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    Could you elaborate on your post about shellfish and diagnostic imaging?

    What sort of tests? MRI, cat scan? What is the connection between shellfish and testing?

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    When you have a procedure(x-ray, MRI, CAT Scan, etc) and they use contrast material (think of contrast as kind of a highlighter) they should ask the patient about all allergies. If a person has many allergies the medical professional needs to be more aware and prepared for Anaphylactic Shock, (a severe allergic reaction). When a patient states that they have had allergy reactions to shellfish (If you are allergic and they haven't asked you, please always tell them) a red flag always goes up. They might go ahead and use the contrast (depending on previous signs and symptoms of your allergy reactions, and that they were not severe), but they will take precautions to counter the allergic reaction.

    I hope this is the elaboration that you were looking for. The connection between Shellfish and contrast material is the Iodine that is in both the contrast material and Shellfish. However If a person states that they are not allergic to Shellfish, but they have many other allergies or they have had an Anaphylactic Shock reaction before they will also take precautions. Hugs, Tam
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    Guess this would apply to you, Intensity.

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