TMJ and FM/CFIDS ---- Painful mix...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Quequay, Jan 15, 2003.

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    I used to think that my head was my only painfree zone, that even though my body is writhing in pain I could focus on my head for some relief. Well my TMJ has started to flare up. The last time it did was in High School when my jaw would swell shut. Now it is aggrivated by the FM/CFIDS and swells up hitting a nerve which makes my whole left side of my head hurt like a son of a gun. I am hitting it with 800 mgs if Ibuprofin for the swelling and a percocet for the pain....(the only thing percocet works for on me)

    To fix my jaw in high school was removing my wisdom teeth. I know some of it has to do with my tooth structure. Most people have three roots on their molars, I have four and two teeth had root canals but the fourth roots were missed so I get to have my root canals redone....yippiee...

    Ta Da....the Ibuprofin and Percocet are working....wonderous, glorious relief from the pain. Wish it would work for the rest of my pain but I'm not complaining. At least it works for the TMJ!

    Take care all,
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    I also have TMJ problems off and on, plus behind my ear swells up and is very painful. What type of doctor do you see for your TMJ pain? What kind of doctor prescribed you pain medicine for you. I am curious because I have not had good luck with anyone concerning TMJ pain relief. PS When I open my mouth wide the side of mouth (jaw) pops out. You can actually see it pop out on the side of my face. Very painful!! I have tried splints to wear at night and that made if even more painful.
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    TMJ pain is awful. I too had my wisdom teeth cut out in my teens and also had my jaw widened since my mouth was too small to accomodate my teeth! The TMJ only started in May/02 but I know how painful it is. I now see a jaw specialist regularly and have a custom made splint which fits on bottom of my teeth. It is a godsend - my pain has decreased tenfold.
    Talk to your dentist about this - either he/she may help or refer you to a specialist.

    Bye for now
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    Yes, go to a Dentist. I have TMJ from small teeth and then they have worn down (just like a horse with age) and had 6 adult teeth pulled and braces as a teen. Without my splint my nose and chin almost touch, just like a dried apple face! Now in the process of getting all my teeth crowned. My jaw feels great, my face looks better and I'm sending my Dentist's kids to college too!! Ha!! I hope you get some permanent pain relief. I sure feel for you and anyone that has TMJ. Kristen, I just read you got a new cat I'm so happy for you, she sounds great. And great job on that quacker of a Dr. too! Your Mom sounds like mine! Ha! Purrs and Hugs, Shar N OK