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    I am a bit early for prayer night tonight. YOU helped me so much by your post, all those reminders of who has what etc.

    You are so organized someone should tell you that you are absolutely wonderful.

    Maybe you could do this again every so often, it surely helped me. Rather than scroll around each post for prayer night, I zoned right in on your summary post. My brain gets fogged in so if it is ok, I will hang onto your coat tails.

    Please let me give thanks to and for you.
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    Thank you! I really am not so wonderful. It really is out of nesessity (sp?) due to the fog!

    On the other hand, you I see are always one of the first to respond to me, and others that come here with their needs! I am just blessed to be part of this wonderful group!

    Tonight is one of those nights that I will be holding my list in my hands when I come before our gracious and mighty Lord. It just goes to prove that he knows each of our needs!

    Please include me in prayer tonight. I still have three more days in a row to work, and I need strength!

    I love ya Asatrump!
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    I may be faster at replying to posts, because I go frequently to the computer. For awhile I was just reading and not posting replies, but I could see how much each reply meant to people. Now I try.

    It never occured to my aging brain to make a list, so as I said, please let me hang on your shirt tails.

    Sometimes I feel like the least worthy one here to reply. After all I literally walked out of my church organist job after one rehearsal with a demon choir director. (incidentally he was asked to leave after one year!!) The choir supported me, the minister never even phoned. She had a poor, very gentle and timid man from the personnel committee phone me and I said nothing that would upset him or even tell what happened.

    Somehow I have turned that negative experience into something with a soul for me personally. I have not set foot into a church since that day almost three years ago. I worked in music/churches 40 years. It seems almost like a path I have been headed on all my life.

    I found something stronger in myself. Kind of like I got down to the core inside me. I am able to pray now, and concentrate. I feel like I have my own arrangement with the Lord, where he understands me. Often I seem to say during the day..... Lord, it's just me again, but you need to send help to XXX. No pious whispers, I can't quote the bible and my memory is out to lunch.

    I bought a lovely CD this week of Celtic Hymns. Wonderful. Many are my very favorites. Most I can not even name, let alone sing along. Then I stopped to realize that I was always looking at the notes and not the words. But the music often brings tears to my eyes.

    I believe that I have some purpose in being here, in trying to support those who need it so badly. I have pieces missing in my own life, so it is easy for me to identify with many of the problems presented.

    Think of me as the crazy lady with the hot tub. I spend half an hour getting water massage each day. While in it, I hear nothing but water, and close my eyes. I spend the time in prayer, but figure God understands. Rather it becomes my own private cathedral.

    Sometimes I feel God pushing me. I don't feel him talking to me. But I feel compelled to phone someone in particular, or email. I am always humbled to find they needed an ear of a favor at that particular time.

    God has sent me 13 fms email friends from around the world over the past seven years. These are the sisters God forgot to give me. These are the people who know my thoughts and dreams. Some would call them a support group, but I think of them as my family of sisters. Each so valuable, each so different. Truly a blessing.

    Sorry Tam, I seem to be on nostalgia street and memory lane this morning. I am glad to be moving. Last night I did a stupid thing, instead of turning on the hall light, I was headed towards the kitchen light to turn it on, and tripped over a pot of flowers in the dark. boom. And the earth shook.

    My husband came running, insisting I stay on the floor until he could evaluate the damage. Praise I was not alone. Ice on neck, knee and wrist. But, insert a grin here, what took the brunt of my fall was my big boobs, like two pillows. While sitting on the floor still I had to laugh thinking at least I have not squished saline implants, these big melons are real and finally good for something other than kill my back.

    So, once again, God held my hand and walked me through the next small crisis.

    Blessings to you. Please do consider every so often updating your wonderful list.

    I ask God, the Father to be with you today, and so you know how much you are appreciated. It is very tempting not to include my email address so I could keep you closer. ****************

    I just looked in your profile and figured you were the gray hair lady in the back row. You are young and beautiful. How wonderful. A generational photo is something so very special. Hold it close to your heart.
    I should sign myself as the "old gray Mare".
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    I have seen your message. I am working too many hours this week. One more to go. Give me a couple of days and I will get back to you. I haven't forgotten you! Love ya, Tam
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    I am back! Whew, last week was a long week! I felt like I was in training for a marathon! To think that 7 months ago I used to work 12 hour shifts, and on my feet that whole time!

