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    I thought that when oyour kids moverd out of the hosue after getting married that they woueld by the things they need .But not my kids.

    Mom can I borrow your steam cleaner for the carpets, and the vaccum I promise that I will have it back here tomorrow. That was two weeks ago I asked to have them bring it now but I was told that the living room was not ready to be vaccumed so what was my rush.

    I said that it is my vaccum and I will vaccum whan I want to as it does not take very long to pick up the papers off the floor and put away the grandbabies toys. Then it will be ready to vaccum but will I have a vaccum? Who knows?

    OLdest is expecting her 1st baby in august and last month the doctor said that there was a 80% chance that the baby was a girl from the ultrasound taken a few weeks early. But today it was a whole different story HEY this baby is a BOY and my daughter is so bummed.

    EVeryone at her work thought for sure that she was having a girl so one lady crocheted her this pink afagan that is so beautiful but pink won;t work for this baby boy his daddy would have a hissy fit. She really wanted a little girl so that she would have given her hubby some thing that his EX did not have but really wanted to have.

    I just hope that she will call and talk to the doctor and find out what he saw on the ultrasound and then accept it no matter what it says the gender is. She started out with a rocky pregancncy and my hope is for a healthy baby. I don't care if I have a anohter grandson or a granddaughter. So long as they are ok.

    Mom is driving me NUTs. She wants to go to canada on a trip but she has a doctors appointment the day after she would leave. AS she has been fighting this nasty staph areous infection for colse to 3 weeks and it is still draaining adn I am cleaning it out with saline and the putting in a wick of gauze to keep it open and draining.

    She has not eaten very much and is losing more weight. So I am going to call her GP and aks him waht he thinks about his trip with a serious infection that has been hanging on for so long. I don't want to have her get worse once she is across the boarder as I can't go and get her "No Passport"

    I want her to be a bit more helthy before she goes. and the sad thing is my caousins who are comming to pick her up have been comming here every april for years now but my mom thinks that they have not been here in april for a long time. But they always come and bring her to see her family in July /August. Soem things she is so sharp on adn others are gone with the wind.

    AS for me I am starting to flare as the weather is changing daily. As we say here in Utah IF you want goo dweatehr just wait for a few minutes as it changes so fast. WE have gone from Summer .to spring adn back to winter in just 3 days. Now we are more in the spring time raining season. It just makes my bones ache all over and I am not thrilled to be fieeling like this.
    But I will stop griping aobut things i can not change.
    Thanks for being here for me.

    ~ Rosemarie~
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    hi rosemary

    sorry you're feeling so lousy, hopefully mother nature will make up her mind soon & the weather will start to cooperate. Think of that warm summer sun beating down on your tense muscles, and how relaxing it is (espec. when lying on a hot sandy beach, do they have many sandy lakes in utah?)

    my father had a wound like that, left to heal from inside out, good luck with your mom, i hope infection clears soon. also the kids (do they ever grow up?)- Best wishes for a healthy grandbaby, everyone will be thrilled with him/her when baby arrives! sometimes ultrasounds are a bad thing, it was nice in the days when everyone got a suprise!

    don't wear yourself out with the other grandbabies, mine will be 3 tomorrow and it is such a fun age it is easy to overdo! (flew a kite yesterday!)

    have a great day and feel better--L
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    You can't get your vacuum back either??? I got that one especially for me and my situation and my son came and took it one day when I was gone and has never brought it back!!! grrrrrrrrr So I am trying to use this horrible old canister monster and it wears me out :-( and the head is messed up so I have to try to do surgery on it. I think we are just too soft and since we are sick no one takes us seriously about anything.

    Is this the first grandchild? congrats :)

    (((((((((( hugs to U 2 ))))))))))

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