TMJ and headaches bothering me lately

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Chelz, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Chelz

    Chelz New Member

    I was diagnosed with TMJ before my FM. I used to wear a nightguard for teeth grinding, but it didn't help much. I have had sore jaws and a headache for about a week now. Usually, my jaws ache on a continual basis, but it has just been worse lately. I can only post this right now because I have been taking Aleve regularly now for the past 3 days, otherwise my headaches and jaw pain can get so bad, that I wouldn't be able to post this right now.

    Whenever I get a TMJ headache, I experience such profound depression along with it, and my FM kicks up too. Right now my shoulders, arms, and middle back is so sore and the Aleve doesn't take that pain away at all, it just takes the edge off the headache.

    Anyone out there have TMJ and what natural or medication remedies do you take? Thanks, Chelz.
  2. Bxteacher

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    I have FM & have had bad TMJ as well. Right now I am having terrible headaches & went to see my ENT Dr. He said my sinus are swollen & gave me steroid injections and antibiotics..I still feel awful...for the TMJ the dentist put me on DOLOBID (sp?) my rheumy said that TMJ is a part of the FM syndrome.

    I have been told to continue to wear my night I do.

    Feel Better,
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    I had tmj for about 2 1/2 years many years ago. Both sides seemed to ache the same. I recall that I had intestinal issues around that time too. I came to believe that my jaws were aching from an infection and not because there was any joint problem. Then it disappeared completely during about a one month period. That's how I remember it 15 years ago.
  4. charlenef

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    Things I do to help

    Hang your jaw open to relax it

    massage the areas that hurt

    Make a rice sock take a long sock fill with rice and tie it off microwave for a min or 2 till warm it throws off moist heat and really helps

    Eat soft foods and put food in food processor until minced

    try not to talk
  5. twitch_64

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    So bad that I would get shooting nerve pains up my cheeks and tasted metal in my mouth all the time. (I'm a clencher, not a grinder and would do it during the day too) At first I was put on Xanax to help deal with the stress so that an ibuprophen would relieve the pain. I only took them when the pain was really severe so I made a 7-10 day script last a few months.

    Since Xanax is soo addicting, I looked into an herbal alternative and found Kava Kava, natures nerve pill. These worked the exact same way as the xanax but without the addictive qualities. I too was fitted with a night guard but I often pulled it out because of a gagging sensation.

    However, once I started a yoga practice, doing different poses off and on all day or a home session once or twice a week and going to a beginners class once a week, it completely disappeared. I think a big part of TMJ is stored stress and tension in the body. Once I was able to relax my body through the use of yoga, the disorder completely went away.

    Because of an accident, I had to give up my yoga practice for a long time and the TMJ is starting to come back. My body feels like a dried up old prune shrinking in on itself. I feel much tighter and smaller even, and the fibro pains are returning too. So...I'm in the process of contemplation...of starting a yoga practice back up for myself. The scoliosis, which did not act up for many years after learning stretching and yoga, is now starting to act up again too.

    A dental hygenist once showed me a stretch to do for it. You open your mouth and take your pointer and middle finger, grab hold of your bottom teeth and pull down to stretch the muscles of the jaw. The yoga pose the Cobra seems beneficial for TMJ; flat on your belly, palms placed directly below your shoulders as you raise them from the floor. Relax your shoulders (they shouldn't be hunched up by your ears) and bend your neck back as far as you can comfortably. While in this pose, raise your eyes and look as high up as you can while stretching out the neck. I also jut my chin out like I was making a pouty face sticking out my bottom lip, increasing the stretch in the neck muscles. This helps with the turkey waddle and neck wrinkles too. ;)

    An alternative for a rice sock is a flax seed bag. Sew a bag from 100% cotton fabric and fill with whole flax seed. Sew up the opening. This can be placed in the freezer or microwave. An alternative to the harmful radiation from the microwave is to place it in a crock pot on low with the lid on. If you put it on high it may scorch the fabric.[This Message was Edited on 02/16/2009]
  6. Damselfly

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    Dear Chelz,
    I am new to the boards, and I hope I am doing this right.
    My heart goes out to you, because I, more than most know exactly what you are going through.
    In the 1980s, I allowed my oral surgeon to implant me with a Teflon/Proplast TMJ implant.
    It was the stupidest, and most costly mistake I have ever made, and I don't just mean monetarily.

    That implant de-laminated, and all that Teflon and Proplast is all through my system now, and it is believed that this is the reason for my FM.
    Try everything that you can, but mostly learn what your stressors are.

    You might be clenching your jaws without realizing that you are doing so.
    Keep a small diary of your pain, what happened that day, what you ate..
    Stress at work?
    Stress at home?

    I know so well, all that you describe when you are going through this, and I want to help anyway that I can.
    It is too late for me, as the damage has been done, but hope you will feel free to write to me anytime you want or need to, and I promise that I will respond.

    Keeping you in healing thoughts,

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