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  1. ANGELEO728

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    i had a second fall in the last 4 months sunday night in my driveway!!! what is the deal?? It scares me. i have a 4y/o son and i'm afraid i will be knocked out and he won't know how to help me or worse will get hurt himself!!
  2. TigerLilea

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    Do you know why you are falling?
  3. ANGELEO728

    ANGELEO728 New Member

    it's scary though. I'm young and feel like i'm old and senile half the time!! i just want to scream sometimes. and it's not meds. I only take tylenol and lexapro and thyroid (when they have it in stock). so it's not like i'm doped up! I hate it. My son kept saying he was sorry that I fell. I just cried and told him it wasn't his fault and that I was glad he was there to get me help from the neighbor like a big boy!! This dd robs us and our families....
  4. momof3inks

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    I am 33 and a mother of 3 children. I'm so sorry to hear that you fell! It is very common for people with FM to fall and have a loss of depth perception. Can you ask your doctor?

  5. Shananegans

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    Randomly falling without cause can be a sign of serious issues. Please speak to your doctor about this and possibly ask to see a neurologist. Especially if you are falling because you suddenly just lose control or function. I would be concerned and frustrated too.