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  1. dejovu

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    I have the feeling you are needing a prayer or two. I am wondering if you are working to hard or is there something else that we need to be praying for.

    It is so easy to give to much of ourselves sometimes and forget that we also need to rcharge our batteries.

    So for now dear sister I will be praying for your health and well being. Please let me know if there is anything else you would like me to pray for. Your sister in Christ. De

  2. tlayne

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    You are such a sweetie! Thank you for thinking of me. Yes you are right. My health is going down hill fast. If it doesn't turn around I will have to quit my job, or at least take some time off if my boss can do without a nurse for a while????

    I check in here, but as crazy as it sounds I don't have the energy to read the posts let alone answer or pray for all of them. I am only working three days a week, but I am just barely hangin on by the hair on my chinny chin chin. LOL!

    I even had the "talk" with my husband about what would happen to our grandson if I didn't make it. We have adopted him, and I am very concerned about this.

    I am looking into Bio Identical Hormones. It is a added exspense, but what do ya do? I truely hope this is the answer for me. I am running out of options.

    Sorry to be so grim. Thank you for your love and concern. You warm my heart. I hope that you are doing well. As I am able I hope to be back to share love and hope in Christ! I love you, Tam
  3. bandwoman

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    I too have missed your posts and have wondered how you are doing. I remember you talking about really dragging some time ago and I was worried about what was going on with you. I am sorry things have gotten so bad for you. It is so hard to work outside the home with this. I don't have the added responsiblity of coming home to a family with all of their needs. I just have my cat and she is easy. LOL. I will pray for you and that the new hormone treatment will work for you. Hang in there and know many will pray for you here.

  4. dejovu

    dejovu New Member

    I understand and want you to know that you are a much loved member of this family.

    You must take care of yourself and when you are not here I will pray for you twice as much.

    When I am at the point of total fatigue and can't even pray I just place my hands over my heart, close my eyes and just let Jesus hold me. It's hard to put into words how good it feels.

    You are missed but not forgotten. I'm praying that He be especially close to you tonight. Much love. De
  5. kgangel

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    Hope you guys don't mind me jumping in , but I have missed Tam too.

    I am sorry about your health, you are in my prayers dear sister in Christ

    God Bless you


  6. Asatrump

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    Hang in there. Maybe your doctor can come up with some magic potion to help. You have a full plate.

    Prayers coming your way.
  7. tlayne

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    If Love could heal, I would be healed by all the love that the four of you have given to me! I love you my dear sisters more than I could ever express. Thank you so very, very much. I really am missing all of you, and so many other dear ones here.

    When my dad was dying I remember him saying, "I have to get better". It was almost like saying, "It can't get any worse without death." I find myself saying the same words to my children now....."I have to get better."

    Have any of you ever felt like you were dying? This exhaustion is relentless. I am dragging myself thru day by day, minute by minute. Is it bad to say that death doesn't sound so bad? I am really not depressed or feeling sorry for myself. I hope that I don't come across that way. I am just so tired. It is hard to talk to my family like this, I hope you don't mind me being so "honest".

    May God's blessings shine upon each of you for the love, care, and concern that you give not only to me , but anyone that needs you. Love, Tam