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    Found this thought it might help..

    Body temperature dysfunction is another physical symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome. The body's "heating and cooling" systems don't seem to moderate properly. One minute you could be hot and agonizing with a fever and massive sweats, and in the next minute, you may be feeling shaking chills while in the same temperate climate. You will also endure situations of where extreme heat or cold aggravates the way your body modulates itself. Being out in the direct sunlight, in radiated heat, or in cold weather conditions will reek havoc on your body's ability to control its internal temperature. You will feel the heat or cold more than you should. It is almost as if your body exaggerates its sensations and becomes more sensitive and susceptible to the climate. Changes in the weather can also be a problem for you while you suffer from CFS. Your body can't seem to adjust to any immediate alterations in the atmosphere wherever you live or play. High humidity causes heavy sweating, dizziness, headaches, breathing problems, and swelling as instantaneous reactions. When the weather is really hot, sunny, and humid, the only thing you can do to help your body control itself is to get into a cooler environment immediately.
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    Sorry, guess its my brain fog.. I meant to post this on your post.. I found a lot of info on all the physical symptoms fm/cfs can cause..This was one that seem to fit your post.

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    Interesting. Thanks for going to the trouble of researching this for me! It was really nice of you...


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