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    Please read my reply to you under;

    Christians: How do you handle this?

    You sound like you really should be tested for lymes, by the right lab, with the right Dr.


    I dream about riding again!!
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    Thank you for your reply & concern! I read your profile also. Do you have lyme?

    I just went to the dr. and asked for the test and she said, "I don't know if you read the paper today, but it said that there have been no reported cases of lyme in Idaho." Instead she tested me for Lupus & RA & then but me back on an antidepressant. I think she thinks I am just depressed. I explained to her my depression is secondary to the pain & fatigue. I did get on the internet and searched Lyme in Idaho & she was wrong there is some cases in Idaho! It is not high in numbers, but it is here.

    I wonder, do you have to be in a flair for it to show up? From what I understand it can hide, and the test will come back negative. I have been in this flare for over 2 months, but I am slowly getting better. I just hate to demand a Lyme test from her & it come back negative when it could be hiding at this point.

    This gets so frustrating!!! Maybe it is time to see another dr. Thank you for your concern! Hugs, Tam
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    Will get back to you in a little bit, evening or tomorrow morning.

    Just don't want you to think i'm leaving you hanging.

    Hugs back to you!

    Do you still have a horse?

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    I hope that you are out enjoying the holiday! I am sleeping. No, We have not had horses for 5-6 years since moving to town. We do have plans to move into the country again, and then we will get horses again! Take care, & I will chat with you later. Hugs, Tam
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    I still have my horses, but i wouldn't if my husband wasn't willing to help me feed them in winter.

    I took one ride this spring, only a 1/2 mile at a walk, and my body told me i did an endurance race. Needed a few days to recover.

    But, they are very nice just to have and go out and love on. Although right now is the awful bug season we have here, and they are miserable.

    Back to the lymes, when i first became sick i felt like i had mono again, and i was in bed for about weeks. After i had all kinds of weird symptoms, and knees hurt, panic attacks, etc..
    I was only 22 and Dr. wouldn't take me seriously. I did my own research, and found both lymes, and CFS fit my symptoms. I had been walking my dog daily in the woods.

    Basically i was on my own for the next five years, and slowly symptoms improved some. Everytime i was pregnant it went into remission for awhile. We moved and i tried Doctoring again, and finally got the CFS diagnosed.

    But was still left hanging, told to live with it.
    After last child in 1999, i steadily improved, and was very close to being normal.

    I 2004 i had a major hard crash, after i went to work part time in school kitchen. ( was very physical work)
    That same spring our house dog came down with lymes.

    So what caused my crash? The work or lymes? Did i really have lymes the first time? Anyways, i insisted on a lymes test, Dr. said it was negative, but i wasn't convinced.

    I was told i was just having panic attacks. Well that did not describe all the things my body was doing to me.

    Because of this message board, and encouragement from a certain member. I learned about The Igenex lab, that specializes in lymes test.
    then i found a LLMD Dr. willing to use that lab. I have a slight positive test. But because of all my other symptoms, he has started me on ABX and we are trying to see if this will help me.

    If not he said he will test me for Epstein barr virus.
    But he feels that even if my body only showed one positive band for lymes, that means my body made antibodies to fight lymes.

    For regular, uneducated Dr. you must show 4 to 5 positive bands. ANd yes at different time, you may or may not show more of less. They are suppose to treat by symptoms also.

    Dose any of this help? I will go over to lymes net and ask it anyone know of a lymes Dr. in Idaho.

    What supplements are you useing your self? I really think all the supplement, and prayer, helped me over the years. And could also be why i only showed one band.

    I had a really good Chiropractor, that recomended alot of good supplements, when i didn't even know anything about lymes, or CFS, and now i'm finding out from this board, its thing that other are using.

    Green food
    Vit. B's
    and antioxidant
    I couldn't afford much else, because i was buying from a real expensive company.
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    I am sorry that it has taken me so long to reply to your post. I am back to sleeping 18-20 hours a day. To top it off me and my husband are not getting along at all. I knew when I decided to forgive him that I would be tested on this, and boy am I!

    A friend from Washington called me yesterday (I think it was yesterday?)

    Hey, I just got company, I will finish post later. Hugs,Tam
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    I hope you enjoyed your company. I perfectly understand your need to sleep. Take the time you need.

    Do you mind me asking what you forgave your husband for? Is it a trust issue? Sometime forgiveness comes at different levels, and it may take awhile to get all the way there.

    When your up to it you should come and join us on the worship board. Meanwhile listen to your music and relax.

    Ps. 31:14
    Lord, I trust you, I have said,"You are my God."
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    I had company, and then I went back to bed. THANK YOU for the scripture! It brought tears to my eyes! I have looked at the praise (can't remember) board. Thank you for inviting me! Right now, I am having a hard time keeping up with the messages & responses on this board. I don't want to give anyone the immpression that I am ignoring them, or that I don't care about the time that they have taken to respond to me. Does this make sense?

    Hopefully, soon I will be able to be active in the worship (I remembered!) board also! Faith, right?

    My husband is an alcoholic. In the best of times he has very little compassion, but when he drinks he can get very mean & nasty. Not physical abusive tho. I really do not see us staying married, but I want to get past the bitterness & anger that I have in my heart before I even consider a divorce.

