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    I am always tired, wht is the best cure?
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    Sorry to hear that you're so tired all the time. Could you better describe your symptoms?

    Before you jump to seeking treatment, you've got to identify the cause and come up with an affirmative diagnosis.

    Dr. Dan
  3. TwoCatDoctors

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    When was the last time you have a full physical with blood work and urine testing? You may be due for that.

    You are a lay person and it's not reasonable to expect you to come up with a diagnosis and treatment over the internet. A doctor should see you in person and do a physical exam to check your throat, to look at your eyes, to feel your stomach, lymph glands, breast exam, perhaps check if you are pregnant, etc. There are so many things that can lead to exhaustion.

    When you become so tired, it's a sign to see your doctor. I became incredibly exhausted the other year to the point where I felt I couldn't move (and that was the only symptom). I was blood tested two times and found to have pernacious anemia. I would have never guesssed in a million years it was that and I had to have injections of B-12 for over a year. But it took seeing my doctor to find that out. Many hugs and best wishes.