    The secret to why I keep a list, and why it takes me so much time to respond........I have to keep notes to remember. I even have to keep notes to reply to posts. You should see the notes I have to keep at work! lol!

    I have been pondering you "riding on my shirttales". I think you have a really good idea. Not for my glory, but for the Lords! It is funny that only God could take my defect, and turn it into something that could help others!! When we are our weakest, he is the strongest! Only God can do that!

    I am going to try to put my prayer list on my documents and copy and paste here. What do you think about this? I will try to keep it updated, but please remember that I am only a human tool. Please help me if I have left someone out, or if you have any other suggestions!

    Now on to the rest of the story! lol! I am not going to church either. It is a long and painful story, but the short of it that I used to be a faithful member, but my ex husband was a very evil 'christian'. Because of the things that he did I left him and my pastor told me that if I left him I would be the one to answer to God, not him. Believe me this was wrong counsil, and God has reassured me of this. There were some other things that happened with this situation that are way too painful to talk about. Since then I have gone to church, but I have a really hard time getting involved like I used to. I have gone thru my feelings of guilt, and the "I shoulds", but I don't anymore.
    Like you, I take God with me where ever I go! If I see people on the street, in the store, at work, just where ever I go that need help I stop and help. I always give credit to the Lord, and ask them to do the same!

    You are doing the same thing right here on this board! God doesn't stay just within the walls of a church! How amazing it is to have the gift of music!!!! If you are able can you go to nursing homes, assisted livings, homeless shelters, etc. to share your gift? I LOVE praise and worship music! I have always said that I would love to sing beautiful praises to our Lord! I sing really loud in the car and at home where only God can hear! lol!

    I am so sorry that you fell. How are you now? I have a daughter that would love to have those "melons"! lol! I loved it when you said that God was holding your hand! When I was a little girl I was very scared of everything. I remember laying in bed at night being so scared, and I would hold my own hands (I don't know if you can picture that, lol) and thinking that it was Jesus holding them! Oh, I just made myself cry! lol! Sometimes as an adult I still do that! I love to hold hands, and Jesus gives me so many hands to hold, my family, grandbabies, my elderly patients! Wow I am blessed! Thank you for reminding me of this!

    When I think of you, I think of you as a beautiful Christian woman who loves and serves our Lord and his hurting children thru prayer! You are a servant of the Almighty! Praise God! Now, I am going to picture you in the hottub too! lol! Let's think some more on the e-mail thing! Gotta be careful!

    Love ya asatrump! Tam

    PS. I was going to say this somewhere up there, but I can't find it now...Do you ever feel like jumping up and down and praising God? I do, but I am afraid that I would hurt myself! lol!
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    Thanks for your reply and kind words. I think you making lists, or whatever you can do to make praying easier on the forum would be terrific. Very helpful.

    I am pleased to hear you can work at all, you go girl. It was very interesting that you also found faults with the human clergy.

    As for my gift of music ~~~~~ It was some talent and a lot of hard work. I played at as many as 8 nursing homes per month, but I have not done that in several years. Many times I looked worse than the residents and my back would not hold up. I have very warm memories though. One of the last "gigs" I did I drove through a horrible blizzard, alone , at night and made the decision I couldn't do it any more.

    My prayers continue for you and your family and your pain. I dare not keep this thread going as it seems to personal for a worship board. As I said, it would be more appropriate for email.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give in keeping us organized. I know many people read but are not able to reply on a regular basis.
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    I worked on this most of the day. Oh, I forgot to tell you what I worked on! lol! It is time for bed! Look under "What do you guys think?" I sure don't have much on you for a prayer request. Are you like me, and don't ask (shame on us)? Give me more time honey and I will find it, or would you just ask again and make it a little easier on me? lol!

    I am working again the next few days, but I will check in on you when I get home! Love you! Tam

    It is 9:43 my time, meet me here tomorrow at 7:30. I hope you are better at figuring time zones than I am! lol! Hugs, Tam[This Message was Edited on 08/21/2006]
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    Hi, I won't be here tonight because i have to get school shopping done fast. We are moving to another town, and I just found out last night that school starts tomorrow, instead of next monday like I thought! YIKES! I will see you tomorrow at the same time. K? Love, Tam
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    Good luck getting things ready for school. My husband is a teacher and will start after Labor Day. tsk, poor boy didn't get one new piece of school clothes!

    I am ok. I assure you if I need prayer I will be very specific and ask. I am doing ok, have recovered from my fall and had a whole month with no MD appointments. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, life is good.