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    Believe me, I tried for 8 years for anything to stop the pain. Vicoden, soma, you name it. I had fibromyalgia, even before it was a even a registered disability. I was even in the psych ward for 2 weeks trying to discover what had happened to me. I know how you feel. Once I knew what I had, there were no recovery options. I know that now there are drugs to help. I will tell you the truth. There is hope to recover, don't despair. Nine years ago my boyfriend introduced me to a friend of his who was a reiki healer. Believe me I was afraid that it was BS like all the other things that I tried. I went for 3 sessions with him and his mentor working on me, and I can't say this for everyone, but after three seasion working with them I felt better. Of course they popped every single one of my vertibrae, and it was one of the most PAINFUL things I've ever experienced in my life, next to the injury that caused it, but now, I'm able to work and the strongest thing I take for the pain is pot. No heavy drugs that control your life. I'm even able to work full-time. I couldn't say that before.
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    Chiropractors will massage and then move and align vertebrae and do that "popping" as you refer to it of the vertebrae (the spinal bones). If you are getting an massage from a non chiropractor or non D.O., and that massage is causing popping of vertebrae, I would NOT return to that person ever again because they could cause permanent back damage--I don't know of a license that allows a masseuse to do chiropractic work.
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