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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sofy, May 22, 2003.

  1. sofy

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    I just spent 15 min looking for a post by ac77 about writing a narrative. It was such good info but it was a reply and he titled it HI. Well you can imagine the hunt I had for that one. Lets all try to put the subject in the title so if one of wants to look for something we think we vaguely remember in the future we have a chance in finding it. Whadda ya think?
  2. sb439

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    and generally, if everone puts in their title what their message is about, it is helpful both for those who write it (the relevant readers will look at it), and those who read (especially those of us with slow computers and those of us who are very tired, and don't want to add to their tiredness by opening all the posts where they have no idea whether they are interested in the content.)
  3. kredca4

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    that we are only suppose to take up one line for the Title, per Mikie, so how about one Key Word? Maybe that would be Helpful.

    I usually get sidetracked when I start getting into the back pages, and then forget what I was looking for. lol

  4. donna13210

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    As far as I know, the search feature searches both the titles and the TEXT of the messages. That's what it's been doing for me. I love the search feature!

    But I agree with putting at least a key word in the title, so we would know immediately whether or not we wanted to open it. That would be great! A title such as "a blue day" doesn't tell me anything, and I tend to skip over it when actually it may contain some valuable info for me!

    I'm all for it! Thanks for bringing it up... You even put your topic in your title line! ha ha

    Take care