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    Hi Tam I am writing in response to your response on my post re. support groups. I am overwhelmed these days with the additional new diagnosis of fm on top of ra etc. I am really on the fence. I really enjoy this board)s), Everyone has been terrific. Sometimes I wish I could talk to someone in real time. My concern with support groups is that some days I just don't want to hear about other peoples struggles and the struggle for power and control that goes on in these groups. I know that sounds awful but for me that is my reality. I live alone and some days I just want someone to fuss over me. It is something I am going to give more thought and prayer to. I'll try and let you know what I decide. If I forget please let me know. Thanks so much for your input. You are great.
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    I think you are wonderful! Sometimes it is hard to hear of all of the suffering. This world is tuff, and suffering with these dd sure do make it even harder. I love it when I see an answer to prayer! God always answers, but not always the way we want, or exactly as we ask for.

    I am probably famous for saying this......but I would love it if we could all (those of us or want to) plan a get together. I think that the next CFS/FM Awareness day would be the perfect oppertunity. There are so many of us that have become close. Just like you, I think of you as family. I know that I will meet you in heaven, but it would be nice to meet you here and have one on one communication. Is that what you mean???? Hugs, Tam