the terrific headache I had had over a week, plus my dizziness went away. I looked up fentanyl and found out they have it in patches and as a lollipop and it looks as if it really addresses a lot of the FM type of symptoms. A day later my aches and pains are still hardly there-YET I have a terribly sore thtroat and chest area from the scan tube in my throat, so this leads me to believe that the fentanyl is not still acting as a general pain killer as surely it would address the throat pain too, yet it seems to have kicked in some response to the FM and head pain/dizziness. Maybe onto something here.

    I have long thought that instead of docs adding more and more meds, that they need to get the one right med. I think a lot of meds and even supplements, can have a list of side effects that even contribute to the illness. Some States are even now passing laws that docs MUST give the right effective dose of one better med, than keep topping up with lots of meds. You know they are scared most of them, due to odd laws.

    Maybe you could "start over" AGAIN I know it will be again, as this is what happens to most of us.

    Bear up, know that you are cared for and loved here, and that we all are hurting for you.

    Much love and prayers,

    Anne C
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