Tired of pills Life on Xanax...fog of it's own. Any ideas?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Crickie, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Crickie

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    I have had FM for eight years. I have dev. a high pain tolerance and found that exercise does help. My biggest complaint with this diagnosis (for me) is the anxiety and panic that came with it! I have tried antidepressants of every category which I could not tolerate and this has led to the last seven years of Xanax. Even though on the lowest dose...on top of fibro fog comes Xanax fog. Living life forgetting things/conversations etc. raising two children, and a return to school for my RN....I look at myself and as a wife, mother, and LPN and wonder what the HELL am I doing?! This disease and the "fog" leaves me questioning my ability (on the bad days ~ which are more than the good)of working in a high responsibility position.....nurse and mom. HELP....anyone feeling this same way? Any suggestions for the anxiety and panic? So glad a friend and fellow RN student turned me on to this sight! Eight years of this crap and the first support I've seen.
  2. Pianowoman

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    Hi and welcome to the board. I am so glad you found us, you are clearly in need of people who understand what you are going through.

    I'm an RN and I congratulate you for what you are doing. Nursing is a tough world these days. The anxiety symptoms are common as I'm sure you know but if I were in your shoes, I would want an altenative too. You don't want to be too 'foggy' when you are working.

    Solutions aren't easy. Your stress level is high and you want to get that down. Perhaps you could take more of your subjects part time or take a semester off. Have you tried acupuncture, massage, meditation, visualization, Rescue Remedy? Somehow, you need to find some time for yourself to slow down.

    You will get other suggestions. This is a caring community. Hang in there! It will get better.
  3. jeduanboneis

    jeduanboneis New Member

    is easier for me to cope with the pain and the spaciness.
    Finding the right combination is the key, or was for me.

    Through an elimination process, my local Dr. has prescribed a new anti-anxiety med called Geodon which is working at a low dose. Also as of late she has prescribed Ambien which has helped to make me sleep much better all the way through the night along with a muscle relaxer (Flexeril-sp?)which helps to relax me without the sleepiness of Xanax. I used to take the Xanax every time I would wake up during the night and the Ambien is helping much more and I don't feel so foggy. Unless I am in a flare and then I don't take the Xanax at all. I used to take Sominex every time I needed to sleep, afternoon or night until it no longer worked.

    I have tried alot of herbal supplements and like them much better, but they don't help as much or as quickly as the Rxs.

    The emotional part is the hard part to have to try to lift ourselves above and I give you ALOT of credit for being able to do what you are doing.

    Keep your spirits and your head up and know that there are alot of us here for you, feeling the same way that you do. There are also alot of us that just float around out here and don't always post, sometimes because we feel so bad or too out of it.

    This is the only place I can go when I am overwhelmed with this sickness and the responsibilities of life.

  4. LittleBluestem

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    Adjusting the times of day and the amount that you take at specific times might reduce the fog.

    I take Xanax and don’t have a fog problem. I take half of my daily dose before bed, to try to get better sleep. Improved sleep can decrease brain fog. However, I have CFS and the attendant up-regulated autonomic nervous system. If you decide to increase your bedtime dose, do so slowly and don’t take more than your doctor says is safe at one time.

    I take the other half of my daily dose split across three times during the day, starting several hours after I get up. I don’t take any Xanax until I am well awake. I use Rescue Remedy first thing in the morning.

    I also often have a relaxing herbal tea about an hour before bed, along with my ZMA. I think that combining pharmaceuticals, herbals, and supplements can work will, as long as they are all compatible. Do not take Kava Kava with Xanax unless under a healthcare practitioners supervision.

    I agree with puddleglum - if there is something other than being ill that is causing you anxiety, a good councilor could be a big help.
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  5. Crickie

    Crickie New Member

    Thank you for writing back! What is Rescue Remedy? I am becoming more and more interested in the natural approach to my health and have been reading a book that suggests that this disease could be the result of an allergy?! Ever heard of or tried the allergy-free diet? Xanax is the only this that has helped with the panic and anxiety...SSRI's caused my panic to increase. I have heart arrythmia problems, hypothyroidism, and am waiting for the blood work results from the rhem. doc to see if I have mild Lupus which he suspects. I am just so tired of the chemicals that I put in my body that I am willing to try alt. methods that have worked for other people. At the same time I have to be careful about what I take due to the other problems/meds. I have and do occasionally talk to a counselor, however I never had a problem with anxiety and panic until the fibro diagnosis....really changes a person physiologically! What natural paths have you found to work? What about that Rescue Remedy?
    Thanks so much for all the help ~
  6. CockatooMom

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    So GLAD you found us!!!

    You'll be getting a wealth of information here fom very knowledgeable people!

    I am getting my bloodwork done next Thur to test for Lyme, Rheumatoid, Epstein Bar Virus, etc.

    Doctors changing my meds AND I'm sick w/strep throat and POISON!!!! (Itchy, scratchy, ooooooh that feels sooo goood)

    Uh oh....

    Talk to ya soon Crickie!
  7. katharine1229

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    Yea, i take Xanax as well. When I started it, I took .5 to 1 mg. I was foggy feeling from this, but I wasn't having any anxiety problems. I found it better to have anxiety, and to take a pill to treat it instead of prevent it. Then, I don't have the fog problems, because I find when the med is doing its job to stop the anxiety it doesn't give you those side effects. Just a suggestion
  8. kriket

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    Our screen names are very similar. Mine is Kriket and yours is Crickie. The other day there was a post about how we came up with our screen names, so was just curious how you came up with yours? I know, this is off of the xanax topic. HUGS!!!!

  9. Pianowoman

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    Rescue remedy is a homeopathic medicine, one of the Bach flower remedies. It is good for any kind of stress or anxiety. It should be easily found in any health store.

  10. dleaning

    dleaning New Member

    and I find that it works too! I too, don't like taking a lot of pills either. I am already on Phenobarbital, Prevacid, Zanaflex and ativan when needed. I do also take Simply SLeep by Tylenol to sleep. Usually 2-3 does the trick.

    Yes, I am thinking of getting back into councelling to find why I am so hard on my self and why I am always worrying what other people think of me. Weird? Yes. I have a very low self esteem and confidence. I think those are the answers to my panic and anxiety.

    Luckily, I don't have to take much to calm myself down.

    I wish you luck in finding out the root of your panics!!


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