TMJ and Fibro any one suffer with this?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by kmj47, Oct 28, 2003.

  1. kmj47

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    Iam just curious if any one suffers with tmj, who also has fibro. Iam going through an alfull flare right now. Can any one let me know how they deal with it, and if maybe it is linked to fibro?
    Thanxs for reading this
    Love kmj((*))
  2. Adl123

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    I have both, but I do not think they are linked, in my case. I took care of the tmj by going to a wonderful chiropractor who does miofarcial trigger point therapy (Excuse spelling).
    She got rid of it for me. It stayed away for several years, but now it is back. I notice that if I watch the position of my lower jaw, I can relieve it. I hope this helps you. Sorry you are hurting. Terry
  3. keke466

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    I also have this. Didn't realize what it was until I starting learning more about FM. Mine acts up when I get really stressed,which is not hard to do. It can go on for weeks on end. I have to watch how I hold my mouth and make sure I'm not clenching. Is really hard to get to relax and sleep sometimes when it's acting up. Take Care,Keke
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    I have had arthoplasty surgery due to my TMJ. The migraines were almost suicidal until surgery, but the surgery and the time it takes to heal was also almost suicidal and had a 50/50 chance of lasting. Five years later and I still have no feeling in either side of my head, only feeling down the middle. Nobody warned me of this, although there was a warning of going blind. Surgery also caused more FMS symptoms to come on, or so I believe. Just don't let anyone talk you into anything and listen to your instincts. Also try not to eat hard crunchy foods if migraines are present.

    Hope this helps!
  5. kerrymygirl

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    If you have ever read doc Devin starlynl`s manual of fm whe adresses this. Good chance it is do to the trigger pts. in that area. I am not sure, actually can`t remember exactly the persentage for fmers but quite high. If you are, dentist needs to be masssageed, no silly do not massage dentist, there help doe1s that normaly,lol. to keep from outh locking open, with braeks in between, Had long procedur once mouth lock open, typiacal women,lol. I sure could have eaten alot of flys or what ever on may home. Just emagine what people wer thinking at stop light, Hmmmmm. Now this 1 gal always gives me a break and massages in between it helps. I do smae at home when I lock up.
    Good luck it can be a pain, like we need anymore???

    Press on each side of neck and temple the pain will make you jump, for Tp, atleast that can count for excercize,tee -hee....
    DR DENVIN S book is like a fm bible. save me more than once when I have had some stange things, all in book,Helps alot ,
    of fmers.....

    Just which more doc`s would read up more>>>>>
    You are far fron alone on this,Take Care & huggggss
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    I think I have TMJ because sometimes I get pain in my jaws and they are tender to pressure. I think I've read that it is connected to fibromyalgia. I don't do anything about it, except for taking Aleve.
  7. josieahc

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    I suffer from several diferent illnesses and TMJ is one of them. I also suffer from FM and a few others, I had severe TMJ and had to eventually have major surgerey. But there are many other alternatives to that. Try to hold your head and your jaw straight, so that it is behind your shoulders. (corny sounding yes, but it helps) Find out if your grinding your teeth at night, they can make a comfortable mouth piece to prevent damage. The minor surgical procedure they flush out the tiny pieces of cartlidge, and fill it in with some type of steroid. I am no Dr. but research ties FM to TMJ. If you have any other questions I am always a willing, listening ear. I hope you take my advice on the posture thing..
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    I had posted this topic last mo jaws were really jamming me up, and i was in a lot of misery.....whats new? Anyway i thought this post was one that just went unseen.

    Wow Thank you all for the good info, looks like i have some research to do, and other things to check out that id havnt done yet.

    I thought yall forgot about me>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Thanks soooo much for all the input, i needed it, for sure!

    kmj47>>>>>>>>>>>>ill be 48 the 26th lol

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    I found out I have TMJ abt. 1 1/2 yrs. ago when my dentist wanted me to have full mouth xrays. He knew I had it before that. I was surprised because I hadn't had any pain. His first directive was to tell me emphatically not to chew gum EVER! That was a hard habit to break. I have probably had 2-3 short episodes of slight discomfort since then. The Vioxx and Skelaxin I take are probably preventing pain. My dentist would not say if he thought it was related to my FM.
    He considers that diagnosis a catch-all. (the FM,that is.)
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    Hello KMJ.
    I just sent this same email to an individual named Tilly.
    I think it might help you to take a chance and copy your post and then place it in the site for Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The people at this site are many, and most have so many similar symptoms that you do say you are experiencing.
    I am so sorry that you’re in pain, know that prayers go out to you every day, weather you know it or not.
    All us suffers of pain are in this together, and one-way or another were going to get relief! I start with my prayer to all.
    Have a wonderful New Year, and good luck at the site above.

  11. goodnews

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    I have TMJ but just like FM some doctors refuse to recognize it or treat it or the treatment can cost so much you say forget it.

    Walmart sells a mouth guard that helps some for about $20. Stress is the biggest cause for it to flare up.

    Don't know for sure that it is related to FM since about half my family members grind their teeth in the night. My brother has had some major damage done to his teeth because of it. My husband says it is louder than my snoring.

    Just for your information, all the illnesses I have been diagnosed with humor helps. I have tried to not take life so seriously and it helps

  12. joyfully

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    If you happen to live around Cary, Apex, or Raleigh, NC; I know the greatest TMJ Dr. you will ever find. his name is Dr. Vonnie Smith. I hope he hasn't retired since I left NC. He will make you an orthotic mouth splint that is customized just for you. When it arrives, he spends hours equilibrating it so all teeth on the top touch the splint exactly at the same time on your bottom teeth. He has the equipment and the talent. I was having horrible migranes. I went to Duke and saw a neurologist, an oral surgeon, an orthodontist, and an ear-nose-throat Dr. NONE of them correctly diagnosed the problem. My son's dentist saw how bad I looked when I took my son to get his teeth cleaned. The dentist ended up examining me and told me whom to see, Vonnie Smith. Once I began wearing the splint, the migraines stopped, the crepidus in the TMJ joint stopped, the spasms in my jaw muscles stopped. My rheumatologist never had to inject my tempromandibular joint again after I began wearing the splint. The cushioning between the ball and the socket is missing. They did some pictures called tomographs or tomograms (something like that). I can't eat hard bread, I can't eat popcorn, I can't eat hard chewy candy; but that is a small price to pay for not having migranes.
  13. Marcie

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    KMJ 47. I found 4 treatments for this condition. 1) My chiropractor and message therapist used a gloved hand to work on muscles inside the jaw (in the mouth) 2) cut back or cut out coffee and alcolhol as they make this condition worse. 3) seems yucky but this is very effective. A specialist told me "Your tongue is stuck and is pulling every muscle, ligament etc. out of allignment. Get a dry facecloth, wrap it around your tongue and gently pull several times a day. If it hurts like hell you know you've found the problem!" This pulling out of the tongue really helps realease the jaw muscles that hurt like hell too. 4)Botox Injections in the Jaw Muscle. They really work. I've had them injected by a Neurologist. I guess G.P.'s can inject Botox too, but my girlfriend had it done several times and found it much more effective when done by a Neurologist.
    Take care and let me know how you make out.