    Tonight I looked up Igenex web site. Wow, what a load of info! I also think that I could have Lymes Disease. I e-mailed them. Does this sound crazy...I am almost scared to be tested. If it comes back negative I feel like it would be let down. It's almost like, If something comes back positive I would have some justification for all the pain, fatigue, etc. etc. Crazy huh.

    I was telling you before my company came...I had a friend call me from Washington, and she told me it has been almost three months since I started this flare. Wow! I am amazed at this because, I have slept the last three months away. I guess when you sleep 16-20 hours a day time flies!

    I hope you are doing better. How are you doing on the ABX (antibiotic) treatment? I remember when I had my hysterectomy that I was on ABX treatment due to them nipping my bladder & having infection from it. I came home four days later, and I told my husband that I felt so good that I could run around the block! Of course I couldn't, but it had been years since I felt that good! I thought it was due to getting rid of female problems. Obviously tho it didn't last. I wonder if it was due to the IV ABX therapy that I had for four days???

    I am so tired that I am not sure that I am even making sense. I will try to check in tomorrow. Hugs, Tam
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    I didn't get to you today, sorry.

    Hope your doing better, I'm glad the scripture helped you out!
    I really depend on the Psalms when i'm feeling down.

    Will get back to you tomorrow, i need to go to bed right now.


    P.S. you made perfect sence, talk tomorrow.[This Message was Edited on 06/01/2006]
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    How ya doing?
    I think you will find encouragement over on the worship board, and if you are too tired to respond, that's okay.
    When you're ready, we will be there.

    Are you trying any natural supplements?

    I asked over on the lymenet for any LLMD's in Idaho- they wanted to know what part you are in, and what is the next closets state are you too.
    Testing for lymes would be a good place to start. It's like a big puzzle, and from your bio. it sounds like a good possiblity.
    I was anxious about my results also, i understand.

    Alot of husbands have little compassion, or understanding of what we go thur. This is very hard on marriages, let alone if one is married to an alcoholic.

    I don't know what advise to give you, not knowing what kinda situation your in. I do know alcohol is very destructive, having grown up around it, and drank heavily myself at one point.

    You do not need anymore stress and destruction right now trying to heal or cope with being sick.

    Sometime working bitterness and anger out of our systems can take alot of time, and only God can truly help us with that.

    Do you have any friends, or a pastor you can trust to give you godly counsel?
    You do not want to be a codependant, you husband may need tough love, just not sure if you can work on your emotional health, if he is continuing to drink and causing further pain?

    Back to the sickness, I'm not sure what the ABX is doing for me yet? I've had somebetter days, and some harder ones.

    Not surprised you felt better when you received IV ABX; other on here have said the same things. Just proves, i think, that our bodies ARE fighting something!!

    Take Care of yourself, you are worth it.
    You believe in Jesus for your savior? Good!!
    Your HIS child then, lean on Him, trust Him.
    He says, He will never leave you nor forsake you.

    No matter how you feel; His Word is true.

    I don't always speak so freely; but i know you belong to Him.


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    I have a lot to do to get ready for work tomorrow, but you are on my list to respond to before the day is over. I will get back to you! Love ya, Tam
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    I told you I was going to get back to you! You are the sweetest! I copied what you wrote about taking care of myself, so that I could keep it with me! I really need to learn about co-dependence. My aunt tells me that I am always taking care of others, but that I am too busy to take care of myself. She also reminded me that I serve God not my family, and that if I don't take care of myself I will be unable to serve God. This is where I am at. I have a lot of learning to do.

    About my husband...since I have realized that I need to forgive him we have gotten along a lot better. Then there are those times where he has had too much to drink & he is just hateful. I feel that these are the times when I am being tested. I have to remember that it is not about him, but that it is about God, and he asks me to forgive. I am still not sure that my marriage will work. There might be a time where I might have to make the choice to leave, but not with bitterness in my heart.

    He is self employed, and right now he is very busy. I have talked to him about going to our Pastor for counseling after work slows down. He didn't commit to it, so we will see.

    We go to a Calvery Chapel Church. We have a new Pastor and he is on fire for God!!!! It has been awhile since I have gone, since I was falling asleep during the service. But still, I just need to go.

    The closes big town to me is Twin Falls, Id. The next two are Boise, Idaho & then SaltLake City, Utah. This is referring to the Lyme dr. If I was to look for one what would I look for?

    The only natural supplements I take are; Melontonin (for sleep, only sometimes), Ultimate Omega, Bio 35 (vitamin). I also take Effexor (antidepressant), Flexeril (muscle relaxer, mostly for sleep), Gabitril (helps deep sleep & feeling like bugs are crawling on me), Low Dose Naltrexone (Stops MS in it's tracks. I didn't think this was helping me until I quit taking it for 4 days, and then I realized it took most of my pain away).

    That's it. I was thinking about trying other supplements, but I have tried so many in the past. What kind have helped you? My biggest problem is the weakness & fatigue right now. I have tried to quit taking all meds that help sleep, but I was even more tired.

    Thank you Mistie for all of your help & prayers. I will check in with you in a couple of days! Love & hugs, Tam