Tiz the Season - more aches and pains

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Brownie08, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. Brownie08

    Brownie08 New Member

    Its like clock work...when most are getting excited for the Holiday's, I dread the onslaught of aches and pains....!!! My headaches and facial pain are at an all time high...and today I started with my itchy skin syndrome again. Have any of you had that? In September it felt like I had bugs under my skin - usually starting around 7:00 pm - until I went to bed. It started again today....aough! I am hosting Christmas this year...and I pray that I will have a "good" day! Perhaps there is something to that Microwave theory....I spend my days on a cell phone and in front of a Video Conferencing screen and computer. I should be glowing at this point!
    Good news it that I am going to Vermont for 10 days after Christmas....I can not wait to see if my symptoms lessen. We are deep in the woods...no Cell Towers...and do not have a microwave in the house.

    Well - that is all from this scrooge....over an out!

  2. Lillie17

    Lillie17 New Member

    I hear you Brownie. I have ME/CFS and FM, and I do not like the holiday season.

    Yes, I love to see my family, but I get more pain and fatigue and live in fear
    of a major ME/CFS relapse.

    It ain't like it used to be. But, it feels so good when it's over. It reminds
    me of when I was a kid and we would roll down the windows in the car
    and play "freeze out." It felt so good when we finally rolled up the windows
    and could get warm.

    Having said all that, I must add, I do miss terribly not being able to feel
    well and enjoy the season.

    Only three months until spring... :)
  3. wendysj

    wendysj New Member

    Hi Brownie08,

    I have FM and CFS... I know when the CFS is kicking in to high gear when my face hurts. (On Thanksgiving I told my brother my face hurts... he said "it hurts me too"! Just like the good 'ol days.) I take 5 mgs of Flexiril and it really, really helps that face pain. Pain medicine doesn't touch that....

    I hope you get to feeling better for the holidays.

    Enjoy your ten days in what sounds like heaven!

  4. Brownie08

    Brownie08 New Member

    I am going to the Dr today - and ask for some pain meds...for headache and facial pain.
    My left side is also in a major flare....AOUGH! I just want to feel good!

    Anyway - thanks for all your well wishes..


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